Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Happiest Baby on the Block!

We had such a great day! Lucas and I went to the mall and then walked over to Starbucks. He was a trooper in my new sling- slept the whole time. I bought the book - The Happiest Baby on the Block - and was reminded about a lot of soothing strategies that we learned in our childbirth class. Not that Lucas is very fussy, but he does have his moments. I especially focused on the "sleeping longer" portion of the book. I'll let you know how it goes.

Ethan was absolutely wonderful this evening. We had so much fun with him! His teacher was really excited to tell me how wonderful he is at school. I guess I'm glad he saves it all from home?! We were also amazed at his computer skills. He can play his Elmo computer game all by himself now! Not that I don't love playing with him, but I can only handle so much - and he likes to play for awhile and switch between games. So, it's nice he can play by himself. We also made cookies together and he and his Daddy read the Look and Find book.

Tomorrow is an exciting day- a baby shower for me and two other teachers at school. It will be fun to see everyone from school, and of course I love a party! Lucas is the only baby born yet, so he'll be a star, I'm sure. I promise I'll get some pictures up of Ethan- I just see Lucas a lot more right now!

One Month Old!

Check out these pictures! The top one is Ethan at one month, the bottom is Lucas. I'm going to say Lucas is chunkier than Ethan was at this point!

All is well here. Lucas did decide to wake up at 5:45- he seems to want to snack and snooze- not going to work for me! Ethan was really cuddly last night- I enjoyed it! It helps me get through those screaming times that seem to be more and more common. He does know how to yell! I cannot believe his vocabulary now! He likes to talk in whole sentences and says all sorts of funny things. My favorite right now is when he wants to hold Lucas he says "I need it!" and is very adamant until he gets what he wants. Stubborn? Where oh where could he have gotten that from!

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Quiet Sunday- Sort Of

A good day and a great night! Today we're looking forward to resting and recuperating from the fun this weekend. No real news, we just are doing well.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


What a neat place! Ethan had great fun and we actually got to relax. The website shows all it has to offer (http://www.rafikiplay.com/), but here are a few highlights of our trip.

Of course, Ethan spent most of his time at the train table, but who can blame him. There was a big play structure with some wavy slides, an arts and crafts center, a play restaurant, dress up clothes, and Brian's favorite- Dance Dance Revolution video game. Our afternoon was nice as well. Ethan and Brian went to Todd's to play a little guitar hero while Lucas and I took in the quiet. Ethan had a great time there and came back incredibly wired. I love this picture of him riding his "cycle" in his pull-ups. He really is cute!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Plan for a fun day!

We didn't do too much yesterday, besides vacuum for the first time in 4 weeks. Gross! We also discovered that Ethan can pretty much independently work the Wii. I cannot believe his coordination and skills! So much for not raising a "gamer"!
Lucas had a good day and night. He has some serious gas, but we're getting better at dealing with it and recognizing it. He really is a cooperative baby!
We're headed to Target for some essentials and then off to a new indoor playground called Rafiki. It looks like a lot of fun and even has a deli and coffee bar! We'll bring the camera!

Friday, September 26, 2008


He slept lots last night! 4 hours, then 4 and a half, then 3. I'll take it! He's got some bad gas, but that's probably because we switched formulas. It'll pass. Actually he had almost no formula last night or this morning. A good sign! I started taking Fenugreek last night- that should boost my milk supply- and make me smell like maple syrup!
Ethan continues to use the potty pretty regularly! Very exciting! I'm off to take a shower and eat some breakfast. Hopefully just a calm day around the house and maybe I'll actually get to Target today!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Little Chunker!

I took Lucas in to get weighed- just to satisfy my curiosity. I wanted him to be at least 8lbs, 4 oz. He is 9lbs, 7 oz! Yeah for him! Now we just hope he slows down a bit!


I just had the first dentist appointment in a very long time where I did not have to make a followup appointment to get anything filled! No cavities! Lucas was a star and slept the whole time and I got a clean bill of health. Time to celebrate!
Yesterday was fine, but I think I'm getting to that point where I'm just tired. The excitement has worn off and I'm just feeling exhausted. I'm going to try and get some exercise and see if that helps. I did do a little on the Wii yesterday, but it's a lot more fun to do it with Ethan, so I might wait until he gets home today. I do plan on going to Target, so that'll be a little walking- hopefully that will help.
Overall, nothing exciting to report. Lucas decided to wake up at 5:45 this morning, frustrating us both- but mostly Brian because he got up with him. I don't know what Lucas' deal was, but he eventually fell back asleep. It's always a mystery with babies!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I thought this video was a crack up when I went back and watched it. Poor Ethan. He's just trying to play.... Remember to pause the music at the bottom of the blog...

We had a good day yesterday and a lot of fun yesterday evening. Here's a video of Ethan showing off his skills on his "cycle".

Today should be a calm day, no real plans. My only goal is to do some time with the Wii Fit. I haven't done it since 8/29. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long Day

Yesterday was just a bit frustrating... Lucas just didn't want to stay asleep for any length of time. I think he had gas and then he was just overtired. However, in true Lucas fashion, he had his last meal at 8:30 and fell asleep and did great after that.

You know how you feel so confident sometimes and then something happens to completely humble you? Last night we had the (obvious) epiphany that maybe he wasn't sleeping as much at the end of the night because his little head was cold. We added the hat and wouldn't you know it, we had to wake him up to be on time to the chiropractor. Never connected the thought that I was cold to him being cold. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Ethan seems to be adjusting a lot better now. He's sleeping better and in a much better mood during the evening. He is still kind of rough with Lucas, but we're working through it. I just can't believe how grown-up he's getting. He talks in complete sentences- usually with good grammar! No grammar jar for this kid! And, he uses the potty pretty frequently, but by no means all the time. I'm just blown away by how fast it all goes!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a Girl!

Ethan called it right, Michelle's baby is a girl! We had a great time at their party- especially Ethan! He played with Michelle and Benji's niece for a long time! They took a little bit to warm up to each other, but soon were running all over the house and the yard together. Not sure Benji and Michelle's house will ever be the same, but they'll have their own soon enough and understand. Lucas was a star- our friend Jill held him for a long time and then as she left, she passed him off to Benji. He held him for about 5 minutes when Lucas spit up all over him. Oops! Sorry Benji! It was pretty funny.

We also got to see our friends from church's new little girl- Addison. She was so tiny and peaceful! Ethan and Payton had fun comparing their siblings- or not. They pretty much just ran around the sanctuary.

This week should be pretty calm- I'm hoping. My goal for Lucas and myself is just to rest and for him to fatten up. I do think he's gained some-I can see it in his legs, but he's still got plenty to go. We're going to watch the Emmy's now- better late than never!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Broncos!

All 3 boys enjoyed watching the football game- a great win! Note their matching shirts- very cute if I do say so myself! You might also notice that Ethan is wearing Pull-Ups. He wore them all afternoon and evening and used the potty many times! He still goes in them every now and then, but it's much easier to get them on and off when he wants to use the potty. And, as the characters on them are Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear, now is the time to capitalize on his interests! What a big boy- I just can't even believe he can be this old.

Last night we went to Primo's (local pizza buffet) with Jess and Todd. We sit near the arcade and Ethan stays busy. There was one naughty boy there last night and we were all proud of Ethan for not joining in his antics. Lucas enjoyed some bonding time with Jess' little boy (inside her tummy). It's probably not the last time he'll elbow the little guy in the head!

We had a good night- though interestingly enough, Lucas didn't take much formula at all. Maybe my milk is catching up a bit? Or maybe he was just too tired, who knows! We're off to church this morning and then we have a very special party to go to at Michelle's house. They are hosting a pink and blue party where we are all (even Michelle and Benji) going to find out if it's a boy or a girl. I'm voting girl. I cannot believe how everyone I know who is pregnant or recently had a baby all had/have boys. I just want to buy pink for someone! Maybe I'll buy it pink even if it's a boy... I do love boys though! Hopefully Ethan will behave himself- I know he'll be excited to see Michelle's niece. They had a great time together at a concert we went to last year. I'll let you know what happens!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Stormy Saturday

Before you watch the video- scroll down to the bottom and pause the music so you can hear Ethan. Also, here's your vocabulary lesson:
McQueen - the main character on Cars is Lightning McQueen, so when Ethan sees the lightning, he says "McQueen"
Ka-Chow- This is what McQueen always says when he's posing for pictures...
Tumner - Thunder
That should help you with the video- very cute!

Yesterday was great- I took Lucas to visit my 27 5th graders and it was great, except that as soon as I got to the school, he dirtied his diaper. So with 5 minutes till I was due to be in class, I layed him out on a table and changed the diaper. Halfway through, he went again. By this time I was down to 3 wipes. I finished changing him, muttering under my breath, and started down the hall. Then he went again. I went in the bathroom and changed him again- with only 1 wipe. It was disgusting. Each and every time he went enough to completely fill a diaper. This child knows how to clean out his system! He saves it up all day and then, Ka-Bam! Fabulous!
We're off to breakfast and then it should be a fairly relaxing day, though Brian has a meeting with his website guys - so I'll have both boys for a few hours - wish me luck! And of course, this afternoon is FOOTBALL! The boys are excited!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Perfect Child

He eats, he plays, he sleeps. He eats, he plays, he sleeps. Who would've known? The only issue we have is the amount of diapers I have to change! This boy can fill a diaper in no time! Yesterday, he dirtied three consecutive diapers. They kept getting worse. By the third one, it was all over his clothes and body. I had to give him a bath and by the end of that the bathroom was covered. I stuck him in his crib while I scrubbed the smell out and he just played for 30 minutes staring back and forth at toys. What a kid! I also took him to the school where my partner from last year and several of my colleagues from Lincoln are now housed. It was fun to chat and he was the perfect baby.

Ethan had a good night watching the Bee Movie and snuggling with us. We enjoyed the quiet evening. I'm hoping this weekend we'll get to do something fun with him. It's so hard trying to balance everything and to give him all the attention he needs. But it will be a good day for him- because he is wearing his buzz lightyear shirt. All is well with the world!


We had such a great day yesterday! Lucas and I spent the day bonding- playing on the floor, in the crib, the swing, the bouncer, everywhere! He ate and slept like a champ! We went and got Ethan who showed off Lucas' toes to all his friends. They were very impressed and enjoyed playing with Lucas' toes. Luckily he stayed asleep through the whole thing.

Dinnertime was a little chaotic, but after that the boys took a bath together- Ethan loved helping! Lucas still didn't like it, but it was over quick. We finished the night with story time on the Futon in the nursery- that's the picture.

The night went well. He slept 4 hours, then 3, then 3 again. We'll take it! Right now he's back in the bouncer while I drink some coffee and eat some breakfast- what a good boy! Ethan and Brian are off to work. I think Lucas and I might go see a movie today, but I'm not sure yet. I kind of enjoy not getting dressed until 3 o'clock.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Other Thing...

I keep saying the two boys look almost identical except their feet- complete opposites. The first picture is Ethan and the second is Lucas.

A New Day!

What a difference a full belly makes! We had a great, day, evening, and night. Ethan was able to snuggle with his brother! Not sure that Lucas liked it much, but he didn't cry, so we let them. Lucas slept 5.5 hours straight last night- a nice break for us! Only getting up twice in a night makes a huge difference- though since Brian is doing the bottlefeeding, he's not so sure it's better.

We should have a quiet day today- time to catch up on NCIS! Lucas is asleep in his bouncer, Brian and Ethan are at work. All is well with the world and I am just so thankful for our pediatrician. What a difference! I wish we could get everyone back here to see him again- so much easier! The pictures here are from our weekend with Brian's mom and sister. The ones I added to the side panel are taken by Angie with her fancy camera and mad photography skills- very cool!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not Colic, Just Hunger

Well, he's 7lbs 11oz- which is back to birth weight, but just back, so not great. By this time, he should be thriving, and he's not. She told me I could give exclusive breastfeeding one more week - but would need to do nothing but lay in bed, nurse, eat, and drink- or, what she wanted me to do was to supplement with 2 oz of formula after each nursing session. She said I'm not producing enough. The milk supply varies during the day, so there are times where he is happy, but other times where he's really not. Since I'd already tried the lay around and do nothing bit and it hadn't made a difference, we are supplementing. I really wanted breastfeeding to work this time, but I'm being reminded that it is out of my control and mom and baby being happy are far more important. Plus, the way we're supplementing will give him the benefits of breast milk still. She wants me to continue nursing at least until 2 months if possible.
So here's hoping we have a calm rest of the day and evening. I will try to ignore the guilt of my baby being hungry the last 2 weeks and the guilt of failing at breastfeeding and move on. I'm sure I'll feel better when we have a happy, chubby baby!

Fussy, Fussy

We had a great day yesterday- played hard! Ethan loved playing with Grammy and Aunt Angie and Kenya loved playing with her new dog friend Rocky. Lucas did well until dinnertime and then let us have it. He screamed and screamed until about 8. We tried all the different tricks that had worked, but he was just mad! I guess some days are like that...
Angie and Lois are about to drive off, Brian and Ethan are off to work (that's what we call daycare for Ethan), and Lucas and I are off to the chiropractor and then in for a weight check at the doc's. Let's all hope for a fatty baby! I'll let you know how it goes. We're sure going to miss the extra help around here!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Good Day!

Well, we may have finally found some things that work with the monkey. It seems he really likes the sling in the evening- a normally fussy time. He also likes to stretch out now. He had his moments, but really did well. He is waking himself up to eat at night now- every 2 hours on the dot! That's good for weight gain, but kind of exhausting for Mommy and Daddy.
Ethan was "without diaper" for another 3 hours last night and no accidents! He told us every time he needed to go- what a big boy! He was really fun last night, counting and coloring, singing, dancing, and being silly.
Angie got in late last night with her kitty and dog- Kenya and Rocky made fast friends this morning! We're looking forward to a good day of cuddling and relaxing. It's going to be sad to say goodbye tomorrow!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We had a fabulous day and a pretty good night! No real fussy times- he slept a lot! We went out for "coffees", grocery shopping, and then spent time at home. Our freezer is happily being stuffed! We are so thankful!
This morning we have church and then who knows. Lots more relaxing, we hope. Angie (Brian's sister) should be driving in to meet us tonight. We're excited!
Ethan is back to no diaper as he has a horrible diaper rash. It's impressive, he has yet to have an accident. Thank goodness for daycare- they taught him well!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun Photos

Our budding chef! A present from Grammy and Grandpa!
Lucas' quilt - handmade by Grammy. He loves Nemo!

He does love cookie dough- thanks Uma!

My first bath! I hated it!

Enjoying his cookie reward for going in the potty... sans diaper due to diaper rash... No accidents!

The Hunt For the Stump!

Sometime yesterday, Lucas lost his umbilical stump. We never found it- maybe it'll show up somewhere... kind of odd... I sure hope Kenya didn't eat it. We had some real fussy times yesterday, but found he really likes to go for a walk. We had a good evening until about 8 - then the screaming began, climaxing around 930-1030... frustrating, but then he slept really well for the rest of the night. I'll take it! I am determined not to try supplementing with formula until after his weight check on Tuesday.
Ethan had a great time with Grammy last night and has been an absolute toad this morning. Grr! We're off to grocery shop- I'll put pictures up later.

Friday, September 12, 2008


After a horrible day of constant nursing and crying, we were so thankful for a sleepy evening. Of course, we paid for it- he was up from 1-4 this morning... grrr.... We did survive though, and he wasn't fussy, just awake. We did have a good evening though. Ethan even crawled into my lap to cuddle- maybe the first time since Lucas was born. He's been kind of avoiding me still. Last night he was all cuddles- a fabulous mood lifter!
Brian's mom is here and Ethan was so excited to go through the baby's room and point out everything that was his. His diapers, his kitchen, his eat (high chair), etc. Marking his territory?
I'm back on dairy, but still abstaining from caffeine. The Zantac is working well for the munchkin. Not that it solves his fussy problems, but the reflux is almost non-existent.
Let's all hope today is a little better.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Growth Spurts and Potty Training

Ethan's teacher, Amanda, stopped me yesterday to tell me that Ethan is now using the potty pretty much all the time at daycare. She says it cracks her up because he watches the other kids and he wants to go and he'll wait there for "results". He's very patient, who would've known? He's not really using it at home and we're not even going to try to push it until things settle down around here. It is very exciting though, that's at least a few diapers a day we're saving!
Lucas is, I think, going through a growth spurt. Yesterday he wanted to nurse all morning and all evening. I did get a break in the afternoon and night time. Both of those times were great. The evening really wasn't that bad until about 8-930, I got tired then. The Zantac seems to be working really well on the reflux- good news!
Today is another restful day and Brian's mom flies in at 11:45 tonight- Brian will be picking her up. We're very excited to see "Grammy"!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bath Pictures

These are from Lucas' first bath - a couple of days ago. It was a sponge bath of course, as his cord has still yet to fall off. He loved it as you can tell (note the sarcasm).

Horrid Evening, Good Night

The Zantac really seems to help with the reflux, but unfortunately did not help with the hours of screaming in the evening... It was frustrating! But, what can you do? Just keep going...
Ethan would like you to know that he can bounce like Tigger! And, that he is a big boy with cool new shoes. Hopefully later today I can add some pictures.
I fully plan on watching 10 episodes of NCIS today. I am completely addicted! Our only errand today is to pick up Ethan after daycare, so I'm looking forward to doing nothing!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Week of 12 Feeds/Day

We went to the doc this morning. Well, first to the chiropractor and I am happy to say I can now lay face down on the table without having the bottom raised! A very exciting day - to be returning to a normal human shape! The was the pediatrician. Lucas is now 7lbs, 6 oz which was the minimum she wanted, but still in the range- so that's good. I still have to keep up the feeding all the time though... She agreed on the diagnosis of acid reflux and put him on Zantac- so that he doesn't start avoiding feeding. Apparently that is pretty common. Once they figure out it hurts, they refuse to do it. So, keep your fingers crossed! She wasn't too optimistic about avoiding certain foods, so we'll see how long I last. I did drop another 2 pounds though after one day of no cheese. Makes you wonder! We're off to watch the NCIS marathon and doze while we wait for Dinners Ready to deliver our food that my parents so wonderfully got for us! Can't wait!
P.S.- Ethan had a pretty great afternoon/evening yesterday. He was a huge help while we were here alone- good news!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Acid Reflux

I think this might be the problem after reading up on it last night. The poor kid is a mess since 7:30 last night. After he eats he gets wild hiccups, spits up, seems miserable. I will be sure to talk to the doc about it tomorrow morning. I'm following all the guidelines in the book- hopefully that will help. I'm also taking myself off of dairy to see if that could be giving it to him. We all know lactose intolerance runs in this family.
We had great fun at church, but Ethan was a terror last night! Between that and an upset baby- rough night. Today is my first day solo, so I'm hoping it will get better!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


We all decided to go to church and had a great time showing off Lucas. It was a kid-focused Sunday, so it was a good one to be there for. We tried to go to Olive Garden afterward, but Ethan threw a fit on the way in and hit me in the face 3 times. Back in the car we went. Grrr! I did call the ped. and they said the sounds Lucas is making is probably reflux and to keep him upright after feeding if it continues to be a problem. No big deal, just urping.....

What a Trooper!

We had a really good day yesterday. We took Ethan to "french fries" for breakfast- that's what he calls McDonald's. Then we went shopping for new shoes for Ethan and crashed at home. JJ and Nicole brought pizza for lunch- so nice! We devoured that and then it was nap time for both the boys. We spent a little time over at Jess and Todd's - Ethan had been begging! We left because Lucas started crying and spitting up a lot- not fun. Once home we got him calmed down quickly- which was exciting. It only took one verse of "Lucas Scott". The night went off without a hitch. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Let's hope it continues! Brian is off to church and leaving me with the two boys. Yikes! I am going to call the pediatrician just to ask about Lucas' squawking when he's breathing. He was doing it a lot last night- especially the few times he was really spitty. Just wondering if it's normal- I'm sure it is. Today is definitely the day for a bath! This kid is starting to smell like his brother!
The picture above is an Ethan original. Below, the first is a gift we got in the mail from Aunt Jan and Uncle Dob and family. Luckily, they sent two of the blankets, because Ethan will not be without! And below that, we call him the ponderer. He is starting to get better control of his hands and we thought his pose was adorable!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Good Night, but Colic?

He had a good day until about 8 last night- then was really really fussy until about 930. My mom thinks he might be a bit colicky. At least that would alleviate some of the guilt that we feel that we can't figure out what's wrong! Not easy to deal with, but by singing the "Lucas Scott" song (formerly the Ethan Scott and before that the Katie Anne song) and holding him tight in a curled up position on my chest- we got 30 minutes of relative peace in the middle of it. Poor guy! The night went really well though, no complaints!
Ethan had a great evening. We took him to go rent a movie and he got the stupidest Garfield movie and loves it! I'm sure we'll watch it a couple more times. He just woke up once last night- but was easily calmed.
We're off to go eat breakfast somewhere that they serve pancakes. It's a celebration of a week done!
PS - the monster is eating really well (except during his fussing) - he ate 12 times yesterday! Sheesh, no wonder I'm dropping weight!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Sleepy Morning

We had a fabulous day yesterday! Lucas slept, ate, slept, ate.... we knew we'd be in for it later! He threw his screaming fit around 6:30 - ish which was much better than 3 in the morning. We finally gave up and the two boys went for a drive again, which put him to sleep. I think, just a theory, that it's happening when he's been awake for a while and can't figure out how to get to sleep at that point. The night, however, went really well - though he woke up every 2 hours or less to eat- hungry boy! He did spend the last stretch of sleep in bed next to Brian and slept 2 and a half hours straight! Ethan woke up and I jumped into bed with him so we could all sleep a bit more.
Speaking of Ethan- still really grumpy, but he's doing better. We're having to get on him about whining and he's going to bed really early, so we'll see if all that helps. He was sure to give Lucas a kiss on his way out this morning- at his insistence, not ours!
I weighed Lucas this morning and it said 8 pounds (with onesie and diaper on), so that shows some gain! Actually that's a whole pound from yesterday, so I'm sure it's not overly accurate, but at least it's showing an upward trend! And my weight is going down, down, down. I'm down 14 of the 35 pounds- very exciting! I think I might try some Wii Yoga today- just the gentle ones to stretch out my weary body. Today should be a nice quiet day!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Morning Take 2

Well, we had a decent evening and great night until 3 am. At that point Lucas decided to go on a sleep strike and just wanted to scream and scream. It would be easier to deal with if we weren't worried about Ethan getting enough sleep, but there's no way around that. We tried nursing him again, swaddling, shushing, the fan, everything in our trick book and still, he would not calm down. Finally, Brian, blessed Brian, took him for a jaunt in the car. This calmed him enough (though didn't put him to sleep) to take in a good feeding at 5:45 so that we could all go back to sleep. Brian, blessed Brian, got up with Ethan an hour later while Lucas and I slept until 7:30- time to feed again! I feel like I am constantly nursing! We have to get his weight up and according to the scale this morning, he didn't gain anything yesterday. I realize it's such a small weight that the scale isn't totally accurate, but you'd think you'd see a change after all that milk! If I don't see a change tomorrow I might go in and see the lactation specialist. They'll weigh him before and after the feeding and judge my technique- though the boy seems like a perfect nurser! I really don't want to cheat and give him formula unless we're sure he needs it, so I don't want to go the long weekend without feeling somewhat successful.
Ethan continues to be exhausted. I took him to McDonalds last night and he almost fell asleep in his french fries. Poor guy! He seemed in a great mood this morning, probably because the baby was asleep- he likes him that way! Luckily Lucas has been sleeping a lot in the evenings during our time with Ethan, so we've gotten to do a lot of playing. Now we just need to get the kiddo some energy! We'll get there, right? It does get better, right? I'll get back on later to add some photos- but for now I need to go and get the monster- he apparently has kicked off all of his blankets. Pray for a good day for us and for Lucas to be fattening up with every sip!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Difference a Night Makes!

Ethan went to bed at 6 and slept through, minus a couple of quick wake-ups. He seems so much happier this morning. Lucas did well most of the night. He seems to be a cluster-feeder. He wants to nurse non-stop in the evening and in the early morning and then sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Actually, right now he's in the swing and has his eyes open and everything! A nice break for mommy's weary chest! I'll try and post some pictures later- the name of the game today is rest, rest, rest!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can We Say Meltdown?

It seems we have hit exhaustion here in the Sprague house. Ethan is beyond consolable and I'm not sure we're much help. He's been pretty much crying all evening about one thing or the other. I've forced the boys to take a shower, hoping that might soothe him a bit. We'll see. All this after a long day of paperwork and appointments. Lucas' doctor's appointment went fine, though we found out he's still 10 oz down from birth and needs to girth up. I've been instructed to nurse as often as he's willing- great. If you see this before then, pray that we all get some sleep tonight. I think it might be catching up with us.

A Restful Day

Yesterday we didn't do much besides Lucas' first trip to the park. It's a 3 minute walk from the house, so we thought it would be a good outing. Ethan showed Lucas how to slide and swing and even how to growl at other kids. It was a success. Lucas stayed in his little pouch and slept through it all. The day went well though last night brought on the first dose of Mylicon. Poor baby Lucas didn't like something I ate and had some gas issues. The meds worked though and he slept really well until the 5 am feeding. He's been really fussy through that one and Brian just got him to sleep.

Today Ethan has a big brother party at daycare and Brian and I are home. Lucas and I are going to the chiropractor and then plan on coming home to sleep and sleep some more. Brian will hopefully get some rest to amidst the phone calls and such that we need to make. Insurance, medical leave, pediatrician, etc. The list goes on.

Monday, September 1, 2008

We're Home!

Yesterday was a great day! Uma and Upa took over watching Ethan early yesterday morning so Brian could come to the hospital and help Lucas and I get checked out. We'd been so lucky to have been visited by Michelle and Benji, Vanderpool, and Summer, Brandon, and Payton. It was fun to show off our little sleeper and definitely broke up the monotony of the boring weekend TV. We were discharged around 10:30 and came home to a beautiful sign on the door and a very curious big brother. Ethan checked on him lots and patted his little head. Lucas just slept and slept and slept.

My parents pampered us, Jess and Todd came to see the little man, and Ethan turned into a bit of a green-eyed monster. We're all trying to make him feel special, but he can apparently see through the manipulation. He spent the latter part of the evening curled up in the baby's swing with his blankie repeating the word "mine" quietly. He will adjust, I know, but my goodness! Right now he's trying to make as much noise as humanly possible while Lucas is sleeping.

The night went well, except that during the day Lucas goes 3-4 hours between feeding and at night, 2. He also saved all his "dirty" diapers for the middle of the night. Fabulous! But all in all, it was pretty easy- Ethan only really woke up once and went right back to sleep with a hug and a kiss from Daddy.

Today we plan to rest and relax. We're taking a non-labor day and just playing and sleeping. We'll be around for anyone that wants to call- we just won't answer if we're sleeping or busy. Happy Day!