Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bedtime Stories with Ethan

"Once up a time, there was an oooold steam engine. His name was Franco."
"His name was Franco?"
"Yep. Like at my party."
"He didn't have tracks and he didn't have wheels. He was a... (eyes open wide for emphasis) boat!"
"Franco was a boat? Franco from your party? What party?"
"My red party."
"When was that?"
"6 o'clock"

Sunny Sunday

Another great trip to church and the zoo. Lots of animals were out sunbathing today - it was great! Ethan was concerned about the giraffes,"That's the mommy and the daddy. They can't find their baby." He always thinks the animals can't find their babies. Too much Diego? They're always in crisis!
Lucas loved the slide - going down with Daddy anyway. It's really fast, so I said no way to a solo trip. I'm sure he'd have loved it though- quite the daredevil.
And then it was time to say bye to Daddy. It went much better this time. No screaming, no tantrums. Just a "I want to go with daddy. I wish he could stay here." I said me too, and that was that. We even had a great evening - they ate their dinner, my dinner, and everything else in the house, took baths, watched a movie, and snuggled like crazy. I couldn't be much luckier.
We also stopped at Old Navy today because I have officially grown too small for my clothes again - hooray! So i am now down to a 1 digit size (8) for the first time since the middle of college. Crazy! I'm getting oh so close to my goal - less than 7 lbs to go.
Busy week I'm sure, but I feel like I'm entering it with a peaceful state of mind. I'm sure that'll only last for about a half hour, but for now, I'm soaking it up! (and making myself dinner #2 because mine was thieved!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


"Daddy, you going to be here a long time?"
"No, I have to go to the airport tomorrow because I have to work on Monday."
"In lots of sleeps, you're going to drive to Seattle and see me and stay for a long time."
"Um, I can't stay for a long time because I have work at home. I have to shower, play games, go to daycare. I have a lot of work at home to do..."
Thanks to our friends Steve and Linda who loaned us their truck, we got to take a whole bunch of stuff to the dump today. 2 loads in all, lots of broken or damaged stuff. Ethan got to go on the 2nd trip and loved it. So much to see!
Lucas enjoyed cleaning the driveway when they got back, as well as climbing in the back of the truck with his big brother.
Other than that huge job, I baked granola bars and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, we played and played, and ate a free pizza from Domino's (came with a game we bought a while back) that was delicious. While the big boys were gone, Lucas and I had a giggle fest here at the house. I think he just soaked up that alone time with me. It's a rarity these days...
After dinner we packed up my Christmas Village. I've been collecting since I was about 7 years old - so fun to look back over it all. It's been up on the plant shelves for the last couple of years - so there was a bit of dust, but luckily Lucas and the Swiffer prevailed.

So now I am waiting for Brian to get back with a movie, popping some popcorn, and enjoying being with him, even if just for one more night!

Friday, February 26, 2010


"Mom, I don't feel good..."
"Oh yeah? What's wrong?"
"I gotta honker in my mouth."
"What's a honker?"
"You know, when you honk honk!"
At Costco, when kids hand them the receipt, draw a smiley face on the back - very sweet... Ethan gave them the receipt, they handed it back.
"Oh man, another smiley flace! Everyday a smiley. All I want is a dinosaur. No one gives me a dinosaur."
At Target, in the checkout line.
"Lucas opened this box mom."
"How did Lucas open that box? You're holding the box in the back of the cart. Lucas is in the front."
"You're right. I did it."
At home...
"Lucas broke this mom."
He shows me the exercise bike, which is now missing it's seat adjusting knob.
"How did Lucas break that? He can't unscrew it."
"Oh. I guess I did it."
"Well, where is it?"
"It's in the trash."
I commence to empty out the trash bag - at which I am now a pro. I find no knob, but I do find a sippy cup and a thermometer.
"It's not here Ethan, where is it?"
"I don't know, that was yesterday."
I think my hair is graying.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

i hope i make sense...

Allergy meds and I just don't get along, but I can't really breathe without them, so I'm dealing with it... I'm really ready for the weekend! Daddy will be here oh so soon and I think I'll go to sleep for the whole weekend.
The boys are very into "cooking". I just crack up at how they follow each other around. It's not always Lucas following Ethan, in fact, often the other way. This was great fun until they got quiet. Should've known... The soap - foaming kind... all over Lucas' hands/face/head. That was fun. Well, fun is not the word.Then tonight... I should just eat after they go to bed, but like many nights, I finally got around to my dinner and I had two little birdies begging "please!" between every single one of my bites.
So I share - because look at that grin... Even though I DON'T want to share.
They also took their first shower together tonight. I don't know how we got on the subject, but we were discussing being a big boy and talking about how one of his friends takes showers by himself and how when you're in there by yourself, you don't get water in your eyes as much as when you're with someone. So he was determined to try. He seemed to love it. Then Lucas went in. He loved it too - though stayed out of the stream of water (I just used the bucket like a bath). They loved it sooo much, in fact, that the temper tantrums when I pulled them out might have set records. It was bad.
Going to try to use what brain cells I have left to go catch up on schoolwork (a useless fight, but I can try), and balance the checkbook.
1 more sleep. 1 more sleep. 1 more sleep.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Poor Ethan - he thought he was being funny when he got himself lodged in there. He did get out, but not before a little bit of panicking. And a lot of laughing from me. We had a great night last night - even played a bit in the backyard. Lucas loved the slide until he went down face-first. He only cried for a minute, but wouldn't go back to it after that.
Today was super hectic as I had class all day in Boise (boring, boring class). I had to get them to daycare early, drive (fast) to downtown Boise, and then repeat tonight. Then we had to go get Lucas new amoxicillin because I mistakenly left it out this weekend and could tell that he wasn't feeling overly well again. When will it end? Now my throat is bugging me again, but I'm trying a different allergy med as I really think it's just that.
I'm sure I'll have big news soon - Ethan announced last night, "I wanna tell you something big that I'm working on. Shwow!" So when I figure out what he is saying, I'll let you know. Because it must be big!
Now the controversy - go to bed or try to catch up on schoolwork? The dogs just ate the rest of the edible playdough I was looking forward to. I guess I should be grateful. But yum! I am curious to see what the sugar high does to them.....
Off to at least pretend to do schoolwork! Or maybe even empty the dishwasher. Or just stare into space for a little while....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet Suprises

Friday - fairly uneventful except look at how cute this boy was! Actually, the highlight was running into a friend at Costco - thanks for stopping Val! It's the little things that make me still feel human!
Oh wait, I guess it was kind of eventful - I tearfully told my boss I wouldn't be returning next year (that makes it sound nice, I was actually blubbering/sobbing). He was really nice about it and it just made it that much harder to think about! Corey really is an amazing leader. So enough of that or I'll start crying again. I am 100% sure this is what we're supposed to do - just have to adjust to leaving my Snake River family is all - so many great friends and kids... See, there I go....
Speaking of such wonderful people I work with, my friend Candie volunteered to babysit Saturday morning so I could go to a class I needed. Not only did my boys absolutely adore her, but when I got home - the whole place was clean! I started crying (sheesh I'm emotional these days). All I was thinking about that morning was that I was so tired, but had so much cleaning to do. So Candie - thank you thank you thank you. I think you are the reason I didn't lose my mind this weekend!
The rest of the day with the boys was great- we went to JCPenney with a $10 coupon I got in the mail and the boys got summer outfits. Ethan picked his out all himself and changed into them right after he woke up this morning. I'd say 40 degrees is a little too cold for shorts, but what do I know?
Another project for the weekend? Edible playdough (thanks heather). Ethan did really well with it.
Lucas just kept trying to eat it... but what's new.
And I.... well, let's just say I was identifying more with Lucas this morning. That stuff is good!
Filling in the gaps of the rest of the weekend was sorting through toys and closets - packing up any stuff we definitely won't use in the next 3.5 months and tossing anything that is broken or missing parts. As i gave word at school, it's time to officially get organized. I realize it's still early, but the more I do now, the more in control I feel. I like to feel in control - ever notice? And, I also have a classroom to pack up as well as several repairs here around this house. So, I give away, throw away, donate, pack... anything I can. Don't worry, the kids are safe! Well....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amoxicillin Central

Oh, what a week.... Tuesday night after we got back from dinner Lucas was a mess and kind of hot - yep, had a temp of 100, and Ethan had been complaining of his stomach all day... So, no daycare for Wednesday. I made the boys a dr. appt for the next morning and wrote some sub plans. Turned out Lucas has double ear infections - oops. And Ethan was just fine. The tummy trouble was probably a combination of stress and the antibiotics. Sooo we spent the day snuggling and resting. It was good. I hate missing school and this was the 6th day since Brian left that I had to be home. That's nuts! I was feeling really stressed until I went to Zumba and pushed myself really hard. Then I went and bought myself some flowers and a stress-relief Yoga Dvd. That should help, right?
Today was a much better day. The boys woke up in great moods and seemed pretty healthy - despite still having nagging coughs. I lined 'em up for their meds and away we went. They had great days at school. Ethan told me all about his tooth necklace and his argument with his teacher about how many teeth were on it. He was right by the way. Or at least the way he tells it. Then tonight I tried to do the yoga video while they were up - thinking they'd enjoy doing it with me. But every time my head was on the floor, Lucas sat on it. And Ethan kept trying to stick me with the thermometer
"Mommy you sick. You 40 bucks. Yous sick. Oh sweetie..."
No, I don't know why I'm 40 bucks. Yes, it's odd. He also was yelling "Chicken Fat!" all night. He's got his quirks.
Tomorrow's Friday! And I am so happy about that!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Karate Kid

Not an overly exciting weekend, but we got a decent (well, by some standards) amount of stuff done around the house, played a lot, and ate some good (well, by some standards) food.
What Lucas was doing at the restaurant, I'll never know. What a goof! He was so loud and obnoxious.... just in a goofy goofy mood I guess.
Then this morning we got to go to Ethan's karate class. He normally does it while I'm working, so I haven't gotten to see it yet. His uniform had finally come in and he was soooo excited to wear it.
They practiced kicks (front and rainbow).
They practiced various stances and their "form" which is where they do a little routine, shouting out "Honesty, is alway telling the truth!" Of course, its a bunch of little guys, so it's actually telling the troof.
At the end of class, Ethan earned two stripes - red for being able to say the word (Honesty) and what it means. And green for showing his "focus face" during class.
We were proud. He did quite a bit of silliness, showing off, and genuine goofing off during class, but for the most part followed along really well.
Then we came home for looooong naps. We had to wake the boys up to go to the airport 3 hours later. Only quick tears this time. And Ethan was verbalizing his feelings quite a bit whih is muh better than the giant tantrums he gave last time he was upset.
I'm glad tonight's a workout night- I may have overdone it at times this weekend and have a bit of penance to take care of... But we had fun!
Better go - Lucas and Duke just tag-teamed and ripped open the costco bag of cat food. Great.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So great

So great to have Daddy here... So great to see the boys soooo excited and happy... Check out that smile!
So great to have someone else to help pick up the pieces... (FYI he's not really hurt- it was a dramatic moment after the big chase)

Quiet day, quiet night.... just hanging out here. So great.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh the Parties...

I had such a great day at school. I have such a great class and we just had a lot of fun today.The boys had such great fun at their parties. They both brought home bags of valentines and various suckers (Lucas' new favorite thing in the world - surpassing blankie by a mile...)

But, with every sugar high, comes a sugar crash. The poor lady at the Starbuck's drivethough tried to give Ethan a sticker and got a full on tantrum in return. Embarassing, yes... Actually, the evening wasn't too bad - we had a great visit with a friend of ours that stopped by and Ethan even helped me vaccuum up the mess I made. I see potential in this newfound hobby of his...

I got coffee on the way home tonight, thinking it would help me when the sugar wore off... but instead I think it just made me all jittery and goofy. Or maybe that's the pecan turtles that were given to me today. Oh diet, we'll be friends again soon... I promise...

I'm madly trying to clean up (yes, I realize if I'm sitting at the computer that negates this sentence, but I needed a break for a minute....) before Brian gets here in a few hours. We're SO excited to have Daddy home for 3 days! I think tomorrow I might bring a bathing suit and a book to the gym so I can sit in the hot tub after Zumba...
I better stop daydreaming about relaxing and get to work on that kitchen. I swear it was clean 2 days ago... What happened?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Important Days...

Ethan woke up "all better", though he slept with me most of the night. He really was good to go this morning, so off he and Lucas went to daycare. I could tell he had his energy back because he was h-y-p-e-r. He did tell one of his friends (ok, the one he always fights with) that he "needed just a little bit of space, k?"
I could tell he was getting pretty tired by the time we came home - lots of tears for silly reasons, temper temper.... At one point I told him he needed to say sorry and he said, "I don't know what that word is!" And then stormed off....
However, once his precious v-day card signing was in the balance, he pulled it together. The boys did a great job "signing" their names. They are all set for the morning and sooooo excited! Apparently one of Ethan's buddies kept telling him he didn't have cards to pass out - neener-neener, so Ethan is excited to prove her wrong.

Dinos for Ethan and Dr. Seuss for Lucas. Both with tootsie pops- which it's a good thing there weren't lots of extras of...

And then.... bathtime and LUCAS WENT POTTY ON THE BIG POTTY!!! What a big boy! I could hardly believe it! Ethan kept saying "Make Ethan proud!!!"
I love my boys.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yep, he's sick. Sick sick sick. He's got strep. I figured it out this morning when he told me his tongue and teeth hurt. Then when I called the doctor and explained that he'd been complaining of his tummy and head they said those were the tell-tale signs of strep in his age group. Oh. So I probably shouldn't have ignored those symptoms.
We watched lots of movies today and did a ton of school work. All was well as we set off for the doctor and then..... some nice man pointed out that we had a flat. So.... off to the loaner place where we have the car from. They looked and couldn't find any reason it was flat and sent us off to the tire place (dr. appt rescheduled). We finally got home an hour later, ate lunch, and naptime for Ethan. Then it was off to the doc for real. Ethan was a trooper for the throat swab- hated it but let her do it both times. He weighs 36 lbs and his tubes still look great (hallelujah!). His temp was back up, but onto antibiotics he went and he should be pretty good by morning. He is kind of upset that the medicine doesn't have an instant effect, "I'm still hurting mom." For the full effect, repeat that every 4 or so minutes for the next hour....
Lucas is fine - wild as ever and giggly as can be tonight. He was cracking up at me at dinner because every time I blew on my peas one or two would fly off the spoon. He'd laugh and fling his head back into the chair, making him laugh harder.

So tomorrow should be a little more normal. I hope. I can only take so much Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder. Seriously.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oops... grr... The Short Version

So, I meant to write in the last post, but hit a wrong button - So.... The first pic was of Ethan and the car he earned with his sticker chart - very proud! Then was Lucas - so mad that I wouldn't push him on the scooter - so he solved it himself... And finally, Ethan kept "parking" his bike and asking me to watch it while he "walked around a bit." Goof.
The week was going pretty well... wait, that makes it sound like it's further than Tuesday... not so much... but Monday went pretty well - though Ethan was kind of a bear. Should've known - he's really sick today. He had a fever and body aches - his teacher held him the last hour of the day. It breaks my heart to see him miserable. He actually begged to go to bed as soon as we got back from my school (sub plans). Lucas tore up the room while we were there- hope the kids understand why their stuff is on the floor....
I hate missing school, but it'll be nice just to snuggle with E, and I brought home all my papers to record and grade, so I can get caught up. Just praying that Lucas and I stay healthy. So that's that. Our week so far...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time Out Saga...

(Ethan is playing by himself on the floor in the living room, acting out the scene with cars.)
"Stop doing that!"
"Mom! Why you being mean to my friends?"
"Son, I'll save you. Come with Daddy."
"Okay Daddy, take me away."
"Sorry son."
"No Mom, you go to Time Out."
"Don't worry son, Daddy here. I help you."
So now I'm the villain.... great...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spring, We Need You.

So we finally had a great day - we were due! Started the day with Zumba while their favorite babysitter watched them- though we almost slept through it. The boys slept 13 hours and we woke up at 7:15 ( I leave at 7:30). Nutty, I know. But the class was great- I really sweated out all my stress from the week.
Then we headed to Costco for some amazing pre-Superbowl snacks. Ethan and Lucas' favorite was the Tri-Tip - good taste! We really didn't need much, just wanted the samples. You understand, right?
Came home and LLOONGG naps - 2 and 3 hours, respectively - it was great. I did nothing productive, that was nice. After Ethan woke up we got to talk to Auntie Katie and Maddie on Skype - she is so stinkin' cute!

Then we decided to go for a bike ride- that was awesome. Lucas moved slowly, but loved being out there with his big bro. Ethan was a mad man. He figured out how to go fast around and around and around. We had one bad fall, but I just said "Ready for Round 2?" and he said, "Yeeahhh!"
We came home and made mini-mini pizzas - delicious and healthy. Ethan's getting really good at rolling out the crusts - he wouldn't let me help at all.
Bath time was insane - Lucas has learned to splash - big. It was crazy, the bathroom was/is soaked.... But they had fun. We had fun.
So yeah, all is well in the house....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome Anthony Cole!!!

We had a nephew/cousin born early this morning - Anthony Cole Piazzese - 6 lbs, 12 oz, 21 in long. So exciting! Haven't seen a picture yet, but I'm sure he's gorgeous! We're bummed he's so far away in Maryland, but know we'll see him sometime soon!
Other than that, it has been one heck of a week. I don't even know where my head is tonight, so I won't try to recap. I'm drained, completely, and headed to bed. I think this weekend is going to be a quiet one- has to be! We're all feeling fine, just tired after a long week. I think tomorrow I might rent a couple of movies on the way home from Zumba, and just have a movie/snuggle day with the boys. Or maybe a good night of sleep will get us out of our funk - you never know!
I promise pictures this weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Flakes

"Hey Mom, look at that! Snow! Igloos from the sky!"
"Yeah, it's really snowing Ethan, that's crazy!"
(flakes get really big)
"Holy SHOOT!"
"What did you say?"
"Holy shoot..."
"Who says holy shoot? Where did you hear that?"
"ME mom. I said it."
"But who said it that you heard?"
"I SAID IT. You crazy?"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A 7 Day Culture

So I started feeling a bit cruddy again, was thinking I might need to go back to the doc or go get some more meds or something when I get a phone call. "Remember that culture we took A WEEK ago? Well, turns out it was positive. How are you feeling?" So then I stumbled around explaining that I had taken some antibiotics left over from a previous infection because I was sure they'd be calling me..... Anyhow, I am now on a Z-pack and never going to that Urgent Care again. So there! (Until the next time that I'm miserable and that's the most convenient choice....)
My boys, they are adorable. Yesterday was another of those days where everything seemed to go wrong and yet, there they were grinning away at me. Ethan really likes his sticker chart - he has 12 stickers right now - very exciting! And Lucas, HE WENT POTTY IN THE BIG POTTY at daycare today! Miss Amanda said it seemed to scare him a little bit, but he did it! Tonight he begged to sit on the potty so I let him, but nothing. We're by no means potty training him, just letting him be curious. That's how Miss Amanda got Ethan potty-trained, so I say Go For It!
Enough potty-talk. I'm exhausted. As I should be as I apparently have Strep. Aye-yi-yi. I need a vacation. But I do have adorable boys!