Thursday, November 22, 2012


I pledged that I was going to get better at posting - but then life got in the way.  We had lots going on - including a cool trip to see the salmon spawning - what an awesome sight!  But most exciting of all - we decided it was time to move.
 This house came on the market (to rent) and it was just perfect for us.  Big and roomy with a big ol' fenced yard.  Gorgeous kitchen, lots of rooms, big party deck - perfect!  And so over the course of about 2 weeks (really, less), we moved.  There's still a lot of junk (and dog hair) at the old place, but we've got a whole month to get it cleaned out and back to the landlord.
Wednesday, Brian and I spent the afternoon moving all our furniture after air mattress and sleeping bag-ging it for a few days.  It was incredibly painful work, but it was so exciting when it was done.  If there's one thing we do well - it's move!  It helped that our new house is literally only a block away....
Wednesday night Brian's sister and boys arrived and our Thanksgiving/Moving in festivities began.  The boys love eating in the kitchen - we added a small table and some stools and it makes a great little nook!
 4 boys in a big house equals a lot of noise.  Especially from this kid -
 I tried to get some good pics of the boys - and they aren't bad, but this is how we started...

Ethan was so not in the mood....

Eventually they came around - when I had them imagine their father doing silly things.....

I love the leaves in our front yard - and the cool tree that drops them all.  I suppose I won't love it when we have to rake them, but for now - so cool!
 I told the boys to have a leaf fight.  They thought I was nuts.
 But pretty soon got the hang of it....  Especially Ethan, who got some good throws in.
 I had to let Lucas take some mercy shots - which he totally enjoyed.

 Thanksgiving was fabulous - my parents' cooking was exactly how I remember it, and the boys were all reasonably good.   Cooper was the cutest turkey!
 Along with turkey, there was a lot of football -and a lot of giggling in general.

 After we ate, and a quick run to get some furniture from the store, we came home to work on the house.  It's still not totally put together - and definitely needs some decluttering (and organizing), but it's really coming together - and I love it.
 This room is so cozy - the dogs have now staked their claim on it....  I love it.
 And in here - I'm totally remembering that I like to cook - I don't even mind dishes when there's enough room for two people to do the job.
So this year, I'm thankful for a new house - one that I love coming home to, and that I can have some of my own space in!  I'm thankful for my family - for my husband who worked tirelessly to get us in here and settled, and for my boys who are just as excited as I am.  I'm happy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Soccer Game!

Last game of the season!  It was cold, but sunny.  Lucas made an awesome spectator - have I mentioned I love his fashion sense?  He's just so danged cute!
 Ethan played hard~ they were playing a team that was heads taller than them, but they fought hard.
 At some point Lucas lost a lens, but that didn't stop his awesomeness.

 I'm going to miss the games - but I'm ready to not be in the cold anymore!  Ethan loved it.  I'm curious to see if he loves basketball as much.

Today's the celebration - pizza and trophies.  After that we have a week or two to rest (well, in between swim lessons) before basketball starts up.  But!  Basketball practices at the 4 schools closest to us - so we are super excited to not be driving across town twice a week!
In other news, we've put in for a new rental house.  A big one.  With a big yard.  All fenced.  And a working kitchen!  But, we're one of four families going for it....  So we'll see....  We're all on pins and needles and I've never heard Lucas pray so much!  I think he'll be the most broken-hearted of all if we don't get it.  Nevertheless, I've vowed that we are moving before Christmas.  It's time! Which means I have a lot to do in the meantime.....  So until next time!  And I'll try not to make it 2 weeks......

The rest of Halloween.....

It's been a long couple of weeks.....  We kept the Halloween celebrations going - had some fun celebrating Uma's  birthday and Halloween at their house......

 Carved an impossible to carve pumpkin.....  Only, all we did was empty it because it was hard to do detail with a hammer and chisel....

 Then we had Lucas' school party - and my camera was dead....  But he had a blast, as did we and re-enacted the whole thing in our house many times over...  The boy does love to play pretend!
Our final celebration was at church - a basement trick-or-treat, and lots of games in the gym.  It was fabulous.
But.  It totally wore me out and getting a sinus infection on top of that led to some rough days for me.  The last couple of weeks have been a blur, but we've gotten through and are on the better side of things now.  Lucas is still dressing up as a fire man pretty much every day though.  I'm not sure that's going to end any time soon.