Sunday, August 30, 2009

Best Friends

The party was great - very low-key, but luckily Lucas' best friend Todd was there. The cake turned out cute. Of course, Ethan "borrowed" the cars when we were done.
Ethan also "borrowed" the rest of the gifts too. Such a nice brother...

Today we took some of Lucas' birthday money and bought a year's membership to the zoo. We figure it's a good place for us to hang out after church - and a great place to bring a picnic lunch. Lucas was toddling all over the place but not too interested in the animals. Ethan just sucked it all up into that brain. He loved spying the animals and showing everyone (and by everyone I mean everyone within the 100 yard distance that his voice carried to).

Lucas really loved crawling on the fake animals. Unfortunately none of the pics of Brian with the kids came out - good thing because I really need to cut his hair!

Ethan and I got to take a boat to Africa. It was short and slow, but he loved it. I did too. He kept yelling "We're almost to Africa!" and then when we got there, "We're in Africa!" When we decided it was time to go, he was concerned that it was too long to walk and so we better take the boat again. I thought that was hilarious.
My baby is no longer a baby! And my big boy? Even bigger. Aye-yai-yai. I'm going to bed - one happy mama.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

Dear Lucas... One year ago today you were so tiny. You were so cooperative and came so easily (well, except for the many many many hours of labor). You were so sweet and cuddly and slept all the time. You smelled so good and felt so warm and snuggly. Today? You are a mess! You are loud and squawky, and slept almost none at all (it was your birthday after all). You never sit still, toddling from one place to another hording whatever is your newfound treasure (fork, broom, dog bowl, etc.) You are still warm and snuggly, if I can get you to stay with me for more than a few seconds.
I wouldn't trade you for anything! You are such a sweet boy- I love you so much! Happy first birthday Lucas!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Godzilla Takes Over Train Town

Nothing is safe from this almost-one year old. The boy has learned to climb. Tonight was one of those nights that it was so very evident that I am the mother of two boys. The noise level- so high... the bruises - ever expanding... the wrestling- all over the place. It was so much fun though - I have to say... All those mothers-of-boys I know told me I'd love it - and I do!
We figured out why Lucas has been so cranky- tooth coming in. And then tonight? It's gone again, along with his grumpy mood. I'm glad for the reprieve.
I've got zucchini bread in the oven, a crockpot of food ready for tomorrow in the fridge, and 30 Rock on the TV. It's a good night.

(PS - the picture is poor quality, yes... from Brian's phone as apparently the camera's battery hates me...)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not a Princess...

My First Day of School...
(Brian) "Ethan, go tell mommy she looks as pretty as a princess."
(Ethan) "Mommy, you are not a princess, okay?"
And thus started the 09-10 school year. That boy! Luckily, my self-confidence is doing just fine. I just won the Biggest Loser competition at work - $240 dollars! I lost just over 10% of my weight over the summer- too cool! Still a ways to go, but I'm getting there. I've been getting up at 5:30 to ride my exercise bike so that I don't end up having to miss a workout. Then, I have either a video/EA sports game or Zumba class every night (except once a week). It's amazing how it all makes me feel so much MORE energy. You'd think it'd have the opposite effect.
But, back to the important members of the family. Ethan moved up to the "big boy" class. They call it the 4s, but he and a bunch of his buddies are in there as 3's. They actually sent home his baby blanket-can't believe it! Ethan is so excited to be in Miss Karina's class- he was running all over the garage chanting her name this morning.
Lucas continues to be.... persistent... in voicing what he wants. Loudly. I think a parent last night at Open House cured me of ever wanting more kids. She said they scream louder the further down the line they get. Great.
Tonight Ethan and I worked out together (he's really good at alternating side lunges with toe touches - better than me!) and then it was time for some band practice. Brian really likes to get into the singing. Lucas runs up and shouts into the mic too, but won't stay there long enough for a picture. He is a mover, I tell you!
It was great to get to just play tonight. Did I mention how cute my boys are?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Ethan, come here and give me a hug!"
"No mommy, I go potty first."
I pout and look sad.
"It's okay Mommy. I comin' right back. I just go potty first."
I still look sad.
He runs over, puts his hand on my cheek, looks me in the eye and says, "It's okay sweetie, I come right back, okay?"
My heart melts.
Ethan has NOT been sleeping well at night, so we're all a little on edge. And with me going back to work today, there's a lot going on! But he is so sweet!
And Lucas, he's taking steps all over the place. It's still only a few at a time, but he can start and stop and took 10 in a row when I picked him up today. My boy!
We got to have dinner at the McConnel's tonight and Lucas and Liam were acting the best of friends. One would pass the keys to the other (and then want them back 30 seconds later) - a definite first step to sharing. Liam has gotten so big! I think he and Lucas are pretty close to the same weight now. Love it!
Tomorrow is our back to school staff and family BBQ - too fun! And then a restful (yeah right) weekend...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Farewell Summer!

Even Ethan is ready for school. I got him some cheapo school supplies and he's been practicing cutting and gluing. Not so easy I'm finding. Also- I think he is totally left-handed! He would only hold the scissors in his left hand. I helped him cut out the motorbike on the page, but after that, he just sliced up the whole magazine- no real purpose. But, he had fun - and school supplies are SO cheap now!

Lucas has become, let's say determined... He wants what he wants and he wants it now. And if you don't give it to him? Screaming! He is such a screamer! Still just a few steps at a time, but I know he could do it if he wanted to.

I've been working in my room, going to trainings, and just getting ready in general for those 24 kiddos that will be entrusted to me for the next 9 months. I'm getting excited- I really am. It's always hard to go back- I hate not being able to be with the boys whenever I want to, but it makes our evening times so much fun. I have many many frozen meals ready, along with the old stand bys, chicken nuggets and the sort... There's a lot on my summer list that didn't get done, but, hey- no one is perfect! I go back tomorrow and take on the world.

Brian caught Ethan posing for the mirror. There really isn't any sound, but if you listen really carefully, you can hear him say "ka-chow!" (That's Lightning McQueen speak...)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting Bigger...

"Mom... I'm getting bigger."
"You are getting bigger Ethan, lots bigger!"
"Yeah. I'm eating lots of..... (thinks)"
"Yeah. Foods. I growing bigger. I be in Karina's class soon- when I get bigger."
He really is growing up. I got him some new soap for his bathroom and now he uses the potty and washes his hands all by himself. I put some bath toys in the sink and that keeps him washing. Lightning McQueen loves getting a car wash! Ethan moves up to the next class in a couple of weeks. I decided he needs to be doing more on his own - getting dressed, washing hands, clearing the table, etc. He is doing great! He even helped clean up the living room with me before bed. Of course, he got distracted and was practicing writing his name on some paper (still just scribbles, but he tells me what it says.) My boy is growing bigger!

Lucas only has 2 more weeks of babyhood! So, he's practicing his driving skills. I had to switch him to the 18 month clothes- killed me! He's sitting at the table in a booster seat when it's not too messy of a meal, he really likes that. And the boy eats. And he eats. And he eats. He's still just taking 3-4 steps here and there before dropping to the floor and crawling. His new favorite hang out place- the couch. He stays up there forever, which would be great except every now and then he dives off the front. So I have to stay close. And keep shoving him back up there. It's exhausting. Oh, and he gets fixated witih things now and carts them around everywhere. Used to be just remotes, phones... yesterday - a fork. I got stabbed so many many times. But just try to get it from him- he's strong! And stubborn (totally not from me).

I have 3 more days until I'm officially back to work. I wish I could say I was going to be livin' it up, but I'll be working on getting my room ready. I don't want to stay late any of those first few days, so I'm doing what I can now. Plus - weigh in is on Thursday. I must stay good for the next few days- really good! Luckily all that work in the classroom burns some serious calories - as does playing with my boys. Here's to 2 more pounds to make it an even 20 for the summer (25 in all)....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh the last days of summer...

We're down to a week before all mayhem hits and we're back on our tight schedule that comes along with school starting... That means it's time for lots of special outings and fun, quality time together. Last night we went and played in the backyard, with the trike, baseball, and the slide. Oh how lucas loved the slide! It was just fun to play together and enjoy the mild weather. And it's good to be home.
I spent all day shopping at Costco. I decided to buy all the meat that we'd need for the next three months or so and stuff it in the freezer. I was frozen by the time I was done, but I do love Costco. They have so much cheap healthy food.
This is turning out to be a pretty boring post. There's just not too much to tell. Lucas is finally sleeping a bit better again- though not like he once was. I got him checked out at the doc yesterday because he is rejecting his bottle and sleep, but he's healthy as a horse- maybe healthier. So- he's just being a little manipulator. Don't know where he got that... But, he's almost 24 pounds, so he's all set for all the 1 year transitions- 2% milk, switching the car seat, etc. MY BABY WILL NO LONGER BE A BABY IN 2 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS. This makes me a little sad. And makes me realize it's time to plan a small party.
It seems I am using this as just a brainstorm of thoughts and for those of you still reading, I commend you- you are true friends. I probably would have given up by now :) Love ya!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wapato, Wapato, Oh How we Love you!

We made it! The drives were actually not that bad at all. These boys were pros! We had a great time at Wapato Point, up on Lake Chelan in WA. We stay at this resort that has lots to do and is situated right on the lake. Of course, we're not so much lake people, but love the pools, tennis, putt putt, and the views! Our first breakfast was at a blueberry farm- very cool! Lucas was super helpful at the table.
Ethan got smiley face waffles. And then refused to eat them because they had whipped cream on them. Lucas didn't mind...
Ethan LOVED playing putt-putt. He played by his own rules, of course, but it was fun nonetheless. We had to play every morning - we all improved our putting! Upa got the most hole-in-ones.
Uma and Upa got Ethan his first tennis racket and we played and played. He was really pretty good- hitting it at least half of the time. I really liked playing again too- it was fun!

Lucas got in on the putt-putt one day, but all he wanted to do was eat the rocks- not so good.... He wanted to eat everything! (except his bottle- that was outright refused.)
We played and played and played. We swam every day too- so great! Pretty much we just never stopped moving. Had Lucas slept well, it would have been perfect, but even so, it was pretty close. We finished with a great dinner and Ethan even got to learn the secrets of Upa's delicious guacamole. Yum! (ps - that would be my new favorite burger topping)

I know I'm leaving out lots- and wish I had more pictures, but I was busy! Now it's back home and staying there. School starts (work days) a week from Thursday- so I'm gearing up. Meeting today, training on next Tuesday and lots of work to get done at the school. I always start to get just the littlest bit excited at this time- fun! Not quite there yet, but I know it'll come. I hate how busy life gets, but I'm doing as much as I can to prepare us so we won't be. We're using our time at home to organize everything so we have less cleaning to do, and cooking massive dinners so we can freeze half. The first month of school is always chaotic, so the more we can do beforehand, the more quality time I'll have with the boys.

The vacation- a great way to wrap up summer!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On The Road Again...

Ethan, Lucas, and I leave bright and early (hoping for 4ish, but we'll see) tomorrow morning for Lake Chelan, WA. It's a 9 hour drive, but my parents are meeting us in Moses Lake for lunch (if our timing works out right) so only 6ish hours on my own (coming back it'll be all me baby!)
I'm leaving super early in hopes that the boys will sleep sleep sleep for the first leg of the trip. I, however, will not be sleeping. This is a change for me on road trips. Luckily I have the novels (audio) of Janet Evanovich to keep me company and keep me giggling. That and a thermos full o' coffee. Maybe two to be safe....
I'm really looking forward to going back to Wapato Point (the place we stay) - it's been so long and there is lots to do outside there. I'm looking forward to lots of pool time and playground time - just having a good time with the boys. We're going to miss Brian terribly (especially in the middle of the night and at 4am when Lucas apparently needs to be fed every morning) but it'll be nice for him to get some down time (yeah right- I made him a honey-do list a mile and a half long).
So now that I've used my quota of parenthesed snarky comments for the year, I should probably go to bed (after I finish the laundry because someone forgot all my dirty clothes laying on the bathroom floor- how dare he!) ( I shouldn't make these comments as he's out filling up the car with gas right now!)
Off to ride the bike for a bit while my schtuff dries....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a Trip!

When last we left you, oh bloggy readers, we were off to the zoo... Where we of course fed the giraffes! Ethan loved it at first, but then panicked a bit and would just watch. We made the giraffe pictured above a little fat, I think.
Then it was off to the tot train. Ethan got to drive it all by himself- loved it!

Then, I got to have my very own tiger- isn't he adorable!!! I just loved how patient the young man painting him was. Ethan did a great job and was so sad to wash it off at the end of the night.
Grandpa took Ethan for a pony ride. I didn't know they let tigers ride on ponies! Ethan was so calm and serious about it. He loved it!
And then there was the carousel. Ethan thought it was great. Lucas held on to me for dear life- forcing me to do some squats as it went up and down.
We saw lots and lots and lots of animals. I think the favorite was the grizzly bear who threw the ball at the window. Ethan loved that. There was also a giant gorilla that was eating green peppers and cuddling up to the viewing window. It really is a great zoo.
It was about then we realized Lucas was burning up and not doing so hot. He woke up from his nap and we gave him some tylenol and tried to get him to drink some water.
When we got back to the house, we jetted over to QuickCare as he was well over 101. Sure enough, nasty double ear infection. We were told to load him up on Ibuprofen and Amoxicillin. It still took forever for that fever to come down, hovering around 102 for about 2 days. Eventually it did come down.
In the meantime, we walked to a really cool park near grammy and grandpa's house. Ethan ran and ran and Brian got to play Frisbee Golf with some CO friends.
And then.... that night... Ethan woke up and had gotten sick all over himself. It was awful. He just kept going for about the next 12 hours and was pretty lethargic and miserable. Luckily, by being with Brian's parents, we had lots of help to take care of our two sickos. Yuck, yuck, yuck. But, we survived and stuck close to home, playing baseball in the backyard, cooking lots of yummy meals, and playing racing games on Grandpa's PS3.

The night before we left, the boys seemed a little better, and we had to go to Chick-Fil-A as Brian had not yet gotten his fix, so we headed for a short visit to the mall playground. Lucas loved playing in the house and Ethan loved running all over everything and sliding down the big mountain.
And Lucas practiced walking with Grammy.

Which is a great segue into the next morning when we hit the Focus on the Family Kid's Playground where Lucas TOOK SEVERAL STEPS from his Grammy to his Grandpa and then back again. He is still very unsteady, but he gets it! It's only a matter of time now....

The playground was really cool - not so much a playground as a Disneyland style attraction- minus the rides. It is a re-creation of the town in the series Adventures in Odyssey that Focus puts out. There was an airplane to climb in, secret passageways, a soda shop, puppets and costumes, and all sorts of things from the radio show. It was a really neat place and free!

It was a great way to end our trip, though we didn't want to go. It always goes to fast! We were lucky to get to spend a whole week there!
The trip home was not too bad. The boys slept a lot - probably residual fatigue from being sick. We ate at McD's way too many times, and yet I still managed to make good choices for food. Ethan loves staying in hotels in our "new beds" so the Super 8 was a hit. Not so much with Brian and I as we found out they don't have cribs. So lucas slept with us - not too bad though.
The funniest part of the trip home was that halfway back my mom informed me that our trip to Lake Chelan is THIS WEEK! I thought it was still a week and a half away. So, we're only home until Wednesday (just the boys and I) and then off again on another long drive. Hopefully the boys will be used to it?