Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family Camp - Catch up!!

We love Family Camp - like really really love it!  The weather wasn't as cooperative this year, but it didn't matter- we still had a great time doing all sorts of activities as a family.

 The biggest change was how much more independent the boys were- making friends with our roommates, going off to activities by themselves (though not much).  It was a lot more spectating as a parent and less participating, but that was okay by me :).
 Archery was totally the favorite this year.

 Lucas finally got to climb the climbing wall!

 Before the big canoe trip in the rain.....
I love seeing how much fun the boys have - especially Lucas.  Family Camp is totally Lucas' thing.  He loves the feeling of belonging, the kum-ba-yah of it all.  He loves all the activities he can do with us safely near.  He loves the back and forth of being close and stretching away.  I just love seeing him happy and getting so much time with the boys and Brian - uninterrupted by the regular life stuff.
I'm catching up on my blogging - I don't know how I got so far behind!  I'll be back!