Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lucas is no longer a baby.......

Way back in May or June - somewhere in there - Lucas graduated Pre-K.  It was such a cute day - a fabulous little ceremony, and a very proud day for us.  My mom was able to sneak away to come, and Ethan and I ran off from school for a bit as well - so we could celebrate with our little man.  Such a special day!

Ethan had a hard time not being jealous.  His pre-k program had no such ceremony, and when you're the older kid it is hard to accept your brother doing things you didn't get to.  Thus is life.  He rallied though, and was a good big brother - very proud. 

Brian wasn't able to make it, but Lucas went through the whole process again for him at home.  He made me play the graduation march and everything.

It's hard to believe we are just a short while away from Kindergarten!!!  So crazy.