Sunday, February 26, 2012

Emotional Rollercoasters

I seems like the last week was actually two or three....  but alas, it's only been a week and a day - and oh so much has changed.  Picking up at last Saturday, a big thing happened... BIG!  Ethan made two shots in his basketball game!  I honestly wasn't sure we'd get to see that this season, but was so proud.  And tickled pink that after making the first basket, he came running over (in the middle of the game) to give me a hug and a kiss.  Oh the tears... the tears....  Love.  Lucas got to play with his Sunday School friend during half-time - made his day!  
 After the game, we headed out to Whidbey to see our nephews/cousins.  Little Cooper is still so little!  Ethan was again enchanted by the baby and reminded me so much of his daddy.  Brian can hold a baby ever so still forever - as long as something's on t.v.  I get distracted and need to move around before too long, but the two of them can be still as statues....
 The boys had lots of fun playing outside - Though Lucas was furious that Ethan would not move behind him.    "Move Eflan!  I want to make a shot.  MOVE!"
 He wouldn't, and so Lucas went to go play in the side yard where he could shut the gate and "LOCK YOU OUT!"  Ethan was not phased.
 We hit the lanes (is that a phrase?) for some bowling fun...  The boys took it VERY seriously.
 Ethan's been working on bowling in PE - though it's a little different when the ball is 6 lbs versus no pounds....
 Luckily, they had this contraption that made it a whole lot easier.  Saved us from a very long game as the boys tried to swing the ball...
 Lucas hadn't really been bowling before, so he was super enthusiastic.  Though this picture somehow reminds me of myself.
 This little guy was happy as can be - and we all got to pass him around while we took turns....
 "I feed him?  Please?  I feed him?"  Lucas became enchanted as well.  I love the calming effect babies have.  The boys take it oh so seriously.
 The next morning we took the big boys outside so we could clean out the car - which was fabulously disgusting as a snack of cheetohs and chocolate milk had gone awry on the way up.  Someone should do a science experiment on that.
 Cole is such a funny little guy.  So much character.
 They run around everywhere just being goofy - fun to watch!
 They really liked helping to clean the car....
 They were not much help...
 We made it back and we were all exhausted, but happy.  Why does driving long distances wear you out?  It makes no sense to me.  You sit in a car and do nothing and end up dead tired.
The week was rough - Ethan's arm has been hurting him so much.  He's been on tylenol and ibu pretty much all the time.  You can see when it's wearing off, as he gets unruly and kind of angry.
But then Wednesday, the best thing happened.  He was eating breakfast and a tooth came loose!  Oh a new obsession....  He wiggled and wiggled and wiggled, and during lunch - that sucker popped out!
Yes, the tooth fairy came and left him $1.  Apparently there were two of them.  One picked him up and the other changed the tooth into money.  And that one had no teeth, which is why she needs kids' teeth.  She was blue with poofy hair.  Lucas was pretty terrified that he'd see the tooth fairy - insisted that the door be shut.  But once he saw the money, he wouldn't stop trying to get his own "lost tooth!".
The news around here was tough this week - really tough and very sad.  Scary and tragic.  So I spent a whole lot of time just holding on to my kids.  This weekend we just had a lot of fun together and spent a lot of time snuggling.  Both boys have been asking for snuggles lately and I'm all over it.  We had a busy weekend - bball game, birthday party, lots of grocery shopping, cleaning, etc., but somehow balanced it all with writing stories for each other to illustrate, reading, playing games, cooking together, and just being.  So tonight I sigh contentedly.  It doesn't make the news any less tragic, but it does make me focus on those things that are great in my life.  And there's a lot of that.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bad Dreams

I was expecting a crazy week because of Valentine's Day.  The boys woke up early on Tuesday and insisted on wearing their fanciest shirts.
"We have to have handsome shirts mom.  For our valentimes."  Their parties were both reported as fabulous and the valentines they brought home werre super fun to look through.  I really enjoyed going through mine as well, though I was plain worn out.  Brian got home late and I think I might have been asleep by the time he got here.  Holidays that we celebrate in school should always be on Fridays.  I'm ready to take this issue to the Supreme Court.
I was prepared for the sugar-induced craziness and comas, but I wasn't prepared for how much Ethan was complaining about his arm.  I realized, when I thought about it, that he had been complaining a lot lately.  He'd also been holding it like it was in a sling, and not using it as much as he was. I decided I better call the ortho, and sure enough they wanted to see him right away.  Turned out, after I went and told his teachers he'd be gone on Friday, that he'd been getting in a bit of trouble in class too.  This is how my boy deals with pain - always has.  I thought it was just the ear infections, but now that those are cleared up, he can feel his arm more.  He spent Thursday afternoon curled up in the back of my classroom with an ice pack.  
Friday morning we were off to the doctor super early.  He was nervous, I could tell because he would get silly and crazy and then just stare into space for a while.  We got coffee and settled in to the waiting room.  He was fascinated by a lady in a stretcher that had broken her leg.  It was a really cool stretcher.  (Is that how you spell stretcher?)
The bone showed no real change from last time.  It's harder, but still rotated quite a bit.  I couldn't really see that from the x-rays.
But can definitely see it when he straightens his arm - which now hurts him quite a bit.
The doc explained that we would wait another month and if he was still having any pain with it, we'd operate again.  This time they'll take out a wedge of bone and then pin it into place - this time with his arm open so they can see clearly what they're doing.  Gulp.  And this is why I am having nightmares.
Luckily they have really cool stickers at the docs - and really cool people.  Ethan loves the doctor, but even more, he looooooves the PA - Sarah.  We went and found her, since his issues required we see the doc instead this time.  She promised to find him orange cast supplies for when he needs another cast.  Too sweet.
 Afterwards I could tell Ethan wasn't too sure about the whole surgery again thing.  He's excited to stay at the hospital, excited for the cast, excited to see his favorite people, but not too sure about the whole "bone saw" thing.  Me neither.
At least now we know what will probably happen.  And he gets to finish basketball and swimming.  That makes me happy.  I'm not looking forward to doing this all again, but at least I know what's coming and what to expect.  In the grand scheme of things, this isn't so bad.  Perspective, perspective, perspective....
And now we have a three day weekend full of fun to be had, papers to be graded, projects to be planned, and laughs to be giggled.  And no one is allowed to mention the bone saw!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Double Double, Toil and Trouble....

"Mommy.  Yoooouuuuu left the big light on!"
"What big light?  I didn't leave a light on."
"Yes you did.  The biiiiig light.  The one you push up and it turns on."
"Hmm.  I don't think I did."
"You did."
"Well, we're late.  It'll just have to stay on."
Rolls eyes and sighs.  "The batteries is gonna run out..."
And thus started our week....  Actually, I think that was Wednesday.  Brian was home Monday with Lucas and so he got to come to the first swim lessons.  Which broke my heart in two ways:
1) Ethan's arm has not healed correctly and it is ever so apparent when he is just in his swim suit.  We go back at the end of the month, but I think I'm pretty sure I know what the outcome will be.
2) Lucas was oh so ready, oh so excited... and then it was time to go off with the teacher.  He turned to me, his eyes welled up with tears, begging me to not make him go.  I told him it would be fine.  We'd be right there.  Ethan would hold his hand if he wanted.  He went, though only sat on the stairs for the first half, looking back every few minutes to make sure we were still there.  Wednesday was worse and better.  It started off worse as he was sobbing before we even left daycare.  But then, 10 minutes into his lesson, he came running over for a nose wipe and announced "I not shy anymore.  I am having FUN!"  And then all was well with the world. 
Tuesday was my turn for a day off - as the daycare was still closed.  I took Lucas in with me in the morning to finish last minute sub details and he had a blast hanging out at the school.  He even left me for a few minutes with one of my friends - big for him!  One of the teachers has a salmon tank and explained to him how they were about to be ready to be swimming around and he has talked about it four or five times since then - begging to go back to see them.  I just think we might!  
Thursday was a roughhhhhhhh day all over.  Ethan was a bit of a mess at school, fell asleep in the nurses office, didn't want to go to lunch or recess, ending the day by rolling on the floor and refusing to move....  Not good...  This is the same day Lucas chose not to nap at daycare and fussed that I was there to pick him up.  And also the same day that we had a whilrwind of an evening planned.  But, they napped a bit in the car and they rallied!  They were fabulous at our brief visit at a friend's baby shower (especially since the little boy that lived there ha a room full of big boy toys).  The next stop was a Fused Glass Art Class put on by Calypso Glass for the program I teach in.  The kids (and families) were given glass tiles to decorate that will then be fused and returned.  It was fascinating to watch how everyone attacked the task.  Ethan worked really hard at first, came up with a very cool design, glued a bit of it, had a hard time keeping it in place, and gave up.  I finished his and added all sorts of different stuff.
 Lucas did his totally independently.  He wanted no help and took it very seriously. I can't wait to see the finished product.  And I can't wait to get him into some art classes - he really enjoys it!
 When the boys were done, they went around and photographed the entire library - and everyone's tiles.  I have about a million photographs from the event, but most include an up close shot of Lucas' finger.  By the end of the night they were rolling around and running rampant and Lucas ended up with a bloody nose.  It was at this point I wasn't sure I recognized my own children.
Friday was a much better day at school for everyone.  I was thrilled because we had big plans for the evening.  Choo Choo Soul was playing at the Admiral and we were going.  Ethan was an absolute hoot - he was totally rockin' the dance moves.  Lucas would dance a bit and then just focus intently on the stage and watch.  And then dance.  And then watch.  And so on and so on.  It was fabulous, but at the end I almost had a heart attack.  I looked down and Lucas was gone.  I searched all over our section, talked to the ladies at the stairs, ran out to the halls and saw the multitudes of people herding down the stairs and panicked.  I could not see him anywhere and freaked out that he might have gotten caught up in the crowd heading out to the street.  Somehow I could still hear his high pitched voice though, I thought.  A dad I knew from last year thought he might have seen him in the theater and we ran back in and sure enough he was running from the other side.  "I just wanted to go up there!"  "Up where?"  "Up on the stage.  I couldn't get there."  I just sat there for a few minutes holding him and getting my heart rate back to normal.
Saturday was basketball once again.  Lucas was way into the tunnel run-in this time, though not many players found his hand way down there to smack.
 He and Ethan were both pretty tired.  Ethan did great the first half - stealing the ball, running around..,.  But the second half he was a mess.  He pretty much just stood at half court and yawned.  The coach (and I) were pretty frustrated, but couldn't get him to turn it around.  Lucas and Brian (And Uma and Upa) had gone home to nap (well, not Uma and Upa), so it was just me trying to get him motivated.  I figured he was just really tired and frustrated at still not making any of his shots.
 And then after the game, I had another heart-wrenching episode.  He ran off to the cafeteria for snacks even though I, and the rest of the team, hadn't gone there yet.  It took me a bit to find him and again, I just felt sick.  He was just really excited for snacks, since he brought them.  And he had designed a label for the bag - "Go Sonics! Happy Valentine's Day!", so there was that.  We finally reunited and he was again awarded the red "defensive" star.  We went home and everyone took a bit of a nap.
And then it was off to our friends the Barrys' house for a Valentine's Dinner!  Ethan spent a lot of the night at a table like this......
 He was just seeming really tired and worn down.  Which of course adds to the Mommy Guilt....  But he (and we all) managed to have a whole lot of fun - lots of laughs and giggles....
 I just adore this little girl.  She cracks me up.  She wanted her picture taken with the beautiful roses.
 Heart pasta - lots of fruits and veggies - breadsticks - deliciousness!  Even sparkle juice!  We ate way too much.
 The kids all took turns praying their prayers they learn at daycare/preschool/good news club.  Ethan's had something to do with "all the people in jail".  Helping them, of course.
 And then it was time for dessert.  I really wanted something that would double as a fun activity.  Which of course meant it was somewhat exhausting and messy...  But fun...?!  Right?!
 We did candy melt/chocolate dipped oreos and heart marshmallows.  Lucas and Nadia were enjoying eating them right after dipping.
 The rest of us (well, maybe not all of us) decorated and then let them dry.  Ethan was actually fairly meticulous.  I was impressed, but also weirded out by how mellow he was.
 The mess.  But they ended up really kind of cute (all the ones that didn't have bite marks out of them) and they were delicious.
Such a fun night with friends.  This morning the boys were still pretty cranky - had a hard time getting them up off the couch.  We went to church and then afterward I remembered a conversation I had with my friend Vickie on Facebook the day before - as I was fussing about Ethan's week and his behavioral choices as of late...  She reminded me that the last time he was like this, he had a horrible ear infection.  I asked the boys if their ears hurt.  They said yes. Then no.  Then yes, oh yes.  Then "No, but my knee hurts".  We looked at each other and decided to take them in.  Feeling stupid and thinking we were going to be labeled as overly paranoid....  But lo and behold, after waiting in the exam room for at least 10 rounds of Simon Says - they were both diagnosed with double ear infections   Whoops.  They boys, they have no tells.  We would never have known except for the grumpiness.  Off we went for meds and loooooong naps.
The rest of the day we spent some time with friends at a local yogurt shop - yummy!  And great conversation..  And then we went to church for the Vday Dessert Social.  This is where I declared my love for Brian publicly by saying "You put up with my crazy."  Because that in itself is amazing.
And now this incredibly long post is over and I'm headed to bed.  Such a fun weekend.  And now I know my children have not turned to the dark side, but were in fact horribly sick and I had no idea.  Which leads to absolutely no guilt on my part (note sarcasm).  Oh well, you can't win them all!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super - Bowl - ing

 So I get the confusion...  A skit at church this morning was all about bowling and so when Lucas heard about the "Superbowl", he rightfully assumed we were still talking about bowling.  Brian set him straight, but it didn't really matter.  The game is on, but we're not really watching.  Everyone is getting work done, on various electronic devices.  I'm afraid we may just be tripling our electricity bill at the moment....
We spent yesterday at the basketball game - where someone got the star for the most steals!  I never thought I'd be proud of him for stealing!  And then we were off to my parents for a pre-Superbowl party.  Upa and the boys set up a pool of some sort for us - of which I know Ethan and Morgan have each won one quarter so far! 
We had great food and Lucas spent quite a bit trying to take pictures of himself - most of which turned out like this....
That's my little photographer!  Or at least his backside....
And so today was a day of football in the background while I worked and worked to finish school work and plan out my next couple of projects.  It amazes me how fast it goes.  We are already one week into February and I still feel like we just came back from break. 
Tomorrow starts swimming lessons for the boys, and lucky for me, Lucas' school is closed, so Brian has to stay home, resulting in him being able to help me get the boys to their first lessons!
I'm off to plan the last of my big projects I have to do today - turning my room into a Native American Museum.  Luckily there's nothing on TV to temp me away!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last Weekend...

Last weekend was one of those that was so fun that it took a bit to recover.  Add to that my class' musical this week and it has been one hectic 7 days.  But a wonderful 7 days...
It started Friday night - my mom got the boys from school and headed out to their house while I drove to pick up Grammy from the ferry.  She and Grandpa were visiting the new baby and we stole her for a night so she could see Ethan's basketball game.  We had a great dinner with my parents and then got the boys home and into bed for our busy weekend ahead.  Well, tried to, but it took a bit.  The boys were oh so excited to have Grammy around!
The next morning was E's third game and he had quite the fan club - my favorite being Nadia in full cheerleader gear.  Not every boy gets his own personal cheerleader!
 Lucas also enjoyed having Nadia there to play with while we adults watched the game, trying to help Ethan distinguish between defensive hands and jazz hands....
 It sure makes him feel good to have his fans there and I know it was extra special to have Nadia, Sonia, and Grammy there all at the same time!
 After the game, we headed out to see the new baby (and his older brother who we were equally excited to see).  This is where I learned that my son is a baby hog.  He could not get enough of Baby Cooper!
 They even rested together once he was too tired to sit upright...
 Brian was a bit of a hog too - but really, it's understandable.  That kid is just too darn cute.
 All three boys were very possessive and kept trying to out-snuggle the others....
 But again - look at that face!!!  So snuggable....
 We had a couple of "new baby" presents - including a gorgeous sweater from my mom - which is a bit big at the moment, but sooooooo soft.  It's nice when they are still so little they let you dress them up.  I like that.
 The next morning it was giddy-up time with Grandpa.  Oh were the boys excited....
 And poor Grandpa - just imagine once Cooper's old enough to climb on too!
 Cole's birthday was coming up, so we decided to have a birthday party while we were all there.  We've never been there for any of our nieces' or nephews' birthdays, so this was VERY exciting for me.
 Once the decorations were up (which Ethan helped with enthusiastically!), the  boys were excited to get the show on the road...
 Nothing like some crazy glasses to brighten the morning...
 I love seeing these cousins getting to bond - the same way I did with my cousins growing up...  Love it!
 Cooper was so cooperative.  Man I miss that side of babydom.
 As the party went on, the boys' energy level grew and grew....  They were so great during the presents - helping out lots....  Well, trying to be helpful....
 We brought a football party game and the boys loved it.  Especially Brian....
 The boy ate his cake and though he was not yet officially two, he sure acted like it.  Such a big boy!
It was hard to come back to reality after all that fun, but comeback we did...  Ethan was so exhausted on Monday (from the late nights + a bit of a cold he'd developed) that he fell asleep in the nurse's office at school for about two hours.  My class' play was amazingly wonderful and the rest of the events of the week went smoothly.
Now it's time for basketball, a movie date courtesy of my parents', a pre-superbowl party, and some shopping....  And maybe a bit of rest in there too - if I can happen to find any time!