Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving - Gobble Gobble!

Brian's mom and I started off by joining in a Thanksgiving Zumba class out in Caldwell- tons of women, a bunch of instructors - and NO heat! It was fun though and a good way to relieve some of the guilt of overeating! The boys (Brian, his dad, and Ethan) to a friends' family football game. It was cooooold, but they had fun. Brian is still sore, but that's good for him!When they got back, while we were cooking up a storm - we decorated the Christmas tree. The boys loved helping. And we needed the help, because with Lucas around, it's a never ending process. Ornaments on the tree, ornaments off the tree, on, off, on, off.
The turkey was perfect- as was the yummy stuffing! I've never had one turn out this well, so I was really excited.
The boys were eager to eat- though slightly picky about what they would and wouldn't eat. The rolls were the favorite, I think - Thanks Sara Lee!
We were thankful to have Grammy and Grandpa with us!We had pumpkin apple bread for dessert and made it in this cool snowman mold - but Kenya (our dog) got it first. Poor snowman.
Then it was time for the annual gingerbread house building. First came construction - overall good, though a little slanted....
Then the decorating- Lucas LOVED getting to be a part of it. But I wouldn't eat from his side as all his decorations first made a trip through his mouth.
Ethan's an old pro and was very proud of his design. Fun project!

Then it was off to bed so we'd be ready for Thanksmas the next morning!

Thanksmas 09

The stockings were hung (or laid I suppose) by the chimney with care...... It was time to celebrate Christmas with Brian's parents. At Thanksmas we get to pretend to be Santa and fill the stockings ourselves. Ethan loved being a part of it and making all sorts of goodies to include.The boys were thrilled (though their faces don't really show it) with the dinosaurs they got. Lucas even roared for us in a not-so-Lucas quiet way....

His favorite gift of the whole morning, however, was his bag of animal cookies. He loved those. Ethan's favorite was definitely his McQueen racetrack. A hit!
Grammy and Grandpa loved the mask Ethan made them. I'm still not sure what it's intended purpose is, but Ethan was determined that it was the project he'd do. We were all spoiled rotten and then spent the day playing. Lucas loved his Grammy and playing at the table with her. Lots of belly laughs.
He also loved the new Wii Fit Plus games. So much so that he made it difficult for me to play - stinker! (and isn't his new outfit adorable!)
Then was a take 2 on the snowman mold- Ethan and Grammy made brownies this time. Can you spot the issue this go-around? I think the snowman mold is doomed. (The spoon is fine by the way).
Lucas spent some time coloring with Grandpa. He only chewed them slightly!
The racetrack was zooming most of the day. Ethan loved "winning" though the parameters of winning were constantly changing.
We finished off our fabulous day by decorating some gingerbread "boys" as Ethan calls them. Sprinkles, sprinkles everywhere- but yummy!
Brian's parents left Saturday after a quick lunch at McDs. We were so sad to see them go! Later last night, we got to open a few more Thanksmas gifts from Aunt Angie and Uncle Nick. No pics though because we Skyped on the computer the whole time. Lucas is a total Skype hog! They spoiled us too- a nice way to end the day!
We had such a great week and are so happy that Grammy and Grandpa could come! It went way too fast though and I am not so ready to go back to work!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Turkey is Coming!!!

A couple of pics from last week - playing in the playroom and then our sweet boy Liam eating chicken noodle... Check out those beautiful teeth! He is such a happy boy!
We spent the weekend getting ready for Grammy and Grandpa to get here. We ran out of TP at the last minute and had to make an emergency run to Costco. The boys got some hotdogs - nothing like $1.50 dinner....

They got here and we've had lots of fun playing. I've still had to work (though now I'm done!!) but the rest have had a great time. Tonight we danced/wrestled/giggled.
Then we headed outside to see the lights the boys put up today- Gorgeous!! Tomorrow we get to start decorating- I'm so excited! Did I mention I love Thanksmas!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Bedtime Story

There once were two chicks (well, maybe I should say women) named Katie and Beth. Long before they ever met, their stories were linked. They got married within 24 hours of each other, had their first boy within a month of each other, and then went on to have their second boys, also within a month of each other. Crazy huh? Beth the jock (though she's pretty dang smart), and Katie the nerd would become quick friends. With so much in common, it was destined, right?
One night (ok, it was tonight) Beth and Katie had to go to a wedding reception. With both husbands working late on a Friday night, they were forced to bring their adorable boys with them. They took them to McD's first - to get some food and let the boys run off some steam. It was crazy loud, but Ethan and Raleigh loved playing monsters and bonded quickly. Soon, it was off to the wedding reception. Ethan and Raleigh were perfect little gentleman, but Lucas, he was a different story. While Zane wandered a bit, he was happy in his mommy's arms. Lucas would NOT stay still. He ran in circles - all over the gym - behind the happy couple in the reception line- under women's skirts - oh so close to the beautiful cake - through the hordes of people - under the food table - and out the door. Just when Katie finally got him calm for a moment, the big boys - Raleigh and Ethan - declared they needed the potty. Beth to the rescue, took them. It wasn't until they were finishing up that she realized she was in the men's room.
After that, they giggled together and decided it was probably time to go. The boys squealed in delight as they ran across the grass outside - fast friends.

I don't know why I'm writing in 3rd person- must have been from talking about it at school - or maybe it's the exhaustion? I'm thrilled it's the weekend and Grammy and Grandpa will be here soon! Last night we had dinner with the McConnel's and Lucas was "energetic" there as well... That boy NEVER stops moving! He may get these last 14 pounds off me yet! Liam was so adorably chubby and happy- though he screamed enough to make sure he was part of the ruckuss.... Is that how you even spell ruckuss? I think it's time for me to go to bed now- so goodnight!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Soccer Monster!

What a smile! We got to go to Ethan's soccer practice today - his last one of the "season", and it was so great! We can't say enough about the soccer shots program. He loved his coach, Carolyn, and I was so impressed at how well she got them to listen! You could tell that Ethan had a blast.
They recited their rules - Score a Goal, Listen to Coach Carolyn, and Have Fun!

They practiced "Show Control" - hard to do inside!

They played games like "Lions and Tigers and Bears!" where they hid in their dens and then brought food (balls) back...
He got his certificate of completion and was thrilled.

They were a small group, but they had a great time. And we had a great time watching - Good Job Ethan!!!
Our favorite moment? They each got to take turns dribbling through the "gate" (cones) and scoring a goal... Every time Ethan scored he would do this little dance/swagger and say "Ka-Chow!" (Just like Lightning McQueen!) You can't hear him say it on the video, but you can see the dance... Oh, and Brian is in shock right now because he never realized he sounds just like his dad.... hehehe....

Giggles Galore

Last night the boys played "slumber party" and "picnic" in the kitchen. Oh my goodness they had fun. We were laughing so hard. Lucas would lay down on the blanket head first - "thud" - and then scream -"aaiiiiihhhh" - until we covered them with the blanket.
Even Brian played. It was a great night. Ethan's imagination has lit on fire. We were hiding in caves, wrapped up as monster presents, watching tv on the cabinet, and being superheros.
Oh, and he remembered (neither of us did) what we named his Elf-on-the-Shelf last year - Tok. That's much better than the name he came up with this year- Ruby-boo. So, Tok it is, and he's sitting on the TV cabinet today- ready to report to Santa!
I stayed home this morning so we can go to Ethan's soccer graduation. He is so stinkin' excited that we're coming... I hate missing school, but decided this was worth it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

pictures say a thousand words?

Yep, Lucas loves to climb. He thinks he's really funny. And yes, I grabbed the camera before making him get down, but I didn't smile and laugh... I swear! Look at how skinny he is in the next pic. I swear he eats ALL DAY LONG and he's got this tiny little waist. This is so not fair!

The next one is like a "Where's Waldo". See if you can find the treat he's so mad that he lost....

Ope, there it is. I found it before he did...

I might be in the doghouse with daycare tomorrow- I fed him high fiber pasta two nights in a row. Today was already somewhat of a super diaper changing day, i'm a little worried for tomorrow. Sometimes this mama doesn't think! But that smile! It just lights me up!
"Mama, I need you to snuggle me. Read me books and give me kisses, okay?"
"Yep. For sure okay..."
I was so stressed going into this weekend. I feel like I'm always trying to be a great teacher, a great mom, a great wife, and so on (except for the housekeeper part, I've given up on that one for good). I just can't ever meet up to my expectations for me. I've hit a bit of a plateau at my weight loss too and I think that frustration just set me off.
But, I've come to the realization that I just need to enjoy the minutes I'm in - whatever role that is - and relax about not being perfect. Hard. But necessary. Look at those boys! They do not need a stressed out mom. So this weekend I played and we crafted and today I just relished in being mom and ignored the gigantic stacks of papers on the table. They can wait.
So this week? I'm just going to try and relax and live in the moment. It can't be that hard, can it?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I did have pictures...

But I didn't have any really good pictures, and I'm too tired or lazy to figure out where the camera is. We spent the day working on crafty projects for Christmas - tons of fun! Glitter glue and I need to take a little break from each other though...
Lucas has become amazingly demanding and LOUD. He wants to be a part of everything and somethings he just can't do (stir the pasta on the stove for example.) I hate having him screaming and crying, but I can't do anything about it! Cooking these days is pretty stressful, I must say. But, he is incredibly cute when he smiles and he's discovered dancing. I do love that.
Ethan and I have been practicing some of the songs he's singing in his Christmas program. He's pretty good - at certain parts anyway. And those parts are LOUD. Pretty much our house is always LOUD.
My favorite moment tonight? Ethan reading us a book Brian had just read him. He told the story (abbreviated of course) pretty darn well. It was fun for him to get to be in charge.
And now I'm off to scrub my hands, face, and clothes of glitter- once and for all!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boring Weekend...

Ethan's got a nasty little cough, and I was so exhausted from last week that we just stuck close to home and didn't do much of anything this weekend. It was kind of nice, actually - and I got a lot done for school. There was definitely time for wrestling though....I guess Ethan must be feeling better.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Indian or Lodge Member?

Lucas got to make a craft today! I love it! He was so cute today- just giggling and squealing. He was going back and forth giving hugs and laughing up a storm.
Ethan spent another evening trolling the streets on his bike. We went behind the school next door and played sharks. I'm not really sure how to play, but we end up running from sharks over and over. I figure it's good cardio.
Tomorrow is the boys' last "daddy day" as Brian's been subcontracted to a business in Boise. It won't be full-time, but we're hoping it'll be a decent amount.
I am so ready for the weekend... It's been a long, long week.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fast as Lightning!

So proud. So very very proud. Me or Him? Both.
Only a few bumps and bruises - but none brought down his spirits! He went all the way around our little neighborhood - Lucas and I were hoofing it to keep up! He's a natural and was so proud of himself riding near all the big kids in the neighborhood with their bikes. I have a feeling we'll be spending lots of time outdoors!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


One more thing... A dance off on Saturday night... We do a mean Michael Jackson (not).


I love my dad.

Happy Halloween!

What a fabulous weekend....
It all started with a celebration of Uma's birthday. Ethan announced what all of the presents were before she opened them - so sweet......
Saturday morning was pumpkin cleaning time. Upa is the best! My mom and I roasted the seeds- yum!
Then Brian and Ethan did the carving.
The finished product was awesome! "Jackolen!"
Lucas loved playing peek a boo with Upa.
Uma and Ethan made tootsie pop ghosts to hand out. So much fun!
Then we got dressed up - Bob the Builder....
And the Lion!...
We headed to a local long-term care facility that was doing trick or treating and the boys were charming. Well, Ethan was. Lucas got freaked out by a mask and hid... But he sure did love the chocolate he got.
For dinner? Jello hands, brains, and a snakewich. Delicious!
Brian got home and off to trick or treat at the McConnels and other neighbors. The boys were great!
Lucas loved looking in his bag.
Ethan played cruise director, telling us which way to go. At the end, we were all exhausted, but loved it.
Today we headed to the zoo, where Upa and Ethan serenaded us in Africa.

Lucas made friends with some penguins...
And Ethan used his tongue to clean this penguin (gross, I know).

This tiger was the perfect size for my tiger.

Then Uma and Upa took Ethan to buy a big boy bike! We can't take it home until tomorrow and Ethan is super excited. We had lunch, took long naps and played together tonight. We're so sad to see them go, but so grateful for the fun we had!
Now it's back to a new workweek.... Not sure I'm ready for that!