Friday, February 27, 2009

200th Post

And what a day for it! After 2 nights of conferences, I was ready for a day of no school work. Ethan and I went out this morning to do a little shopping. He was such a good boy and we had a great time. Then we came home, played, and the boys went down for naps. I went over to Jess' house to try to help doing a little problem-solving with little Liam. He is getting so big so fast!

Speaking of so big, so fast.... Lucas got to have apple juice in a sippie cup tonight and he LOVED it.

Ethan has become a huge help all of a sudden. He loves his "Ikas" and tries to keep him entertained by making faces and giving him toys to play with. He can get Lucas to laugh now and I think he really likes that. It's fun seeing that connection.

Lucas ate a TON of solids today. I'm thinking that we haven't been increasing his intake as we should and that might be why nights have been a little bit rougher the last week or so. I think he's ready to be eating some real size meals. Yum-yum! Tonight's menu was bananas and oatmeal. Breakfast for dinner!

For a relaxing day, I'm exhausted (once again). But it really was a happy day. It was fun just to get to laugh with the boys and not be stressed out.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Exhaustion Pie....

I'm just exhausted. I had great conferences- everyone was very supportive and helpful. I got lots done and saw just about everybody. So, a success.
Brian had some great Daddy time. He and the boys had fun. They came to visit me and shop at the book fair. Ethan had a great time picking out books (at 50% off, they were a great deal.) He got Diego, Backyardigans, and a Pixar book. He wore his "backapack" into school and every time I introduced him to someone, he'd turn around and stick it out. He was very proud of his Thomas backapack. I'm going to be so sad when he starts talking correctly! I love all the quirky words he says, though I'm sure I'll want him to grow out of it.
Tomorrow we snuggle and play and I try to gain back my sanity-fun!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Few Videos

Lucas' new favorite pastime

Ethan swinging all by himself!

And Lucas' first swinging at the park! Please excuse my dorky sounds- they usually make him laugh- but of course not this time!

Bye Bye Pinkeye

The boys are all better- and neither minds the meds, so that's great news! Especially since we have five more days of the 4 a day schtuff....

We went to the park today. Guess what! Ethan can swing all by himself- Brian taught him how! And Lucas got to go on the swing for the first time and loved it!

Ethan made friends with another little boy there and they just ran and giggled for a long time. On the way home, Ethan showed off his "reading" skills. He saw the stop sign and turned and said, "Stop!" Problem was, then he wouldn't let me keep going. Someone's got to teach him that stopping doesn't mean forever!

Tomorrow starts parent/teacher conferences. Poor Brian'll be alone two nights in a row. I'm sure the boys will be great! Hehe... I do want them to miss me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Again!

We are surrounded by the dreaded pinkeye! Ethan woke up this morning and we knew pretty quick that he had it. He's never had it this bad before- there was no doubt. Lucas seemed fine, so we arranged things so I'd take Lucas to daycare and then Brian would bring Ethan to me at school at lunch and I'd get a sub for the afternoon.
Problem was, when I got to daycare, poor Lucas got rejected. Seemed his eyes had "bloomed" on the way over. I didn't have enough time to go home before I had to be at school, so I dragged Lucas with me until Brian and Ethan could come and get him- shouting "Don't touch- Pinkeye!" to any who came near. I think I made a lot of friends today (note the sarcasm).
It all went fine- I got some work done this afternoon and I am one set of papers away from being TOTALLY caught up! I don't know how I got so far behind, but ugh!
Lucas is just about 18 pounds now! Ethan is about 32. My boys are gigantic and I love them! Now I'm going to ignore the itching in my own eye (it's all mental, I'm sure) - and go to bed. This is not a good week to feel ucky!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bedtime for all!

We are all exhausted. Poor Brian has to work, but the rest of us are going to bed! Ethan and Lucas had great fun at church. Ethan made a sheep in Sunday School and Lucas slept through service with me.
Ethan has a new trick. When he uses the potty, he can shoot a stream all the way across the room. He did it twice. Isn't that fabulous?! Once at home and once ALL OVER the bathroom at church. He also dumped his milk in my lap while we were Skyping with ktk and morgan. And then Lucas threw up on me (went a little overboard with the sweet potatoes). These pants should be burned, I think. Ahh, the joys of motherhood!
I got CPR certified today. I haven't been since 6th grade. My whole class was then, because our teacher had collapsed and a classmate giving him CPR saved his life. We were even on Rescue 911 and live on forever in reruns with our awful clothes and my huge glasses. I feel good to have had the refresher course. It puts me at ease with my own kiddos, both at school and home. I know I'd be able to do something, should an emergency occur. They've really simplified it in the last years too.
This week is short in kid hours, but oh so long in parent/teacher conference hours. I'll be all right, but I have to get some sleep to prepare!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Friendly Neighborhood Barbecue!

The McConnels invited us over for dinner- good fun! It was freezing, so only Brian and Todd actually went outside, but the food was great and the company was fabulous! Liam watched Lucas eat his dinner (actually, he fell asleep, but it is boring.)
We snuggled and played. Yep, that's HSM3 the boys are watching. And here they are dancing when it was over. It's good to have guys so in tune with their sensitive sides (I'm going to get yelled at for that comment- but it's worth it.)
It's good to have such great friends so close.
Today I took Ethan and Lucas to the mall. I gave Ethan 4 quarters and told him that he could choose how he wanted to spend them. He was so excited about his "moneys"! He did 3 kiddie rides (the helicopter, rocket ship, horse) and ate some jelly beans. He was so proud of himself and getting to choose. When Brian got home he listed off how he spent his money. It's so much fun to watch him grow up.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Grades won...

So no time to write... grades must get done! But here are a few pics from "Daddy Day". The boys were both exhausted tonight, so I know they had fun!
P.S. Yes, Ethan is licking his lip rather than getting a kleenex- YUCK!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ethan got bit today. He got to take home his very own incident report. Of course, it doesn't say who did it, but the thing about 2 year olds- they love to tattle!
"Ethan, who bit you?"
"_______ bit me."
"Did he say he was sorry?"
"No, he not sorry."
"Did he have to go to time out?"
"Yeah, ______ time out. He crying."
"Is _______ your friend?"
"Yeah, ______ my friend."
And then he scampered off, grinning a mile wide. Oh, to be so forgiving!
This is especially funny to me, because a couple of months back, Ethan was the cause of two kids having to take their very own incident reports home. So you can't feel too bad for him....

Dinner with "my ninam"

Ethan can't say Liam- so he says "ninam" or something like that. No matter what he calls him, Ethan loves his Liam! The McConnels came over for dinner and we all played, giggled, and chowed down. Lucas just wants to grab everything! Both of our boys had to go to bed early after being up too late the last couple of nights, so we put them to bed and I got to play with Liam for a while. He's already changed so much! He did go through three diapers and pee all over my lap, but what's new? All my clothes are covered in various nasties these days.
Liam decided he liked this ugly little lion that we got Ethan last Easter. Lucas loves it too. Is it the colors? It's just odd... babies! You buy them these great toys and what do they like, the ugly lion tied to the top of the jelly beans. You'd think that'd make me stop buying nice things, but I can't help it.
I'm in this confusing state right now where I want lucas to stay little, but at the same time I want him to be old enough to play with his brother and friends. I want him to grow up but at the same time I totally don't! I think with Ethan it was easier because I knew it wouldn't be our last. With Lucas, it might be. So either my friends have to just keep having babies for me to get my baby fix with or said babies have to stay small! I think I need to go to bed now- not sure I'm making sense!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Day....

Today I felt I was losing my mind... So much to do... So not enough time! I cannot seem to keep up on grades and it's frustrating me. I need to just lock myself in a room, but I can't do it! I'll figure it out.
Ethan was full of it tonight- but in a good way. We ran some errands and then went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. He went to grab a peanut (he's never actually eaten one before, just peanut butter) and he took a big bite out of the shell. He patoohed all over the table, and it took a good 15 minutes to convince him to try the peanut part. Then he spent the whole dinner freaking out because Lucas was grabbing various things and putting them in his mouth. "Mommy look! Get it Mommy!" Ethan was very concerned. Oh, things are going to get interesting. Lucas has decided that he wants EVERYTHING and he wants it in his mouth NOW. I did have fun walking him around the store while everyone exclaimed how cute he was. I can't help it- I love people telling me how adorable he is!
My poor sister in law, Katie (yep, she stole my name- she's now katie mclean...) is on bedrest. She's at 28 weeks and has had some cramping and bleeding, so she's stuck to the bed. I think she's probably bored out of her mind. I feel for her, I really do. I'd like just one day (maybe two) of bedrest, but not for any reason, just because I want to sleep! The baby is doing fine, they just can't find a reason for the cramping/bleeding, so they're being careful. You stay put little girl!!!
I'm supposed to be working on grades.... UGH!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ethan and I went skating tonight- so fun! A bunch of my kiddos were there and it was fun to see E interact with them. It was crazy because he doesn't need to hold my hand anymore. It freaked me out, but i had to let him do it on his own. The whole time i was in position, ready to catch him, but he caught himself... my little boy!! How do you let go? I can't!!

We were on the way to skate and I told Ethan we were going to go and get some money. He said, "Oh, call Upa?" I laughed really hard. Then we got to the bank and the ATM was out of order. Ethan said, "It not work? Need batteries? I have batteries at my home!" I laughed again. That kid cracks me up!

Lucas has taken to squealing. And he loves his daddy. He just laughs and laughs at Brian. I'm jealous, but I just don't have the same touch. It'll come. Ethan was a total daddy's boy for a long, long time. It's funny how he goes back and forth.

I had such a great weekend, I'm now exhausted. Back to that "fall asleep in your mashed potatoes" sleepy... And so the papers sit for yet another night.... oh well....

Monday, February 16, 2009

So much fun... Back to work....

We had so much with my parents. I'm sad that they're leaving tomorrow- but oh so happy they came! Ethan and Lucas both loved their time with them. Lucas is all of a sudden a real little guy with a real little personality. It's crazy how he's kind of seemed in the background and now he's taking over! He squealed and squawked so much this weekend. It was so much fun.
Yesterday we went to church and then over to Uma and Upa's hotel. We ate at Fuddruckers (don't ask Ethan to say that name) and then swimming!!! Ethan loved, loved, loved the water and I think Lucas had fun too. We were all exhausted by the end of it though and came home to snuggle and play.
Today we played at the park, went grocery shopping, watched movies and played, played, played. Ethan and Uma made cookies for Brian and we took them to Papa J's. We had a fabulous dinner and a great time goofing off afterwards.

I'm so not ready for work tomorrow. Ugh- but it'll be fine once I'm there. What a fabulous weekend! I even got a brand new toy! - a mini laptop, so Brian and I don't have to share the computer anymore. We decided it was cheaper than therapy. Ha! I love it. So tiny and light. I just keep opening random things by accident. I'll get used to it.... fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

First there was this....

A bunch of old friends, together for breakfast and play time. It was so crazy to see where life has taken us all. It was fun to catch up, but even more fun to see our kiddos interact. Of course, little man Liam slept the party away, but we were happy to take turns holding him. Lucas was wide eyed in terror when he saw the crowd, but quickly warmed up. He shared his toys much better than Ethan, who got a bit of a selfish streak. 9 month old Jillian followed him around everywhere and just wanted whatever he had. Oh goodness, 4 months from now, when Lucas is in that stage, is going to be a whole new thing, isn't it! Jesse and Lucas are really close in age. He just took it all in, all smiles and giggles and rolled his way around the living room. All such cute kids (if I do say so myself), but then again, look at us! Ha! To think of the times we spent growing up together! I never pictured this- where we're all guzzling coffee in our various sleep-deprived states! It was a lot a lot a lot of fun!

Then we had this....

We picked up my parents from the airport and spent the afternoon/evening having lots of fun! Ethan started by showing off all his valentines- which Lucas wanted oh so bad. He even came so so close to rolling over just to get them. But alas, no rolls yet (besides the ones on his thighs).

As the night went on, the oldest got sillier and sillier, and ended like this...

Lucas just looked on, and read his valentine card from Nana....

All in all, a great day- but you can see that we're tired. Let's all hope for a long, long night of sleep!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I realize it's a day early- but this is when Brian and I got engaged 7 years ago, and so we've always counted this as V-day. I have some beautiful flowers sitting on the counter to celebrate! Ethan loved his party and brought home all sorts of goodies - as did I! Too much candy!

Tomorrow, we start the day with a Valentine's breakfast with a bunch of my friends from growing up. I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures of all of the babies playing together. Crazy how we've grown up! Then the boys and I are off to the airport to get Uma and Upa!!! We are so excited!
Lucas' head now has a nice bruise on it. Ethan was playing with him in his jumper and swung him into the door. Oops. I feel as though we're going to see a lot of this over the years.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ethan made cookies for Liam and Ella today. All I did was measure the ingredients and pour them in, and he did all the rest. He's quite the little baker. And we walked down the street to deliver Liam's. I got to hold the little guy for a bit as well as Jess' other friend's little guy, Luke (3 months). Fun! Then Ethan decided he had to go potty- the kind that takes a long while. He sat on the toilet for a good long time serenading us and shreiking. Jess said the acoustics in there were good- I think she was right, he just enjoyed listening to himself.
Lucas spent the evening giggling at his daddy. No one can make him giggle like Brian. Brian's always had a thing with babies. I'm jealous!
This week is going too, too slow! I want our fabulous V-day weekend to be here with our friends and especially our Uma and Upa!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blockin' it all out!

It's hard to see (bad lighting) but Lucas dragged his hat around to cover his eyes and fell asleep in his carseat. I guess the world was too much for him.

And the boy loves squash! He finished his oatmeal today and was still looking hungry, so I broke out the squash. It was a hit as you can see from his squash mustache. I picked squash because it kind of seems halfway between a fruit and a vegetable. (I do realize it's a vegetable, but it is sweet. Wait, it is a vegetable, right?)

Ethan's learned that Kenya is no longer the biggest threat to his food. If he leaves it, I have a mean habit of taking a bite. So today at Costco, he had to go to the bathroom. Brian took him and he was yelling across the store- Mommy don't eat it! Mommy don't eat it! Brian said he was even yelling it as he was going potty, in the bathroom. Whoops.

This full moon is killing me! Full moon, Valentine's Day week, and Friday the 13th. Aaargh!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Before you rail me for taking my sick (though really not that sick today) baby outside- the doctor told me to! It's apparently just as good for the nasties in his chest to be in the cold air as in the steamy bathroom. So, we trekked to the park in the 40 degree air. Actually we had a great time. Ethan is a pro at the playset now, so Lucas and I just watched and giggled.

Lucas really did feel better today. Brian and Ethan went to church and Lucas slept the entire time they were gone! I got (almost) caught up on grades and some (not much) housework! He took another long nap this afternoon and has been in great spirits. I LOVE our electronic nasal aspirator! I really think that's why he's getting better so fast. (I am knocking on wood, don't worry.)
Ethan is in dire need of an "inside voice". He's developed this AWFUL habit of yelling everything he says in the house. As I look over all the capital words and exclamation points in this entry, maybe it's a family trait- he's doomed to be overly enthusiastic! Oh well.....

Here's to a fabulous Valentine's Day week! We're counting down the days until Uma and Upa get here, as well as a couple of friends I grew up with. It's going to be a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A little comparison...

Here's Lucas, now, 5 months....

Here's Ethan at 5 months.... (and yes, for those of you who weren't aware at the time- I sunburned my poor baby's face- BAD!!! Blisters, lectures from the doctor we saw- AWFUL memory that I am forced to remember every time I see him at 5 months....)

A lot of similarities- but sheesh- Ethan was a big boy!! I wish we hadn't sold that car- sad! You really can see that they're brothers though!

The highs, The lows...

Check out those chunky thighs!

Of course, now that we have his formula and all figured out, he got sick. Nasty cold. Grr... I'm disinfecting everything in sight. I don't want Ethan to get sick. But is it inevitable? I mean, Ethan was all over Lucas the last few days... And now, the jealousy is back because Lucas wants to be held ALL THE TIME. Today was an interesting day, for sure. But, near the end of the day, Lucas was doing really well-and he's already sleeping way better than last night! Fingers crossed, prayers up!

In other news, here's Ethan before the haircut (today) and after.... He put the headband on- loves that thing! Someday I will love showing him that picture!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Office...

Well, it's about to come on- so I'll make this quick. Too many meetings, not enough sleep. Fussy boy (Lucas). Snuggly boy (Ethan). Loud cat (Kiki). Getting up way too early (all of us.)

Another quote from the two year old....

Brian picked Ethan up from daycare on Wednesday. Ethan was just hanging out by the door and Brian asked, "What are you waiting for?"
Ethan looked at him and said, "Christmas... Santa Claus." and stood for a bit longer.

Aren't we all....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


"Ethan, what did you do at school today?" I asked.
"I learned."
I love it. Especially since we were walking Kenya together- we each had a leash and were tromping down the street. Every time Kenya tried to veer off, she'd drag him a big and he'd laugh and laugh. I just love him.
Lucas must be going through a growth spurt. He ate 34 ounces, plus cereal. We need to up it to two servings of cereal, but will need another can to take to daycare. Maybe he will chunk out like Ethan-(he got REALLY big right about 5 months....
I got to hold Liam tonight. He still seems so tiny. I love all the little noises and how he screeches right before he cries. Sigh.... precious!
I love my boys.....

Monday, February 2, 2009

This little piggie...

Tonight, we got home. Lucas ate an 8 oz bottle. 30 minutes later, he had some cereal- ate quite a bit. Then an hour later he was hungry again- ate a whole other bottle. Sheesh kiddo!
Ethan was full of it tonight. But, then he hugs and snuggles, and all is well with the world... Except I'm exhausted. Not the slightly, sleepy exhausted. The, I think I might fall asleep in my mashed potatoes exhausted. So I think, it's off to bed- well, after the bachelor....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Disney Live!

Well, we had a blast, for sure! We ended up sitting with a good friend of mine, Jennie, and her adorable niece, Jenna- who also happens to be two. Ethan and Jenna were totally mesmerized by it all. We loved singing and dancing around and experiencing it all through their eyes. Ethan has been obsessed about it since he got home- including showing off his new cup he got there to Morgan on the web-cam. We were so impressed that Morgan (my niece) showed us that she can write all the letters in her name! Ethan tried to write his name. It was beautiful, however none of us could tell you what language it happened to be in....

Had a great time at church this morning. Lucas played on the ground with a couple of really cute little girls who were in love with him. I got to chat with a friend of mine- one of those people who has been a life and mommy mentor in a lot of ways (yes, you-Debra). Life is so busy these days, we've neglected a lot of our friendships. We're just really blessed to have so many people in our lives that set an example of how life should be lived!

Lucas is oh-so-close to being able to sit up on his own. Okay, not really that close, but this picture makes it look like he is! I do believe he did a face-plant shortly after, but what are you going to do?

Sleepy Sunday Morning...

Ethan had his first birthday party yesterday at Chuck E Cheese. To say the least, he had a blast... I was a bit overwhelmed myself, but that was to be expected, I suppose. Ethan's learned a lot since playing games in Reno this summer! He needed no help from me at all! Not really a talent we want to focus on, but hey, maybe he'll make us some money!

Lucas stayed home with a good friend of ours, Jen. He LOVED the attention- plus she's a really sweet girl! When E and I got home, both boys went down for a nap and SO DID I!! Fabulous.

I just bought tickets for today for Playhouse Disney Live. A friend of mine is bringing her niece and we're sitting really close to them. It should be a hit! Daddy and Lucas don't get to go, but they'll have some good bonding, I'm sure. Church first, so we better get moving!