Sunday, September 27, 2009


Not much going on around here...Lucas did get ANOTHER molar and so we've been stressed... ugh... And I am all stuffed up and yucks... But, I feel better today and so we move on. Ethan has been clingy clingy clingy today, but I don't mind that too much. He spent the day calling me "Mommy Dinosaur" and himself "Baby Dinosaur". Brian and Ethan were sharks. And just so you know, dinosaurs are allowed to be loud, but sharks are very quiet. Apparently no one told Lucas that, but what can you do - he really just thinks he's a velociraptor. Our house is a
I got to go (with the boys) to a very nice baby shower yesterday - for a friend from college. Ethan was glued to a movie the whole time, but Lucas tried to steal the show. He would NOT sit still and wandered all over, shrieking and smiling at everyone. Good thing he's adorable (not that you'd know that since I have failed to take any pictures this weekend). His hair is even growing in- not that you can see it as it's so light and fine. Some day he won't be so bald.

Oh, and the quote of the weekend....
"Lucas just shut the door. He's a bad baby. You need to put him back in my tummy."
I think he was influenced by all those pregnant bellies at the shower. Funny!
I tried to explain that he was a boy, so he wouldn't have a baby in his tummy, but then he insisted that when he gets bigger he'll be a girl too. Aye-yai-yai.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

washin' the "car"

Finishing some of that fall cleaning.... Ethan LOVED spraying down his bike. Of course, he got soaked and had to go sans pants.
Lucas is fussy fussy fussy. We are all praying for some sleep tonight- it's been bad! That molar is a nasty little bugger, I tell you! He got to play outside with the "big boy" class today. He apparenly had a blast with all the toy cars and playhouses. I can only imagine! And his brother wasn't there to take each and every toy from him.
Off to watch some fabulous Thursday night TV. Sorry this post was SO absolutely boring!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"Mommy, I love brown rice. It's my favorite!"

Whose kid is that? Actually, it was good - I grated carrots and zucchini and romano cheese into it and the boys (including Brian) gobbled it up. It's funny to watch their taste buds change. The first time I cooked brown rice we were all gagging, but now it's the norm and we even like it. Poor Lucas has never known the difference. He'll never know the wonder that is sticky rice (ok, he probably will, but he won't know that mommy secretly adores it.)
Nothing really exciting going on here. Lucas continues to grab his ear and was a mess at bedtime, but we have to give the amoxicillin time... or so the nurse says. Ethan has become very needy of his daddy- getting very clingy - think it's time for them to go do something special together. He had his second day of soccer today, but the only part of it he'd tell me about were the chocolate crackers. Those amazed him!
Oh, another great moment from dinner. Lucas finished, dropping most of his rice on the floor. He got down, went and grabbed his toy vacuum and came over to the table and spent the next 10 or so minutes "vacuuming" up the mess. Funny! How will he ever survive in this house?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sorry No Pictures.

I am reminded as to why I don't read really good books very often in the school year. Because they make me neglect all other things. So my lunches are not made, the laundry is not done, the house is not straightened, but still - the book was that good! (The Hunger Games).
So, no pictures, but quickly.... Lucas has discovered communication. Not only did he start saying "kitty" this weekend, we also figured out that he is saying "thank you" after we give him something. He still refuses to say mama or daddy and tonight when I asked him where his mommy was, he walked over to the singing penguin toy and pointed, sly smile on his face. He's nodding and shaking his head for yes/no. And gesturing madly when he wants things. He was in a great mood tonight which worked out well since my nose was permanently fixated into my book.
Ethan's been having a really hard time not knocking over people/things, so I made him run and jump and dance as much as I could today before dinner. It seemed to work as he was the sweetest boy after that and we just snuggled as he watched his National Geographic movies. Again, worked out well since it was all I could do to keep somewhat connected to what was going on outside of my book.
Oh, and I can't remember if I told you, but all week Ethan has been calling his new Sunday School teacher "Mukka". I could not, for the life of me, interpret that and thought it must be a family name from some other country. I found out today - not Mukka, but Monica. That makes more sense.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Do you notice a problem? Like the boy is wearing his brother's pants... This is how he showed up to my school tonight- had to have been painful! No, we don't put Ethan in capris.
Didn't phase him though - and he's the one who picked them out. And he wore them all day and Brian never noticed. That's funny, I think.

And this one has taken my phone captive. He's giggling, walking all over the house "talking" on it. I'm not sure who he's talking to, but if it's you- so sorry. Although, it is pretty darn cute.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

of course...

Lucas has double ear infections and that which I thought was a canine coming in is actually a molar. No wonder. I had Brian take him on a hunch as he's been so clingy and needy, and sure enough, the little guy is in fact infected. Of course. You'd think by the 20th infection this family has had I'd know, but not so much - though I guess maybe that was the "hunch".
Of course, now he's doing great- exactly 10 minutes after getting the antibiotic. Huh.
Ethan says to write about the dogs and kitties. He wants you to know that they're sitting. Also, the blankies.. and the cars.... So now you're informed. Back to Dino wrestling 101 now. Ethan's teaching.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Picnic a la Ethan

So a rotten pic of me, but the point is... I came home yesterday at dinnertime (had a late meeting) and Ethan had set up a picnic for the two of us in the kitchen. He had all the silverware (I do mean all) out and two "flowers" (placemats). We ate our burritos and applesauce and talked about our days. Then Lucas got in the tupperware drawer, pulled out a bowl and a lid and joined us. A.Dor.Able.
Ethan had his first day of soccer yesterday, too. He loved it - was singing "I'm a soccer monster" all night. I took him to our school skate night and he went all the way around without me. When did my baby grow up?? He kept telling me to stop and not follow him. It only lasted a little bit though, and then he was back and wanted to go "really faster!!!" We had a blast. He was so tired afterward he was laying in my lap and as I put him in his carseat, he hugged me and said "I love you Mommy." Mommy needed this!
And tonight.... the boys were really good at dinner. I accidentally gave Lucas ketchup with his chicken nuggets - he wasn't upset about that- just licked it off the plate. And then we rocked out to SteveSongs and the boys tried to play a little tennis in the kitchen (no, it really didn't work, but it's still too darn hot to go play at the park).
Now I'm off to go sweat it out at Zumba - 29 pounds down- waiting to hit that stinkin' 30 # mark!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A long one....

Lucas really liked the slide. And yes, he falls at the end, but he was fine. Not even one tear.

Projects Galore...

"I can spell my name, Momma!"
"Okay, spell it."
"Hock? Is that how you spell Ethan?"
"It's my name Mom." (very reassuringly.)
I was in full project mode today- don't know why, just restless and tired of movies I suppose... So, I got out the "big" paper and we did tracings of Ethan (easy), Lucas (a little more difficult), and me (very interesting, but Ethan did it!). Even Lucas was coloring- a new skill!

The tracings turned out really fun- notice how "large" I am. And somewhat shapeless, but it was fun! Ethan did get a face on me, that helped.

Lucas was totally excited. He did end up ripping off his own arm, but a quick surgery of scotch tape and he was fine.

The McConnels came over for dinner and then we fingerpainted! Lucas and Liam both wanted to eat the fingerpaint, but we came out with some great paintings. I wish I had taken more pictures. Ethan was an expert with the brush!

Today Lucas and I are staying home from church. His tooth is giving him all sorts of problems, darn canine, so we're just going to hang close and rest. I have tons to do, so it'll work out well for me. And Ethan could use some alone with Daddy time.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy, Busy Week...

I can't believe it's been so long! This week flew by in a mad rush! We started the week with me taking the boys to a morning at the zoo. They were so good! Ethan even practiced his paleontology skills (see above picture), as did Lucas (see below picture). Ethan is into everything dinosaurs. I just wish they made slightly less graphic dinosaur books. He may believe that they are just playing, but I know better! Gross....

They "drove" the jeep in Africa- great fun.
Lucas made a new best friend. He could not keep his eyes off of the big fella.... Actually, neither could I. He was "roar"ing and pacing - definitely made me nervous! I think Lucas was just getting pointers on how to be as loud as possible.

And then it was back to school, back to daycare. It was a good week - including a really cool field trip for me to the Salmon and Steelhead days. Took me back a bit to my tree-hugging days in elementary school. I'm very proud of my Gyotaku (fish print). Paining the fishie's eyeball was a little weird, but other than that, it was really cool!

Lucas continues to walk faster and faster and get more and more bumps and bruises. At some point I think his head might actually fall off. I'm just saying. I tried to get some work done after school, with the boys with me. It was a capital D disaster. I'm sure we completely annoyed the custodian as Lucas kept banging into something and screaming/crying. He also kept pulling scissors out of kids' desks while Ethan covered the board in highlighter. I think next week I'll have a different plan.
This weekend should be/hopes to be calm. I have some papers to catch up on and some new books to read from the book order. The boys can fend for themselves, right?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Dip in the Pool....

Todd's parents put in a new pool. Being the pool experts we are, after Baboos' house and Wapato Point, we figured we better go check it out.

Lucas wasn't too sure at first, but quickly decided that it was great fun. He loved watching the fountains in the shallow part.
Ethan loved floating around with Todd in the big boat. He felt very tough.

He also spent lots of time swimming and not just in this shallow end. He went all over the pool with either the noodle, fish floatie, or his arm wing-y things. He likes variety.

It was kind of cold when we got out - and Ethan wanted to jump back in. We give it 4/4 stars- awesome!
Now Lucas has apparently become fed-up with the messy condition of our house. He has been vaccuming (with his toy vaccuum) for the last 2 hours non-stop. He won't even let me touch it. And he keeps putting things "away" in the cupboard. I don't think I'll keep the dog bowl, his shoes, and my water bottle in there- but it's the thought that counts, right?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Saturday in Pictures....

It started with a morning of reading our library books... all about dinosaurs.
"Mommy, that dinosaur isn't eating that one. He just putting it in his teeth. Not eating it."
Whatever helps him sleep at night....
Then, after Daddy went to work, some art time on the driveway. Ethan was very proud of the box he drew. Lucas was very proud of the pink chalk he ate.
Next we were off to the park with Jess and Liam. Liam is most certainly teething- chewing the heck outta his toy. He and Lucas swung and swung while Ethan played on the "big boy" equipment.

After naps, we headed out to Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge. There is a Visitor Center there with all sorts of activities. I've been there on field trips, but this is the first time I took the boys (I think it was anyway). They liked making prints in the sand. Though, Lucas just tried to make prints in his mouth.
They have a set of stuffed toy birds that make their sounds. Lucas liked to see how each one tasted.
Ethan channeled his inner Diego and used the "telelesope" to spot the osprey.

And then, as Mommy was slightly exhausted - we went for a coffee date. We had fun until Lucas started running all over the place shrieking. Then we had to leave - for everyone's sanity.
I love my boys. I love having energy to play with them and take them places again. I am so grateful to myself and my family for getting me in better shape. I could never have done this day a few months ago.
I love my boys.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

One time...

"Ethan, tell me a story"
"Ok. Um. One time... a mouse went outside. Then a big big fox hurt her. Ouch! The fox went TIME OUT. Then he said WahWah Wah! No Scratching!"
"That was a great story. Will you tell me another story?"
"Um... One time the itsy bitsy spider went up the water... clock. It fell in the light and burn its eyes. Ouch!"
"Oh yikes- it burned its eyes?"
"Yep. One time ... the itsy bitsy spider went up the clouds. And then it popped them. Like a balloon the clouds."

"Night-night Ethan, I love you. No more stalling."

"Mommy, let me see yours ring."

"Ok, but go to sleep."

"Where you get yours ring?"

"From Daddy"

"I gonna get a ring?"

"Maybe. One day when you get married."

"Like when I'm big?"


"Well, I'm big now. I'm in Karina's class."

These boys make me laugh so much. Wrestling has gotten nuts now that Lucas has learned to climb and body dive onto the McQueen couch. He loves being flung around and Ethan loves doing it. All I hear all night long are dinasour squeals and shrieks. I live in the paleolithic period?

Lucas had his 1 year checkup today. 3 shots, but he was a pro and refused to keep on the bandaids. He's a tough guy. He was 50%ile in both height and weight - 23 pounds and 29.75in. His head was still the 97th %ile. Gigantor.

Almost a 3 day weekend!! So very exciting!