Monday, September 27, 2010

Ridin' in the Car with Ethan

"Ethan, how was your nap today?"
"I did not take a nap. Katie kept me awake."
"Oh no, you should have taken a nap."
"No, we did tricks and then it was time to read books but I did not read books. I did tricks. We all did tricks."
"Like what tricks?"
"Like jumping on our cots."
"Did you get in trouble?"
"No. The teacher did not see us. Isn't that funny mom?"
"Darien called me a butthead today. He said it twice."
"I'm so sorry. That's not a nice word."
"Butt. Head."
"Did you tell him you didn't like that word?"
"Well, actually I like that word a little bit. Just a little bit."
"Well Mommy doesn't like it."
"Well I do, just a little. Like, I like the head part. Just not the butt."
"Maybe you could say smarthead?"
"Carhead. Truckhead. Storehead. No, I like butthead. Just a little."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Like Disneyland for the Little Guys... And me too.

It started with Ethan spelling September for me on the way home from daycare- it's this whole little chant thing and it melts my heart. Then it was off to the "big" library to kill some time before movie night. Ethan and Lucas were both sooo into reading lots and lots of books. Not front to back, mind you, but still. Then we were off to movie night where they feasted on pizza and popcorn and watched the first 20 minutes of the movie. At which point Ethan had himself all twisted on the floor trying desperately to stay awake. I took them home because we had a big Saturday ahead of us.
My Saturday started with Zumba out in the parking lot - as the instructor's sound system wasn't working, so she pulled up her car and cranked it. Kind of fun!
Then we met up with our friends and were off to the trains.
There's a place a couple cities over that runs model trains 2 Saturdays a month. The trains are 1/8th the size of real trains - to scale.
You straddle the seat and ride on a 10 minute loop through the woods.
We went 5 times. There were fights over whose turn it was to be in the front, but all in all it was so much fun. When Lucas got to be in front, he went absolutely nuts. He was "CHOO-CHOO!!!!"ing all the way around. We were loud. We were proud. Are those song lyrics?
When the last ride turned out to be just Ethan and I because eveyone else was throwing a tantrum, we headed out. And since we were that direction, we decided to show Brian the wetlands. Ethan used his binoculars to guide us. Lucas entertained (not really) the birdwatchers by squealing at the bugs.

We had a nice little hike and headed to the airport diner for snacks and drinks. We saw a whole bunch of planes landing and taking off, and even 3 helicopters. The perfect restaurant to take little boys!
What a day! We finished up with a little football for the boys and a coffee date for me with a couple of friends. A fabulous Saturday.
And then a fantastic Sunday to back it up. Church in the morning, long naps, and then a special guest for dinner- - Nana! The boys love their Nana.
But of course- we all do!
We played and played and ate and ate. The boys took baths and then put on the movie I rented for Ethan (It was the movie from movie night that he only saw the beginning of - Diary of a Wimpy Kid) which he told everyone was entitled "Diarrhea Limpy Kid." Not the best movie - even he lost interest, but held true to the books, so schoolkids everywhere love it I'm sure.
Now it's back to the real world. Crazy days, crazier evenings....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Already?

News of the week (which is apparently almost over...)... Ethan has announced that he has a girlfriend - Sara. And, he's going to have a sleepover at her house. He is worried that she'll only have girl beds, and he can't go to sleep in a girl bed, so maybe he can sleep with her parents - they might have a boy bed up there.
I don't know Sara, but I think they're moving a little fast, don't you?
Brian and I started Swing Dance lessons and had a blast. He was like a celebrity because no one knew if he really existed, or if I'd made hm up, since I'd been going alone. We're actually pretty good - well, at the few steps we've learned so far... I also started Zumba this week and love my class. It's five minutes away and the instructor was great. I'm excited. I need exercise!
Lucas is crazy - but so much fun. He was all giggles tonight and even finally said "Uuuuh!" which is Lucas speak for Up! He has refused and refused again - for months- to say up. Down means both up and down and he just screams if you won't agree. So this is a major de-stubbornization.

And Duke has stayed in the yard ALL week! Could it be that things might finally settle down a bit? Nah, never gonna happen... This is my life we're talking about!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Easy Way to Make a Difference

All is well here. Just wanted to share something an old friend of mine is doing that is really very $25 (or any amount) lying around - or at least that you can find, send it over to this website to feed 100 kids lunch. What an easy way to make a difference. The whole project is very cool. If you can't donate, you can spread the word and help Kami make a difference. Here's the link:

And now I'm off to dance lessons without Brian. He's going to lead; I'm going to follow. See, it's like marriage counseling :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Escape Artist

I love Duke. But that dog is driving me mad. Friday afternoon I had to take the boys with me to the Humane Society to pick him up. He'd gotten out AGAIN and the neighbors turned him in when I didn't answer my phone. Saturday he got out again. And this time he went after another dog down the street. GRRRR. So, this morning, while we should have been at church, Brian and my Daddy dug out this big hill that we thought he must be jumping over. We just couldn't figure out how he would get back in. So, Brian and I went down the street "tra-la-la"ing, trying to lure him out. It worked! He was traveling through a storm drain into the neighbor's yard. That punk! (I did call him much worse names at the time, just so you know...) I think we've got it solved now though. Finally. I hope so. I can't take it!
The rest of our weekend was fun - a lunch at Silver City where the boys were SO good.
Even Lucas was calm and quiet. And I finally met a mac and cheese that could beat me. Delicious but almost too overwhelming. Ridiculous, I know! I made the mistake of saying that the mac and cheese "kicked my butt" and now have had it repeated to me over and over and over again. Oops.
Brian and I spent the evening at a Swing Dance clinic/dance with a live Swing Band. Sorry Brian's not really in the picture, but it's a good one of me, so I went with it. You'll have to imagine the top half of his face.
We had a blast. The music, "Rude and Unprofessional" was great and reminded me of all my jazz band days. Hello nostalgia! Brian's a great swing dancer- good thing since we start lessons tomorrow night!
I also join a Zumba class this week- really excited for that. I have a really hard time exercising on my own - I just love the social aspect of a class. Between all of that and swim lessons - it's going to be a busy but exciting week.
Lucas added a bit of excitement to the weekend when he fell face first on the pavement outside. The sound of his head hitting the pavement made me sick to my stomach, but it looks alright, though ugly. I'm pretty sure it'll be black and blue by tomorrow. Which is fabulous. Poor guy looks awful, but was right back after dinner running around the driveway with a purse and a rubber glove. Odd. I don't know. I do know that he is picking up words and phrases left and right. You can actually carry on a conversation. Especially if it has to do with cookies, busses, or "moooos". He has a lot to say about such things.
I'm off to grade papers. Or at least pretend to while I catch up on some TV. I can tell you one thing. I am NOT reading book 2 of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. I read Book 1 and couldn't put it down. Until after midnight last night. Better not do that two nights in a row. I obviously need some sleep. And some chocolate.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

67 100 pictures

67 100 is Ethan's favorite number: "I guess there are sixty-seven one hundred m&ms." They've been working on estimating. He hasn't won the contest yet. We worked on it this weekend with blocks. No matter how many blocks I drop (7, 13, 24) he guesses 100. Or 67 100 if you're lucky.
Lucas has discovered "writing". He is not happy unless he has a "cayon" (writing utensil) in his hand and some paper. He still scribbles, but it's these intricate and teeny circular designs all over the paper. He also has been working on staying in the lines when he colors and is getting pretty good. I'd say we've finally found an interest (besides Barney) for the little guy.
The rest of our weekend was fabulous.

Saturday evening we met our friends at the Poulsbo American Music Festival. There was live music, balloons, food, and fun to be had with our friends.
The kids loved playing soccer.
Until Lucas got the ball. He's not such a good sharer. I almost got the perfect picture of Ethan and Nadia under the "3 Sisters" teepee, but right before I took it, Ethan's balloon popped. No smiles after that one.
This may be one of my favorite pictures ever, with the city in the background. They loved running across the benches. Until I remembered we had no health insurance until October and made them get down.
The music was a strange blend of all types of music, but it was pretty cool. Loud, but cool.
Afterward, Uma and Upa suprised us and picked up the boys to take them home, so we could go out. We wanted to find someplace hoppin - so we could just people watch and laugh. Poulsbo was dead, so we headed out to the Island. We found a coffee shop that was having live music in a bit, so we cozied up with drinks and 2nd dinners and waited. "Live" music can apparently be defined by a bunch of 20 something girls huddled around a laptop hooked into the speaker system. Not so impressive. But fun to laugh at later?
Sunday was church, lounging around the house and chores. With a little bit of bike riding mixed in.
My little boys are too big. That's all I will say about those pictures.
Monday was swim lessons and this made me laugh really hard. Ethan's teacher is trying to get him to jump out and not have her catch him. He doesn't approve and is here telling her exactly where to stand.
She didn't listen and he did just fine. He even touched the bottom and was so proud of hmself. Unfortunately we couldn't go tonight. My favorite 4 year old woke up with a fever and aches all over. He was/is miserable and Brian stayed home. So sad to see him that way (Ethan, not Brian).
Not sure what to expect of the rest of this week - kind of depends on one big boy and how he's feeling. As for me? I'm going to be asleep before 9. Maybe even 8.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Football, Chores, Crazy Days...

Sunday night was football and I'd say Lucas was indoctrinated.... He watched a lot and cheered along.
"BONCOS!!!" It was loud, but it was cute. He's been saying it all week. Ethan, of course, watched it all. He loves football with Daddy.
He also started swim lessons back up again this week - loved it. Only he and his buddy Nadia are in the class, so they get lots of attention. Which we know he loves.
Somehow this 4 day week was far busier and more insane than any other. Add to it all our dog running away for a night on Thursday and I was ready for the weekend. Except my weekend started with a big certification test - hopefully my last. Then it was off to get new licenses and license plates. And to register for dance classes. And for a zumba class. And return movies to the library.
Since when did weekends get so crazy?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Who are these boys?

The video game conventioin (PAX) was a hit. Ethan was soooo excited to go. He'd been talking about it for a long time and could barely contain himself.
I'm going to have him narrate the pictures for you:
"This is like at Costco - oh convention."
Nevermind. He's not interested. But he really liked these guys.
He played a new Superhero game that he loved and they video taped him playing it. I sure hope his tongue was sticking out! Oooh, he's back to narrate.
"That's the superman game that's online. You throw the robots out of the yard. So."
"That's the motorcycle - the light up motorcycle."

"Mickey Mouse Game! EEEKK! It's scary."
And then he ran off - terrified of the mouse ears. He had fun - except for the Mickey ears. He did not like the Mickey Mouse game. Funny.
Lucas had fun playing around the house with me and Uma and Upa.
But the boy can't possibly be mine. Last night I made Grammy's delicious mac and cheese- so good we ate the entire bowl of it. But all Lucas wanted was his apple.
Heresy. He ate the entire thing, core and all, while his mac and cheese sat on the plate getting cold. And then he found the other apple and ate it too. I just don't understand - not that Brian and Ethan left him any mac and cheese.
Lucas also is sprouting a new molar. I'm excited because I totally thought I was nuts. I thought he was teething for the last month or so, but had nothing to show for it. Tah-Dah! Poor guy.
Today is more lounging, working on school stuff, studying for my big certification test next week, and more lounging. This is what 3 day weekends are made for.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adventures in school world....

The week flew by - felt so fast and so slow at the same time! My class is amazing! We have done so many neat activities and I am so impressed by what they can do! It's a different world - but definitely a fun one to be in! Such neat kids - and neat families!
The boys have been doing better at daycare. Lucas has finally (though it might come back after the long weekend) stopped crying every morning. He even tells me (in words I can sometimes understand) what he did that day.
Ethan is doing great, though he's not sure if it's okay to love his new daycare when he still misses his old. He's picked up the phrase "What the heck?" and uses it ALL the time. We've found a way to conquer his whining/fussing moments is to bribe him with computer time. He LOVES playing games on the computer! And he's gotten really good at maneuvering - even the laptop.
Brian's gaining some new responsibilities at work - a great kudos to him - and working like crazy. He and Ethan are in Seattle right now, at a video game convention. I think they're both on cloud nine.
Not an easy week - certainly exhausting - but lots of great times and we're all starting to adjust to the schedule around here. This weekend is dedicated to resting, catching up, and planning ahead for the crazy weeks to come!