Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Happy Happy Day

Started the morning with lots of Happy Birthday e-mails and messages, along with the delcious (according to Ethan) breakfast. He was sooooo excited to see his pile of presents.

Lucas got one little gift - some play keys, and Ethan got some animal cards, cars, and a Cars board game. He was pretty stinkin' happy, though will not let anyone forget that he has one more on the counter for when daddy gets here.
His teacher made him a crown and he got to bring "hot fire dragon cookies" (oreos with red filling) to daycare for his class. He wanted to share one with Lucas, so Miss Karina sent him to his door. This is what Lucas' teachers told me: "We heard a pounding at the door and Ethan was screaming - hey guys! It's me Ethan, let me in! We let him in and he held out a half-eaten cookie and said 'this is for wucas.' and then he ran off."
Sugar high. And then some.
We met Ethan's friend for dinner - and brought her birthday presents with us (we missed her birthday party a month ago). Ethan picked out a nice shirt and a very girly phone for her. They pretended to call each other as they giggled over dinner.
Lucas had a rough time. He was a little green-eyed monster - monster being a very appropriate word.
After the big kids were done with the phone, he asked for it. After being told "Not with messy hands", he shoved the ice cream away and shouted, "DONE!" Phone beats ice cream. This is not my son!
Ethan looooved being sung to. He had the biggest grin plastered across his face. What a fun night! Thanks guys!
The sugar rush continued as we returned lots of phone calls and got ready for bed. Lucily they went to bed pretty easily - Let's hope they stay that way!
A great day! We missed Daddy lots, but are soooo glad he'll be here tomorrow night.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 years ago tonight....

Oh Ethan,
You were due April 20th. We were so nervous because your daddy had a big portfolio showing on April 27th and we thought we might just be in the hospital or newly home with you. Nope. You were fine and comfy in there. I, on the other hand, not so comfy. I was growing bigger and bigger by the day. I took maternity leave starting on your due date because my feet were so swollen I could barely walk at the end of the day. I laid around, watched tv, and ate. You got really really big. But still, you stayed put.
Finally the doc decided you'd have to be evicted. We scheduled your induction and were so excited to meet you. Your daddy's show went really well and was a lot of fun, though my feet were aching by the end of it. We decided, as we had one more day left before we went to the hospital, that we'd spend the next day at the movies and go out to eat.
I woke up the next morning with this strange sensation and knew I was in labor. You decided you were ready. It was 5:30 am, so I let your daddy sleep while they got closer together and stronger. By 10 am they were 4-5 minutes apart so we rushed to the hospital.
They weren't too impressed and made me walk. and walk. and walk some more. You were turned "sunny side up" so my back was not so happy. Finally they admitted us and a few hours later, gave me the epidural. The next few hours were so peaceful. I knew you were coming. Uma and Upa were on the way. Your daddy and I laughed and planned your future. Finally around midnight we started pushing. You were determined to stay put. My epidural ran out after 2 hours of pushing. I screamed at the doctor that I couldn't do it. He screamed back that I had no choice.
It was so hard. But, I knew then, and I know now, that so many hard times will come, but the thing about being a mom is, you just do them. And you can. The strength comes and you do it. Because of that miracle that came after 4 1/2 hours of pushing. The doctor had me reach down and grab you and I saw the most wonderful little person. You were so handsome and so perfect. Your eyes met mine and I knew you'd be amazing. You are amazing.
Every day is an adventure, every minute I have with you is special. You've taught me so much about my own strength, patience, and love. I am a much better person by being your mom. Thanks my little dinosaur - and Happy 4th Birthday!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hard Work

We had a GREAT weekend with Upa. We got so many things done around the house... toilets resealed, garden cleaned up, laundry room scrubbed (even under the machines and inside), under my bed cleaned, lights replaced, paint touched up... the list goes on and on... and on... and on... I even got to go out with some friends on Saturday night while my dad babysat!
I also made 24 sets of dragon wings for the party. I'll paint a base coat and then the kids can decorate them and wear them at the party. Fun! I got all the party stuff bought (except the pizza) and the goody bags stuffed. I'm doing well. Now if only people will RSVP! This coming from me, who NEVER remembers to RSVP until the last minute. I cannot believe my little guy is almost 4. When did he grow up? He was making up his own verses tonight to "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" and it just killed me! He is so big!
His version : "White door white door, what do you see? I see some pants, looking at me. Pants pants pants pants, what do you see? I see some Bob the Builder underwears looking at me." We were getting ready for bed.
Upa - we can't thank you enough! I know we were crazy over here, but I hope you know how much we appreciated you coming! We can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

We Have an Upa!

Upa's here! He's working hard - too hard!

But he's also playing hard...

And don't worry Uma, we're taking care of him.

Thanks Upa!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I have no pictures, I have no cute stories off the top of my head. All I have is one anxious brain waiting to hear if my dad made his standby flight tonight. There was a light rail accident of some sort that stopped the light rail for a time and made him miss his flight. It's a bummer, but we'll get through.
This week went by crazy fast. I'm not even sure where it went. I'm working on planning Ethan's birthday party, preparing my kids for their big tests, (which with two down have gone soooo well), and of course... packing. I'm so excited to see my daddy, and just praying he makes that flight tonight!
Oh, one exciting thing - Etha can rhyme! He was singing about a dinosaur store this morning and told me, "Hey, dinosaur goes with store! Like cake goes with snake!" That's my boy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunny Days and Funderstorms....

Sunny days means we eat outside. Less mess. Except, of course, for their faces and shirts. And then the rest of them when they go for a dive in the rain-filled wheelbarrow. Blech. Soaking wet boys, but lots and lots of giggles. It was gorgeous outside.

And then today.... I go to pick up Ethan from daycare and he says, "I can't leave yet! I want to be here for the funder and lightning mcqueen! we have to stay!"
Miss Allison and I tried to explain that the thunder would be at home too , but the boy wanted to celebrate with his buddies. Too bad.
When the storm finally hit, we went outside to check it out. Ethan- was mesmerized, cheering on thelightning especially. Lucas - kept shouting, "INSIDE!" He was not a fan. We moved to the kitchen to watch out the window and Lucas was not happy until I was sitting on the floor with him curled up in my lap, covering his ears. Dogs - not so happy as well and also both made their way to my lap (we're up to about 150 lbs between those three). Finally, Ethan felt jealous of all the love and climbed on too.
In a way, annoying, but in another way - what an awesome way to spend the evening, huddled up snuggling. My boys don't do that so often anymore. So funderstorms? You're welcome to come back anytime!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Dinosaur Rumpus!

I have no idea if I spelled that right - but we had so much fun anyway! Our friend Peyton had his 4th birthday today and it was a blast. Lucas loved his paleontologist hat.
Ethan loved going all over the yard in the john deere. If you asked him to come here, he'd back it up and turn around and drive. It was hilarious.

Brandon led the kids on a dinosaur dig with their very own maps! It took them all over the yard- Ethan really got into it.

They ended up at the swings where they dug up some dinosaur eggs that they got to carve out the dinosaurs from.
Addie and Lucas tried to keep up, but kept getting distracted.
There was also a pinata- that Ethan loved hitting. A lot.
All in all, it was a really fun time for us to spend with some friends out in the sun.
I can't believe my own little man turns four in a couple weeks - where did the time go? Speaking of time... I should probably go finish the chores I wanted to accomplish this weekend. Ugh. Did I mention I'm sick of chores. In 7 weeks, I'm going to pull into our Poulsbo home, take a deep breath, and go check into a hotel for a week. Just kidding. Kind of. But really, 7 weeks I can do. I can't do it perfectly and I'm sure there will be things undone, but I can do it. If you happend to see me in the next 7 weeks, just keep chanting that to me.
5 sleeps until Upa gets here!

Too Much Sun?

We spent the morning playing/cleaning (them playing, me cleaning...) and then decided to get outside. I took the boys to an old park near my old school. They weren't impressed. I've created park snobs! I couldn't even get them to actually play - they just sat and drank their chocolate milk and ate cheez-its. I know - a completely healthy meal :) Sorry Jaimie Oliver- but it's a once in a while treat- I promise! Then we headed to Costco where Lucas embarrassed us to no end. Screaming tantrums whenever the samples were shared rather than giving him his own little cup of food. Luckily everyone just laughed, but my oh my.... That boy hase a temper.
Then we met up with Michelle and Ella again to go to a park out in Meridian - so cool! They had tons of stuff to climb on/play with/make music with.
Ella liked the xylophones. Lucas liked the slide. Until he bit his tongue going down - screaming ensued. That is until I realized that he wasn't really screaming out of pain (though the bloody mouth led us all to believe otherwise) but out of anger that the water bottle lid had been put back on so he couldn't get it off. That child!

Ethan was out of it - but we just kept playing and then went for pizza. Ella and Lucas liked listening to their echo in there. Until Lucas flipped his chair over. How does he do it? Ethan was complaining of being cold, but was hot, so we headed home.
The boys both had high fevers by the time we went home and Ethan was really not feeling well. I gave him some ibuprofen, lots of water (lucas too), and sent them to bed. I went in about an hour later and both boys were cool and sweaty. It really wasn't that hot out, but maybe they just weren't used to it? I guess it's good we're going to WA! Next time - Much more water and shade!
As long as the fevers stay down, we have a fun birthday party to go to today - fingers crossed! In the meantime - back to the chores. Ugh. Double Ugh.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

blue skies again...

A Few of My Favorite Things....
Roses from Brian, delivered today, along with an appointment for a massage...

A basket we got forever ago, at Ethan's baby shower. I stepped on it and broke it last week and was upset (more about my foot than the basket) so Ethan found some scotch tape and fixed it. Now I can never throw it away.
We went out for frozen yogurt. Lucas had M&Ms on his and Ethan had "beans" (reese's pieces). We made a huge mess, but it was fun to go on a date with them.

Fun at the park with Michelle and Miss Ella. I love love love her smile!
What a fabulous day. I needed that. All is well with the world again. The kitchen is still a disaster, all the chores looming, but that's all right. The sun is shining, my cheeks are pink and freckled, and I'm finally relaxed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Already!

Note: Ethan now totally dresses himself.

I hope I'm coherent. I have one child sitting on my back because he's watching a movie and can't sit in my lap and watch. The other child is shrieking for something or other and keeps coming over and trying to bite me when he doesn't get what he wants. "No, Lucas, you cannot take that out of the fridge. No, we do not ned to pull out all of the dish towels." Shriek. Scream. Bite.
All amongst the chaos that is my living room/kitchen. This week has done a number on us!
My class took their state reading test today and did great- but I am now ex-haus-ted. The boys are too, though I'm not sure why- they slept great last night. Must have been nice.
My boys sure are cute though. Ethan has drawn you an alien.
And an airplane.
And Lucas is full of smiles and wonder- as long as he gets what he wants. Sorry buddy!
Ethan told me on the way home from school today. that he slept at Jess and Todd's house last night - and that it was comfy there. He also told me to "be caring to udders." My paragraphs are not working so well - I better give up while I'm ahead (am I ahead?).

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where oh where....

I cant find he camera charger anywhere and the camera is dead dead dead, so I don't have any pictures... I really don't have anything exciting to say either. We've spent the weekend cleaning and organizing... with a side of packing. Ethan has been a HUGE help believe it or not. Lucas has been... well, entertaining. He's found all sorts of permanent markers, discovered the wheelbarrow full of water, and let me know when the dogs' bowl was empty (as he'd dumped it all over himself.)
Proud of my boys. We're working hard here and they're keeping me going. Allthough I could very well crash at some point.
Greatest news ever- My dad is coming in two weeks to help! And then again, with my mom in May. That was a huge load off.
I really have nothing witty or exciting. Maybe it'll come later. Don't put any bets on it though.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pack, Pack, Pack Away....

This week was a blur.....

Working on clearing out some closets - tonight was the hallway closet- in which we found Ethan's old tie- so cute! He wore it all night. Lucas liked looking in boxes - found all sorts of not okay things in there. I didn't even know we owned a lighter or a soldering iron, huh....
This week has been kind of nutty - but best news is we have a Property Manager! John from Aloha Property Management and he is so great! He's going to relieve a lot of my stress - I'm really feeling much better about things. It is still SO much to do and is freaking me out, but at least there are a few things I can cross off the list. Best of all, he'll set up meetings with the yard guy, the handyman, etc. - which I HATE doing.
I'm at a total of 9 boxes for the week - making progress! This weekend is cleaning all the trash out of the backyard. A big job, but the boys love being back there, so it'll be allright. And it's all calories burned, right? I need a few more burned after our Spring Break trip. My mother better stop baking before I move in - or I'm going to need more will power.
Lucas has been screaming every night when he goes to bed - not sure why, but he is really fighting it. Ethan gets really annoyed and then he has his turn in the middle of the night. I think I'm stopping for some "Ultra Caffeine" coffee on the way to work tomorrow. Hopefully this weeend they'll get lots more rest. Who am I kidding? We don't rest in this house....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

On Saturday we headed out to my old church for an "Easter Party" - so fun! We came home with a lion...
and a Spider Face! Both boys sat so still it was nuts. Next we went and saw some bunnies - adorable! Ethan even held a baby bunny in his lap (with my hands on as well of course). Lucas giggled every time the bunny moved.
There were lots of inflatables too - Ethan really liked the racing obstacle course one. If it wasn't so wet and windy, those would have been more fun, but we kind of hid inside for awhile - balloon animals, pancakes, and cotton candy - yum!
Next was the egg hunt. Ethan was an old pro - went for the eggs with gust0! Lucas was a little more timid but quickly figured it out.
After naps Upa came home! We dyed some Easter Eggs - great fun! Lucas was oh so careful - Ethan was dropping them in as fast as he could and really liked mixing colors.
It was our last night there and the Easter Bunny did not disappoint.
The boys figured out how to open up the candy eggs quickly and had those devoured in no time.
Then the giggles began as they found all the silly places the Easter Bunny hid their eggs!
We had a delicious breakfast - a nice send-off - packed up and off we went.

"Mommy - I want Daddy to come. I don't want to go."

"I know babe. Me too. I miss him too."

"But mommy - I want my dad."

"I know, but guess what! Next time we come here, we're going to stay!"

"For a long time?"

"For a very long time - forever"

"What forever? A long long time?"

"Yep, a long long long long long long long long time."

"Okay - how many sleeps?"

"Um.... 61?"

"61! Yeah! So mommy, when we wake up after this nap, we're going back to Daddy?"


Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Week in Fast Forward...

Monday - we went to a Preschool Open Gym time at Zero Gravity Athletics in Poulsbo - fun and cheap! Lucas loved the hula hoops most of all - Ethan -the bars. We had a blast but it was nap time and they were ready!
Tuesday we went to the mall and saw the Easter Bunny! Lucas refused to sit without me - and would only sit on my lap if he could have a death grip on my arm. So, I'm in the picture too.... To be honest, I didn't mind - I do love holidays! Then we took Nana to Silver City for some Kids Eat Free lunch - delicious! The boys were pretty tired and Lucas was LOUD - but the company was great. Ethan loved sitting between his Uma and his Nana and reading his new Easter book the Easter Bunny gave him.
Wednesday afternoon I took Ethan to Starbucks with me for a little date and then we went and checked out a couple of daycares. All it really did was make me sadder that we're leaving the one we have, but we'll figure it out. Ethan threw a fit each time we left because he wanted to stay and play. I tried to explain that the playgrounds were just for kids who go to that daycare, but he didn't get it.
We've been working really hard at letters, and at spelling Ethan's name - and I finally found something that he liked doing! I put tape with the letters on the piano and he plunks away his name as well as other words I spell for him - fun! We even got him to write his name a few times and it looks great! So Proud!!
Thursday we were supposed to go hang out with my friend Missy and her daughter, but she had the nerve to go into labor! Welcome to the world Ben! We forgive you for crashing our playdate!
In the afternoon I took the boys to the Marine Science Center- that was a blast! They have great little touch pools and lots of tanks to look at.
Ethan loved to look, but would not touch. Lucas was fearless (except for the crab) and I had to hold him back from diving in.
My favorite was the octopus. He wasn't too active, but his tentacles moved around just enough to freak out the boys. I love octopi (sp?). Too cool of a place - and free! We did leave a donation though - they are always fighting for funding. I remember going there year after year growing up - good memories!
Friday we met Nana at McD's for an early lunch. The boys had a blast running all over there and seem to have discovered that it's fun to play with each other. They also love showing off for their Nana!
Today is lots of pre-Easter festivities - starting with the building of the Easter Bunny's house this morning - and then an Easter Egg hunt at church. Upa is coming home from South Bend and we'll be soaking up our last 24 hours here. I know it's going to be hard going back this time - but only two months and we'll be back!