Friday, January 30, 2009

I love my boys...

I'm just feeling quietly content tonight. I know, I might not even use exclamation points. That would be a new day.
Liam got to come home today. The boys and I made a sign for his door. Dorky, yes, but made with love! (There goes that exclamation point- i can't help it!) Even Lucas picked up a crayon and, before shoving it in his mouth, drew on the paper- also drooled on the paper.

We had an awards ceremony at school today. I love being in front of a crowd, so I enjoyed it thoroughly. I like bragging about my kids. Especially since some of the ones I had up there were the absolute worst before I came. I'm proud of them, but I'm also proud of me. I've worked hard with them and it's really paying off.
I'm just so happy. Miss Ella Simmonds and Mr. Liam McConnel made it into the world safely (though not without their adventures) and are both snug at home tonight. My boys are snuggled up as well and just the most loving boys a mommy could want. I realize the living room is an absolute disaster and I have about 300 papers to grade and record, but hey, I'm no superwoman! And besides, I have apple pumpkin bread in the oven to take down the street- so maybe I am Superwoman after all!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome Little Liam!

Little Liam finally arrived at 9:44 this morning! Poor Jess and Todd, they labored all night and didn't get to start pushing until about 7:30 this morning. I was jumping up and down in my classroom when I got the picture. He is adorable! Love that hair! Here's a picture Ethan took - shows the curls!

This afternoon we trekked over to the hospital to see him. Ethan had made this butterfly at daycare and we told him that he should give it to Jess and the baby. He said, "No, it's mines!" (no, mother, not a typo, that's how he says it...) Anyway, we got there and he marched right up to jess and gave it to her. He insisted on seeing Liam right away and so softly petted his head while I held the new guy (he's not used to babies having hair, you see!) He was absolutely entranced by the little man.

Lucas, on the other hand, decided it was high time every one paid attention to him and started spitting at them. He even spit at the lactation consultant when she came in. He's a charmer!

I'm exhausted after not sleeping too well last night- too exciting! Going to bed....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

waiting... waiting...

I have nothing to say except THE WAITING IS KILLING ME!!! I want little Liam to be born already! I want Jess and Todd to be snuggling with their little man and all the hard stuff to be over. How did people do it before phones and blogs, and text messages?
I know the waiting is way worse for them. I remember that feeling - just sitting there, waiting... knowing your whole life is going to change soon, but not knowing exactly when.
Ethan is super excited too. Tonight he prayed for Liam, "Dear God, Liam come out. Amen." Well said Ethan!

Yeah Liam!!!

He's coming, he's coming!!!! For details go here. I was so excited today I could hardly stand it. Now it's the inevitable waiting game. Did I mention I'm not real patient?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Note to Self....

Don't let Ethan surf around on YouTube.
I thought I was safe... I searched for Elmo, clicked on Elmo's ABC's and left him with it, thinking he'd just end up on another fun Elmo song. Turns out a lot of people don't like Elmo so much. The poor kid might be scarred. Poor Elmo never saw it coming. No "Parent of the Year" award for me!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Seems Lucas does like Oatmeal- better than Rice cereal anyway... Gross!
And, he's getting closer to sitting on his own... (though still a ways to go!)

But, he's still a fusser in the evenings... ideas? Ethan is loving making a mess out of everything - including my school work!
Ethan's also getting really good with the camera - catches the "mood" very well....
I'm freezing cold and we have nothing yummy in the house. Where's all the junk food? And, I CANNOT wait for little Liam (Jess' baby) to get here! So exciting!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Trying to keep up to date on grades this quarter, so I spent 2 hours working on papers today. Blech! Ethan helped though - well, tried to... He would draw on a paper and then bring it to me to get a grade. He had lots of A's!
Lucas enjoyed the Cry Room at church today. Ethan was just tickled pink (blue?) that he saw his buddy Peyton at church. It's so weird to have him old enough to really be friends with another kid.
I got to go shopping with Jess tonight. That girl needs this baby to come! We're all hoping and praying that it's soon!
I have the most wonderful husband. I was just thinking about it today. He really is.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Rafiki Saturday

Did I mention I love this place? An indoor playground with toys of all kinds, plus comfy couches and a coffee bar for us! We had a great playdate with The Coates family (minus both dads...) It's fun to see Ethan and Peyton becoming good friends!
The boys tearing the place apart!

Ethan playing with Barbies (picking them up with the bulldozer and flinging them...)

Little Miss Addi - Isn't she so cute!

Needless to say, we had a great time. Ethan did cry the whole way home- he was exhausted, but then took a 2 1/2 hour nap, so I was happy! Other than that, I'm off to play a little Office Trivia with Brian!

Friday, January 23, 2009

4 Month Appt - Okay, about a month late...

Lucas had his 4 mos check up today... Here's the stats- Weight - 17lbs, 6 oz (90%ile), Height - 27 in (97 %ile), Head - 17.5 in (97%ile). So, he's a big boy ( a bit of an understatement, I realize). As for the reflux - she wants us to try another kind of formula - made especially for sensitive tummies... We'll see if that's better... He had his shots- note the adorable bandaids... That's about it... Oh, except for this... Brian had both boys at the appointment. In the middle of the doctor's visit, Ethan decided he needed to use the restroom (#2, just so you know). So Brian takes him and leaves Lucas with the doctor. Ethan takes his sweet time, and when they get back, Lucas has just spit up all over the doctor. That poor woman! But, at least she knows what we're talking about with the spit up!

I'm exhausted - long day full of meetings! I did have fun tonight with Ethan- Jess and Todd took Lucas so E and I could go have coffee and play trains at the bookstore down the street. He had the trains fighting and then kissing. It was pretty funny....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Fabulous Day!

Got to see baby Ella! What an ordeal my friends had to go through - but she's home and she was so peaceful and beautiful! She is so tiny, about 6 pounds. I don't think I've ever held a baby that small! When I came home, Lucas felt like a dinosaur! She has the longest fingers I've ever seen though- crazy! Her poor little hands are all beat up from the IV's and various sticks they gave her in the NICU. Poor girl! She's a champ though and just gorgeous! (The multicolored sweater is from my momma - a little big still...).

After that, dinner at Jess and Todd's with her mom and sister - good friends and great food!

At school today, we had an assembly for MLK Jr. Day as well as other human rights activists. A parent and I were talking about how awesome it was to see kids of all cultures up together, celebrating MLK Jr. and all that his "dream" stood for. The parent, Don, was moved to tears as these kids were holding hands and reciting poems. It was really a great experience. My kids put on a reader's theater about the Bus Boycott. There was one girl, she got to be Rosa Parks, who got horrible stage fright. I told her to take all that attitude she tries to give me and channel it into her character- It worked! She did great.

Watching Jess go through these last few weeks of pregnancy brings on so many feelings! I'm so remembering the pain, anxiety, frustration... But I'm also missing that movement inside and the excitement of it all! I can't be done yet, can I? Holding little Ella just made me realize that Lucas is already so big! I can't imagine not going back to that lump stage again! I better be holding these babies lots so I don't go crazy! It just all goes so fast and I'm not ready for it to!

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tidbits of the Day....

SO TIRED!!! But what's new, really?
Baby Ella got to go home today!!! (That's my friend Michelle's baby girl). Haven't seen her yet, but so very excited! Ethan just lit up when I told him Baby Ella wasn't sick anymore and she was at home.
There's a girl at his daycare that he always talks about - Tessa. He kept telling me Tessa was sick, wasn't there that day... He kept saying it, every day. I finally asked, thinking that there must be something seriously wrong. Nope, she just wasn't going there anymore- for like 3 months! Probably another family affected by the lay-off. I was amazed that Ethan remembered her for so long. He must really miss her. He did tell me he loved her- repeatedly! Now he just talks about Gabby all the time. "Gabby's my friend!"
Lucas has been sleeping HORRIBLY... So tonight, we're letting him fuss it out... I hate to do it, but I think he's starting to manipulate the situation- he just wants to snuggle with Daddy.... Can't blame him!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rockin' It At the Rollerdrome!

Ethan had his first roller-skating experience tonight. It was a riot! First I tried to skate with him, but that was a disaster. I am not strong enough to balance us both! So, I re-shoed and we clonked around... and around.... and around... He'd take a 30 second break between rounds and then "go again mommy!" Luckily, one of my great kiddos from school was there (along with his fabulous mom) and they helped us out a lot. The whole way home Ethan kept saying "Zach's my friend."

Now I'm exhausted. I'm going to sleep oh so well... It's good exercise trying to keep him from crashing (he did once, screaming and crying, but was "all better" in a matter of seconds- falling is not so bad when you're 3 feet tall!) Also, doing the limbo is pretty hard work too! Oh, if you could have seen him!

PS - You know how they say, don't cry over spilt milk. I kind of wish Ethan would! He dumped his milk all over everything tonight, looked at me and said, "It happens, Mommy..." Punk!
PPS - What a fabulous inauguration! I watched with my 5th graders and we were all moved. Of course, watching it on a Live Stream on the internet was kind of a disaster so we had to "rough" it with the radio playing and the pictures coming in and out on the screen. Must have been really special to have 100 kids in the same room transfixed through all of that!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa....

Oh so many years ago, Brian proposed to me at a charming fondue restaurant here in town. Today we got to go there with Jess, Todd and Jess' sister, Jen. Fabulous food and such fun conversation! Jess is getting so close- but it is so hard these last months of pregnancy. It just doesn't seem fair that you don't get to know when the baby is coming! Ethan keeps saying soon, so we'll go with his estimate...
Stubborn a la Ethan - His nightlight and monitor happened to be on when I went in tonight - he turned them off, glared at me, and then turned them on himself. Argh!

Lucas has become the incredible kicking monster. Good luck changing his diaper!

Back to work!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Romance Shmomance....

So last night I was whining about missing "romance" and the excitment of dating and all.... Then Brian spent the whole night in Lucas' room so I wouldn't wake up when Lucas did. I slept from 10-6 straight! Who cares about romance - sleep is so much better! I love my husband! The pic is from our birthing class for Ethan, but I feel it's appropriate to show what a great guy he is... plus it makes me laugh!)

Lucas is Dedicated!

This morning, we stood up in front of the church to dedicate Lucas. Jess and Todd (and Liam in utero) joined us as Lucas' godparents. Mark made lots of references to the little guy as Luke Skywalker - and they all laughed as I shook my head in disgust! Lucas and Ethan both cooperated and it went well. A few pictures....

Afterwards, we went to Cheesecake Factory for the first time since the accident... For those of you who don't know (this was pre-blog after all) that's when Ethan was chasing a duck on the front patio of the restaurant, fell and busted his lip open - many stitches, sedation, blood - it was awful! We were sure not to mention it while we were there.... And lunch went off without a hitch. Then we walked the mall while the boys went to the "game store" and Todd looked for shoes. The best moment- Ethan ran from me in Macy's (I promise, keep reading, it's funny...) He disappears around the corner, I can't find him... I hear him giggling -from the storeroom.. I chase after him, as does a very nice lady working there. She catches him and we both start busting up laughing because his pants are around his ankles- they'd fallen while he was running. Of course, he was then strapped into the stroller, but it was so funny... I would have taken a picture, but that would have given the wrong message... I still can't stop laughing about it though...
Tomorrow is date day for me and Brian - the boys have daycare and we are going to clean the house and finish grades. Brian says he'd rather do grades, so I'm going to let him - the stuff he can do anyway... I LOVE 3 day weekends!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome Ella Grace!

My good friend's baby was born yesterday - details, go here. We are so excited! Ethan sang happy birthday to Ella all morning long.

Lucas is growing up too fast (and check out the double chin!). It's such a fun time right now. He is absolutely in love with his daddy. It's not really fair, but that's the way Ethan was too. He smiles and giggles at everything Brian does. It could be luck, but it's probably that Brian is a lot of fun with the boys. He invented this sickness "Tickle Fever." Ethan takes your temperature, determines you are sick and diagnoses you with Tickle Fever. The only cure is to be madly tickled. The boys love it.
We're trying Lucas on soy formula this week. The reflux seems to be getting worse, not better, as it should, so we thought we should rule out lactose intolerance like his older brother had. So far, fewer spit ups, but we'll see. You really can't tell unless you get the lactose totally out of their system. I hate having to use the special formula- it costs more - but one cannot be ruled by finances! Now someone just convince Costco to make their own soy formula!

In other news, Ethan has learned the phrase "Can't" (well, it's a word, not a phrase, but when he says it he means the phrase I can't...). I hate it! He doesn't want to try to do anything on his own now, just says "can't." The irony of the situation is that his new favorite show is Bob the Builder. You know, where the phrase is "Yes, I can!" So the day was spent going back and forth between "Yes I CAN" and "Can't!" I give!

Tomorrow is Lucas' dedication - where we stand up in front of the church and publicly declare that we will teach Lucas about God and His love as he grows up. Jess and Todd will be standing with us, as Godparents. I'll hopefully find someone to take pictures for us. A very special day!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


He has hair! He'll have to get a new nickname now. It may be just a little and it might be not-so-much on the front or back of his head, but he has hair! (You might have to squint to make it out, but believe me, it's there!)
In other news, I got to go to Jess' shower tonight. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Come on Liam! This picture is of Jess (holding the sweater my mom made Liam) who is still adorable at 37 weeks. It's not fair. I wanted her to get huge and gross at some point, but no such luck. She does beat me on the swollen feet, but if I put that picture on here she might kill me. Tomorrow is Michelle's shower at school- so excited for that too! Babies, babies, everywhere!

Did you know?

I never realized, growing up, that teachers love long weekends just as much as kids. Even though my parents were teachers, I just thought they were the exception. Surely MY teachers couldn't be waiting ever so impatiently for the long weekend!! HA. I have learned so much. Only one more day of kids and then a work day and then - 3 whole days!
And who made this kid so inconsistent (Lucas that is). It so does not fit with my personality that the kid changes his eating habits every single day. Grrr! Last night he woke up at 2:30 - not to eat, but to stir and need consoling.... I feel a noisy night coming soon- he's going to have to learn to soothe himself! Now how to keep E asleep through it? Any ideas?
6.5 more kid hours!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come on mommy.... Leave mommy....

This is the new potty routine... He wants me to walk in with him. But then, as soon as he sits, he wants me to leave. It's not like he gives me privacy when I go! So then I trek back out to the living room only to hear "come on mommy- come back!"
This weekend cannot come fast enough. Except for the whole getting report cards done first thing... Ugh! I'm pooped. I hit a wall today around 1:20 and never really came back... I haven't been sleeping well- too much on my mind? I don't know-if there is I can't remember it.
Lucas is getting too big too fast. And he's kind of odd. He really likes it if you cackle or laugh really scarily (is that a word?) at him. That's the only thing that gets a consistent smile. It's kind of creepy. But he's cute- so it works out. He really is... 2+2 does not equal 4! I look at Brian and myself - not horrible looking people, but you know - and then I look at the boys and I don't get it. They are beautiful children! Logic does not apply!
After looking back at past blogs, I realize I have a problem with over-using the exclamation point. Can't seem to stop! So, sorry! Hehehe...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Have you ever played Memory with a two year old? Frustrating, yes. He doesn't exactly play by the rules. He gets excited after a while and keeps flipping cards. The fun part is that he gets so excited with the first card he pulls. He's just as happy to flip any card as he is to get a match. He announces what he has and cheers. It just makes me laugh. When he does get a match he yells "It's a match!" - reminiscent of the Target lady on SNL. Of course, we said "no, that's not how we play" several times, but we also celebrated. After the evening I had- it was pure joy!

PS - I won... I AM the Mickey Mouse Memory Champion

Monday, January 12, 2009

No, not yet...

Brian finally got word on the job and they decided not to hire anyone just yet. They're going to wait until after the first quarter and re-evaluate. We're frustrated, of course, but trying to look on the brighter side. We really are so lucky. He has a job - may not be the best money or hours, but we really are okay.
On lighter news- did I tell you Ethan now knows his full name- Ethan Scott Sprague. Cracks me up! And he is a puzzle-a-holic- too cute! I had fun with him tonight, just playing around. I really do love my little man!
Lucas is frustrating me at the moment. He sleeps all night- I know, I'm not complaining! But this means he is an absolute bear from about 5:30 on. And then, he goes to bed at 6:30 and sleeps until 4-ish. At this point he is just restless, sleeps, but Brian stays with him to keep him asleep. I'm wondering if waking him up to eat before I go to bed would help. I might try that tonight. I'd really like to put him to bed around 6 and get him up again after Ethan goes to bed to play for awhile, but that doesn't seem to work. So, we'll try this tonight. Isn't parenthood all guess and check? Try this, try that... never settle!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, Funday!

Today- a great day! Well, except for Ethan locking himself in the closet with Brian's deodorant. He smeared it all over himself and then told us he smelled too good for a shower... Sheesh!
Church was great- Mark is doing a new series- We don't go to church, we are the church and today was extending it to how he isn't the pastor, we're all pastors. It was really thought provoking and because of the fabulous new cry room off the side of the sanctuary - we were able to watch and hear the whole thing without the anxiety of worrying about Lucas crying! Fun! He does fine in the nursery, but since I only get him all to myself on Saturday and Sunday, I just want to play with him!
After church we went to McD's (the farm, as Ethan calls it) with our friends the Coates. Peyton and Ethan had tons of fun running around and around and I'd consider it Lucas' first date- with little Addie (who is just not so little anymore!)
Later on we went shopping for Brian's new birthday shoes and then over to Jess and Todd's to deliver some of our baby stuff. We were trying to make life easier for them by bringing it there, but had the opposite effect. While we were there Lucas threw up all over Brian, me and the carpet, and Ethan had a very messy accident. Oops. It was comical, but awful at the same time! Good thing they can't take back the whole wanting to have kids thing!
Back to work tomorrow. I think I'm more tired from the weekend than the workweek!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No, nothing's wrong...

I deleted the music... it was driving me nuts....

Saturday, Saturday... I love Saturday!

Here are a few pics from our day together. Lucas is getting really good at sitting up (still supported, of course) and Ethan did this 24 piece puzzle all by himself! Of course, we've done it together many many times since Thanksmas when he got it, but still!

I love that Lucas loves to watch Ethan play. I love that Ethan doesn't give up on things- though it's frustrating when it's way beyond him and he WILL NOT give up. I love my boys. As exhausted as it made me, we had fun today.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Boy is Brilliant... And a Tattletale

So I got Ethan and Lucas into the car after daycare and we were on our way home. Halfway there, Ethan started saying, "Uh-oh, Mommy, this!" over and over. I looked back and saw him holding the buckle and realized I never strapped him in! Bad Mommy! Oops! So I pulled over and buckled him all up and instructed him NOT to tell Daddy when we got home. We got home at the same time and Ethan ran to Daddy and said, "Mommy no buckle ME!" over and over. Shoot.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Photographer!

Ethan learned to use the camera. I mean, he's taken lots of pictures before, but this was the first time he figured out how to take pictures "of" things. I thought it might be interesting to see what was worthy of picture taking in his perspective. I didn't include the shots he took of me. That was not the most flattering angle.

Lucas is most certainly teething. He's already woken up 10 or so times since bed an hour and a half ago. Grr... I'm so glad to have a wonderful husband. I'm going to take some night-time cold medicine and close the door! My cold will just not go away, so I'm thinking early to bed and a good night of sleep might do the trick!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wee-Wee and some Puztels....

The poor man at daycare had no idea what Ethan was saying. He was being so polite in holding the door.... But he couldn't help but laugh when Ethan said he wanted "Wee Wee and Putzels" - I knew exactly what he meant- a movie and some pretzels.... It seems Ethan speaks a language not always understood, I like it!
Yesterday we were getting ready for church and I grabbed a romance novel I'm reading for the car. Ethan said, "Your book Mommy?" I said, "Yep, it's about.... love." Then Ethan said, "Oh, Jesus! Book about Jesus. I love Jesus." Well, a great connection - may have made me rethink my book selection....
I really hope tomorrow is a snow day. I missed my boys today. I did manage to stay relaxed though. I told the kids that if they didn't care, I didn't either. I was there to help those who wanted to be ready for middle school. It seemed to work, or they were just too tired to be obnoxious.... Who knows... I love teaching. This class is tough though. I told them I was trying to lose the weight I'd put on having a baby and so not to let me sit in my chair all day. That worked. They didn't let me forget it. They were even polite about it, coming up and whispering to me - Mrs. Sjprague, you're in the chair... And we did wall-sits while we waited for the bus. I'm going to be in pain tomorrow!
Lucas was a fussbudget (love that word Nana) tonight. That tooth has got to be coming... Well, he hadn't napped since 3 either. He and Ethan both need so much sleep! I'm thankful, but it means by the time 6 comes around, we're all exhausted.
So now this blog post is forever long. Oh well- you'll survive.
P.S. Ethan actually helped put Lucas to bed tonight. He basically just followed me around and barked orders, but it was nice. When Lucas started crying, he got all panicked and told me, "Go Shush him Mommy, Go!" Bossy, yes, but loving too!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


We had a great weekend... I am so not ready to go back tomorrow! Lucas is going to get a tooth anytime... I predict... Tuesday! Ethan has become the snuggliest little boy in the world- love it! Souper Salad is NOT a healthy place to have lunch... Those are my random thoughts for the day!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Project...

Any of you who have been in our house in the last, oh year maybe?, will recognize this:

In fact, you've probably left our house snickering or gasping in disgust about it. It's the catchall - whatever we don't know what to do with- goes there. Whatever we use on a regular basis and don't want to totally put away, goes there. So finally, tonight, I attacked it. It took two hours and a lot of Ajax and coughing. And, of course, not everything is put away, but it's a start, right? The little things.... So here it is after all my hard work....
Now everything we need is there, but a bit more organized with all the junk thrown out. There was a lot of junk. And, I've found a place for Ethan's games and art supplies.
Other than that, it was kind of a relaxing day. We all got haircuts (except he-who-has-no-hair) because they were "on-sale" at Great Clips. How sad is that? I mean, how thrifty! The boys did it as a surprise while they were out and I thought it might just be a good idea for myself. Of course, for Brian this was a splurge, as I usually cut his hair. I guess he's getting tired of my work!
In other news- Lucas eats his hands constantly. I'm not talking every now and then. I'm talking all the time. It's gross because he then slimes us all. I'm sure a tooth will pop soon. Ethan's did about a week from now. 2 more days of break. Livin' it up!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

My resolution (besides the 50 lbs that the Today show said was unrealistic...) - to be more patient with my boys, more loving to my husband, and more accepting of my weaknesses. There, that's not so bad, right?

Tonight was great fun- we went to Jess and Todd's and helped put together the crib and get things ready for the baby! A little over a month now.... We are so excited! To see the finished result, you can go to their blog - The McConnels (link to the left).

Our manly men!

Ethan is already trying to steal the kid's toys.... Naughty boy!

Lucas is partied out... Here's to a great year!