Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

He's Finally Here!!!

Lucas Scott Sprague

Born~ August 29, 2008 @ 10:47 pm
Weight~ 7lbs. 11 oz.
Length~ 20 in.
Head~ 14 in. with reddish hair

Perfect and Healthy Baby Boy!

I'm sure pictures will come in the next day or two!

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

We're getting closer!

Hello all! This is Brian's sister, Angie, updating on the progress of Lucas. Brian and Katie arrived at the hospital around 3:30 this afternoon. This time they did admit them, and Katie had progressed to 6 1/2 - 7 cm. She is now at 8 cm and has received her epidural, so she is feeling good. Keep on checking back, as I will keep on updating with the more news I receive. I'm sure we will be welcoming a new little boy sometime tonight!

There and Back Again...

We are off again... contractions are back and pretty strong... We called and they said if there's any change at all, they'd admit me. I think there's a change- you don't want to know all the details! So, we'll try again. Mom and Dad are on their way, regardless, they've decided. I'm happy. Even if they don't admit me now- i don't think these will go away- I won't let them! God bless the makers of Wii Fit! They got them back going again!

Back Home

Katie had strong contractions and when we got to the hospital she was 4+ dialated. They had us walk for an hour to see if it was actively changing. When we got back she was still the same and the contractions were easing, she is 100% effaced though. So they sent us home to get some rest and to see if they start back up again. We are disappointed but maybe it will start up again. She was having stronger ones once we got back in the car...go figure!

Headed in...

We'll head to the hospital about 5:30- still about 5 minutes apart, but really painful. Ethan is excited to go watch movies at Jess and Todd's. I can still breathe through the contractions pretty well, so we'll probably end up walking awhile before they officially admit us. Who knows- they're weird sometimes!


We think this might be it... I woke up at 11 with strong contractions and some bleeding. Hasn't stopped, only gotten more consistent. We're trying to hold out a bit longer to go to the hospital- don't want Jess and Todd to have to get up at this ungodly hour, but unless things change, I'd say we'll be there soon! Right now (3:36) the contractions are about 4 minutes apart and about 1 minute in duration. They hurt like the dickens, but I'm using the slow breathing and Brian is pushing on my back while I rock on the exercise ball. We are surviving, though I might kill him for sleeping the last 3 hours. He only got up when Ethan fell out of bed. I refuse to let him go back to bed now! It's really not fair this birth process! If things pick up, which I imagine they will, it might be awhile before we update. Wish me luck! Come on little Lucas! Come out easy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old Wives' Tales...

Well, we've tried them all but one (the dreaded castor oil). Last night I ate a pound of fresh pineapple. I will say that I had a lot of contractions last night, but they apparently didn't go anywhere - still no Lucas! I did have a really fun evening trying though (if you don't count how sore my mouth got!). We had a dance party, that was really fun until it ended in a big boom! But little Ethan survived! He's a little toughie!

Brian and Ethan had great days yesterday. Ethan has been awesome when Brian drops him off and he was actually a lot of fun last night at Costco. I had a not-so-inspiring day when I realized I couldn't sit very easily because I can no longer cross my legs or even get them very close together and I was wearing a skirt. Today, I am for sure in pants! Lots to do and hopefully today I'll get them done!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A Quiet Night

We all had a great day yesterday. Ethan even had no tears when Brian dropped him off. He's still getting used to going every day again, so that's been rough. He's really tired too, so that doesn't help in the evenings! We'll all adjust and then it will change again. That's the way it goes!
I just relaxed all evening, even took a bath. It was nice just to be calm, but now I get to go back to school to all the comments of "you're still here?!" I completely understand- I'd say the same thing! Today should be a crazy day at school, lots going on, but we'll survive! We're in the single digits now! 9 more days! We can do that, right?!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm trying not to be bummed. I realize I am being irrational- I just need to be thankful he's doing so well. My goal today is to immerse myself in my students and try to ignore all signs of labor. I think I'm just going to take it easy for a day. No power walking, jogging, or spicy food.
Ethan and Brian are doing well- we found out Ethan's favorite teachers moved up with him into his "big-boy" class and I am so excited! He loves them and this is a good time for him to be around people he loves!
Wish me luck and many distractions- though that might be dangerous with 5th graders.....

Monday, August 25, 2008


Still 2 cm and "kind of thick" whatever that means! He stripped my membranes, but wasn't optomistic because it didn't hurt. Oh well, the induction is scheduled. We walked for the last couple of hours and had some spicy chicken wings for dinner. Nothing yet... one can only hope!

We love Mondays!

Well, maybe we don't love Mondays but we're ready! We had a fabulous weekend. Yesterday we went to church and then out for Mexican and walking at the mall. We did some chores, played some Wii and were visited by Jess and Todd. Ethan also discovered that he loved the movie, Madagascar (we had taped it off tv). He was laughing so hard! Two days with no real nap got to him and he was a stinker, but we all survived. We really did have a lot of fun together!
Today Ethan's back to daycare, Brian's back to work, and I'm back to school. I have to actually start the curriculum today which will be exhausting, but make the day fly - I hope! I have a Dr.s appointment at 3:30- I'll update after that. My guess is.... 3 cm, 80% effaced, -1 station. I had a lot of contractions last night, but not enough to keep me awake! So they went away eventually. Hopefully the doctor will see my poor ankles after a day of teaching and have mercy on me and figure out a way to make this baby come! I know, I know, patience, patience.....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Templeton at the Fair....

What a day at the fair! We had a great time, but I kind of feel like we were Templeton (the rat) from Charlotte's Web. We just went from one snack to the other- corn dogs, french fries, kettle corn, corn on the cob - it didn't end! We also managed to see lots of animals, a really cool spray paint artist, some African Acrobats, and some Splash Dogs. It finally got so hot that my ankles could no longer take it and we had to go - but don't worry, we stopped for ice cream to cool off. Is it any wonder we had horrible indigestion? The boys survived well, but I got fried. Ouch! I asked Ethan what his favorite part of the fair was and he said "go night-night". I guess we exhausted him!

All that walking gave me lots of contractions, but apparently they went nowhere. I was still so sickeningly full last night I'm not sure if I was having any or not. Today we've got church and I've got some school work to do. I finished my sub plans but have lots of assessments to grade and things to do. It never ends! Let's all chant together- "Water Break, Water Break!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jogging anyone?

It's actually cold enough this morning to pull out our robes! So exciting!

We all had good Fridays, nothing too exciting, but we spent our evening playing with Ethan's airplane, which he can now work himself- very exciting and then on the Wii. Ethan and I take turns and he keeps picking running. So we jog in circles around the room. It's somewhat painful, but I think it's good for me, so we just keep at it. We jogged probably a total of 20 minutes - at a very slow pace of course. We also did the step a couple of times and of course we boxed. Even if it doesn't get this baby out, it should help right? I can tell he's lower today, I feel like I'm sitting on his head- you'd think that'd send him packing, but no. he's apparently cozy!

Today we are off to the Western Idaho Fair. Brian has a schedule of events printed out including Splash Dogs, a Tractor Pull, and a 4x4 Off-Road Exhibition. We're going to walk and walk and walk some more and hope this kid just falls out! Not really, but we think it'll be really fun to see all the animals with Ethan. We'll take lots of pictures!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Patriotic Son!

Ethan learned something new yesterday! He learned what a flag is. This is great, except he doesn't say the "l" sound in words yet. So when we went to the store and he yelled and pointed "Flag" it didn't come out quite that way and was kind of embarrassing. We're going to have to work on it. He learned another trick as well. Kiki was meowing at the back door and he ran over, unlocked the sliding door, let him in, closed it, and relocked it. Who would've known? It's nice- he can let the animals in and out, but I suppose this means he can let himself out and in too. That could be a problem!
I had a great day- so much better! I worked 'em hard and it worked! It also turns out that these kids do better sitting in groups than rows- how weird is that? I'll take it- we actually had a lot of fun!
Ethan and Brian go back to "work" today. Brian's excited, not so sure about Ethan, but I'm sure he'll have fun. What a weird virus! Just a 24 hour fever and that was it. It could have been a lot worse!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweaty Boy!

Ethan's fever broke at about 9 last night- awesome! He still woke up a couple of times, but I think he just might be feeling better. We'll know better when he's awake. However, because of the 24 hour rule, he'll be home again today with Brian to make sure he's better. They had a Pixar marathon and lots of snuggle time yesterday and it seems to have done the trick!
I had an exhausting day. On the first day of 4th grade, kids still desperately want to impress you- there is a honeymoon period. Not so much with my 5th graders. They jumped right in there and started trying to push every button I have. I realize my patience might be a bit short, but sheesh! Today I'm just going to push them really hard- lots of work and lots of practice of routines. They're not going to be happy about it! I'll just put science at the end of the day and that should make them forgiving. It really is all about manipulation! At least with my crazy kids, I don't even notice the aches and pains of being hugely pregnant, for the most part. Last night, I did have some strong contractions every 10 or so minutes for an hour, but then they stopped. I'm really ready any time, have I said that? Of course, the more I'm at school the more I'm freaking out about all the things I should get done before he comes... I can't win! On to a better day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so much for that....

No wonder he woke up so much- the boy has 100 degree fever and will be home with Brian today, probably tomorrow as well..... great timing.... poor boy!


Today's my first day with students. I am, as always, nervous and excited! I am so not ready, but will be before their little bodies come in. Hopefully they'll give me a nice "honeymoon" period for the next few days so I'm not too overrun. I do look forward to the distraction, though. I have my sub hired, yeah! She sounded great on the phone, hopefully the kids and I will get to meet her this week.

Yesterday was a little crazy all around. Ethan came home covered in orange frosting- must have been a fun party! Brian and I both had busy days too. We had dinner and played for a bit while watching "nastics" on TV. Then I went to WalMart and made a fool of myself. Lucas was laying in a weird position or something so that I could only walk a few feet with out my back and groin spasming. So, I kept stopping and kind of screeching. I didn't even have a cart because they were out, so I was carrying all my groceries (not too many, but enough). Can you believe, not one single person asked me if I was okay or needed help? I thought Nampa was better than that! I finally made it to the front and decided I better get a bag of M&M's so that maybe the sugar would help the little guy move off of whatever nerve he was on. They were good, but it didn't really work. Wii Yoga did though, and then I was all right. The saga! I'm including a picture for Ethan. He'd like you all to see the picture he took of Mommy and Daddy last night.... He was so excited to share he got up like three times last night! Ugh!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

37 Week Comparison

This makes me feel good.... The first picture is 37 weeks with Ethan, the second is 37 weeks with Lucas....

The belly's the same- this boy will be a monster... - but I still look human this time!

First Days....

What a day! After a great doc visit, I was on my feet and running all day until 6 pm. I did stop for a nice lunch with a friend, but other than that, it was busy! My new school has a million hallways and just a trip to the bathroom takes a while. We had meet the teacher night and I had about 7 families show up. It was nice to get to know them, though it's hard not to feel guilty that I'm leaving here pretty quick (hopefully sooner than later!) I came home a swollen mess, but quickly recovered due to all the hugs and kisses from Ethan and Brian's TLC getting me dinner and some tea and rubbing my aching feet. I really do have it good!
Ethan enjoyed his first day in his new class though we can't really figure out what he said about it. I'll get to meet his teachers today- Brian had to pick him up yesterday and the actual teachers are gone by the time he gets there.
As exhausted as I am, it's nice to be busy. I enjoy having other things to think about besides baby baby baby! Though he's hard to forget- he is so low I feel like I'm kicking him when I walk!
Today, for me, is an all-morning meeting and then getting ready this afternoon- kids tomorrow!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A doctor's visit...

Doctor's visit went well. Lucas' heartbeat is strong, my blood pressure is still low, everything is great. I am at 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and the head is at -2 station (ready to launch). We scheduled the induction for the 5th, but he doesn't think i'll make it that long - yeah!!! Now to find a sub......

Ahhh! School's Back!

We had a great day yesterday- hid in the cool house all afternoon/evening playing with trains, getting things ready for school, and competing on the Wii (I still am winning by the way, as hard as Brian may try!) I'm including a picture (not very good quality- from Brian's phone) of Ethan rehearsing with the band at church. He took it very seriously and had a great time.

I have a work day today- plus Meet the Teacher night from 4-6. It will be a marathon and I'm not sure I'll survive, but I don't think I have a choice! I do have a doctor's appt. at 8:40 this morning - that'll be a nice break.

Send Ethan good thoughts- he starts his new class today! And send Brian good thoughts- he has to take Ethan, pick him up, and get him dinner because of my crazy schedule. I'll let you know what the doctor says!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big Boy Toy!

Yesterday was busy, but the highlight was a purchase of a train table and train set. The local teacher store was going out of business, so we thought it was a good time. We told him only "big boys" get to play with trains, not "babies" in hopes that this will become a privilege that he can enjoy especially when the baby comes. We weren't going to put it together yet, but he knew it was in the car and was not going to let the issue go. We're trying to encourage him to play independently in his room- seems to be working on a small scale right now!

I'm really sore from our walk yesterday- I apparently overdid it- Oops.... So today will be somewhat subdued with hot, hot temps! We're going to church early so Brian can play at the beginning of both services and then we'll probably just come home and hide in the cool house. Unless we think of something cooler to do- I do not like this heat! I slept with ice packs on my feet and neck last night! No full moon effects last night, though it was fun to go out and look at it- gorgeous!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still the Hula Hoop Champ!

Just thought I'd put that in (the hula-hooping comment)- it infuriates Brian. He says it's because I have the weight pulling me around- I don't think so! We had a great day yesterday, though really busy! The zoo was great fun - Ethan and Payton had fun running around and Summer and I got to talk a lot. She's due about the same time as me, so we have plenty to talk about! We did learn that the boys know how to take turns- they'd never look at the camera at the same time! They were really cute- they really like chasing each other and especially enjoyed daring each other to "touch" the snake (it was behind glass). Their favorite exhibit - the construction site - boys!

Today we're going for a walk to the "animals" and then shopping for my classroom. We finally got our supply money and it's burning a hole in my pocket! On sad news, my long term sub got a full-time job and the search is back on! Great... so much for planning ahead.
I'm feeling pretty good - the BBQ last night was fun, but left me so swollen it hurt! Not too many contractions, except when we were playing the Wii, but maybe today we'll get some good ones- it is a full moon and you know what they say!

Friday, August 15, 2008


For some reason, I can not sleep between the hours of 3 and 5. It is driving me crazy! Other than that, it was a good night. Yesterday, for me, was somewhat miserable- sitting in a tiny chair in the back of a room on a ledge - behind the AC unit- so it wasn't cooling us at all. I swelled up like a balloon- awful! But, I survived and went and picked up Ethan from his last day in his class. He starts the next class on Monday- big day!
We had a fun night last night with a hula-hooping tournament (on the Wii) between the three of us. I'd like to say I'm the reigning champion at 8 1/2 months pregnant! I refuse to post pictures of it, so don't expect any! Ethan is just figuring it out, but not really- he gets 2-4 spins per side (My best score is a total of 863 spins). We do love Wii Fit, I gotta say!
Today Ethan and I spend the morning at the zoo with our friends Summer and Payton, and then Brian will come home for the afternoon so I can go to a science training. My team-teacher from last year will be there, so I'm actually looking forward to it. Tonight the boys will hang out here while I go to a back-to-school BBQ at my principal's house. Busy day, but I think it will be fun!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the Wee Hours....

Is it really 6:45? Yuck! We're up early as I have to be at school by 8 for an all-day training and have to go to the chiropractor first. Yesterday Ethan and I had a lot of fun. We ran some errands, went and got "coffees", and worked at my school for 2 hours. While there he delighted the masses and learned how to use scissors- great! He also pulled out every game I have, but we got them all put back and I actually got a lot done. My sub plans are ready and waiting and the classroom is set up for the most part. Of course, the more I do, the more I think of to do.
Last night was pretty calm, though we didn't sleep real well. Allergies seem to be abundant for Brian and Ethan. Luckily, they're not really getting to me. I'm not sure I could handle one more ailment! I actually felt really good yesterday and last night. Plenty of contractions, but just BH ones- only a few really painful ones.
Today is Ethan's last day in his class. He moves up to the 2.5 and 3's class as of Monday. I'm sad to leave his teachers- they really adore him, but hopefully the next ones will too. Can he really be that old?
There were cuts at Brian's job yesterday and he was NOT one of them! His bosses had to fight for his job, as it's still fairly new, but that they did and he survived. He's become invaluable as their 3-D specialist. No one else knows how to do it! I told him to be sure not to teach anyone! Is that bad?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Our evening was great- Ethan and Brian went to a "boys" dinner with J.J. at Winger's. I got to stay home and catch up on Army Wives and The Closer. When Ethan came back he was so excited- very cute - "I eat!" He really enjoyed his time with J.J. too- that's who took care of him last year before Brian got the job at MPC. They have a bond!

I had lots of contractions in the evening but they eased up before bed. Then at 4:00 they came back and I was up for about an hour. Ow! They are certainly getting more uncomfortable and are now including my back at times. I just keep hoping this means that the labor will be easier than last time- please!

Today Ethan and I are watching gymnastics (Olympics) this morning and then going to my school to get a little more work done. I now have training all day Thursday and half the day on Friday. So much for my last week of summer! Oh well, what can you do? Things must get done! I'm including a picture of Ethan doing gymnastics, but so you know it's about a month old- from Brian's parents' visit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm officially Dilating!!

I realize it's only 1 cm, but he could feel the baby's head, and that is really exciting! He said I'm about 60% effaced, which is good too! Very encouraging, though I realize it could still be weeks and weeks. At least the little guy agrees that he needs to get out of there.... He also said that since I'm progressing, I can induce up to a week early if I want. That is a hard decision- going to take some thought. I'm hoping Lucas will just make the decision for me- come early! Although, in a week he'll be considered full-term, not even early! Spicy food for dinner tonight and I think I'll do some exercises! Good boy, Lucas!

36 Weeks!

Yesterday was fairly calm, though we really wore ourselves out. Ethan was a star at gymnastics and then we came home and he slept for 2 hours- beautiful! We did our yoga and boxing as well as some running (him, I walked) and step aerobics. Then we rested until Daddy got home. Ethan and I cooked dinner- that boy loves to cook! He pretty much just eats whatever cheese is out and gets into everything, but he is learning. He's gotten a lot better at helping with dishes too- they actually get better as he helps!
Poor Brian spent 2 hours with me last night stapling packets that somehow got mixed up and sorted wrong at the Copy Center. Little does he know I'll have more tonight- shh, don't tell!
No more cramping last night, but the little guy was pounding around in there so fiercely it brought tears to my eyes and I even screeched at one point. He is one strong boy- 4 more weeks?! Ahh! I did sleep better though, and that always helps.
Today Brian's at work, Ethan's at Daycare and I have about 40 million things to do. I have the chiro at 8, computer training at 10, and the doctor at 1:40. In between I have to get as much done at school as I can. Turns out the meeting I'm covering on Thursday is actually an all-day training. Great! So that's one less day than I thought I had to be ready. I will post again after the doctor's appt- though I doubt he'll do a cervical check since nothing significant is really happening. I will get the results of my Group B Strep test and listen to the heartbeat. 29 days!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lovin' the pool!

To say the least, Ethan had a blast playing in the pool at Joan's house. Brian had a blast checking out their basement theater room- stadium seating with leather recliners, projector screen, old popcorn machine, draped walls- very cool! We wore ourselves out, but it was worth it.

Last night we watched lots more of the Olympics- the poor women's gymnastics team- it was so heartbreaking! Even though they still qualify, it was so frustrating for them! Lucas was sympathetic and tried to make up for their performance by squirming around in my belly. I had lots of BH contractions- cramping, pretty painful - took my breath away for sure! We survived and I'm sure it didn't do anything, but frustrate me!

Today we've already been to the chiropractor and the grocery store. Next we go to school to pick up some work for me and then to our very last day at the Little Gym! I'm really sad, I've loved going there!

I just freed Ethan from time out. He bit my finger and when I asked him to say sorry he spit on me. Fabulous! He has now seen the error of his ways and apologized. I'm sure it will never happen again! (I hope you note the sarcasm!)

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We love the Olympics!

Ethan loves watching all the different sports and we're getting a kick out of all the stories and history. Right now we're watching "nastics" and Ethan is saving up lots of ideas to try on his last day tomorrow! We're not enrolling him at the Little Gym for fall. It's expensive and a long drive, so we're going to try the local place- through the rec center. It's not as extensive as a program, but at least we'll still have a class to go to with him. It's good bonding!

Yesterday we had a fun "family" day. We went for a walk to the animals, went to the mall and walked and walked (gotta keep that baby in position) until my hands were too swollen to take my rings off. We also got to see Jess's parents who are visiting and Ethan had a great time "roar"-ing and playing hide and seek. From there, we became Olympic addicts. Today is church and then a music team BBQ/Swim Party at one of our friend's from church's house.

We're down to under a month- that is encouraging! Lucas had a foot up in my ribs last night- made sitting difficult, breathing difficult, etc. Lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions, but once again, nothing exciting. He's just baking a bit longer and putting on some weight- great....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Here Goes!

I've thought about starting a blog for some time now, but only in my excessive restlessness have decided to actually figure it out. It seems this baby is holding out for a bit longer and I am starting to get addicted to the September baby message boards- not a good hobby! So I figure that this way, if you wonder how we're doing- whether the baby is getting any closer, etc., you can check here. As school gets closer, we all know I won't have quite as much time on my hands to send lots of emails- so this way, even if I can't get off a bunch of emails in the morning citing exactly how uneventful our evening/night was, I can quick post a comment and you'll all know not to call and say "how's it going?"