Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas!!!

Dear Lucas,
You're growing up so fast! You were so tiny when you were born...
so messy at your first birthday...
and alway so thoughtful, so caring. Your smiles are never fake - you are transparent with the way you feel. I love you so much - and love getting to be more and more in tune to what you're thinking through your words. You are such a thinker, a builder, an escape artist. Though at times you drive me nuts by your crazy antics, I can always look back and see the briliiance behind them.
Love you buddy! Happy birthday!

A Momentous Weekend

It was one of those weekends where we never stopped to catch our breath - but had a fabulous time doing it! We started out, Saturday morning at the fair. We learned that Lucas likes bunnies most of all - and pigs least of all.
Ethan was so brave and walked right up to all the animals. He even did well in the chicken house, though he covered his ears.
However, Ethan was far more excited about the rides - as was I! We started out by driving the cars (well, all the boys did.)

They both loved it. So did Brian. It was the only ride tame enough for him. Poor guy...
Ethan and I did several more. He really loved flying over everyone else.
He also loved the spinning dragon ride. Around and around we went, squealing all the way. I loved it! He did not, however, enjoy the dragon roller coaster. A little too intense for him, as he keeps reminding me. A little too cramped for me.
The carousel was a hit for all the boys.
We ate a lot of yummy fair food - including lumpia! I have so missed lumpia! We came home and had a fun suprise - our friends from Seattle came a day early for the party! After laughing a lot about it, we decided to have a BBQ and let all the boys play together - so much fun! I never thought to bring out the camera, unfortunately, but a good time was had by all. That night we headed out with a couple of friends to a salsa dance/clinic in bainbridge - fun stuff! The steps were pretty complicated and we were pretty tired, but we still laughed. A lot.
So that brings us to Sunday - Lucas' 2nd birthday!!! We spent the morning working in the garden at school (finally done!!) and then came home to get ready for the party.
Lucas had a blast. He made a cute fireman!
Nadia and Jillian came over (with their families) and had fun playing all over the backyard. We had some BBQ (3rd in a week!) and ate lots of yummy snacks.
It's such a funny age to watch. Everyone is just goofy. While they were waiting for the cake, Nadia was passing out napkins and fighting to keep sacred the "extras". Lucas didn't agree.
The cake was adorable and got big eyes from the little man.
The girls loved the frosting - Jillian licking off the firemen and Nadia scooping it up with the fire truck. Funny!
Next were presents and we thought Barney would be the biggest hit. Not so much. Apparently Barney is kind of scary when he's not on TV. They are growing on each other though...
Ethan was sure to help out - taking all of the presents right out of Lucas' hands. Especially the money.
Lucas loved taking each of his presents over to show Nana. So funny! "See Nana!!!"
We're lucky to have such great friends and family - it was a really fun day!
We were sad to see everyone go, but Ethan and I had ANOTHER party to go to. It was for the program I'm teaching in. He had a blast playing with all the older kids. I had a good time meeting some of my kids and parents - such nice people. On the way back, Ethan was so tired he was asking me all of these very deep, philosophical questions. Well, for a 4 year old anyway.
And now we're back to work. Kids come tomorrow and we're all running around getting organized. Chaos begins!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I know, it's been a few days! But in my defense, they have been crazy... Mostly because this little guy really wants to turn 2 a few days early. Oh Lucas, you are one creative soul......
The week started here - at the school garden. It had badly overgrown and needed some TLC.
My parents, being the wonderfully selfless people that they are, offered to help. Not that there wasn't any griping, but that was mostly on my part. And my mom did enjoy throwing the shovelfuls of dirt at me so I could shake them off. I've never been so dirty.
Miracles they did work. After 3 1/2 short (long) hours of constant work, it was cleared!
It was hard, painful, boring, torturous work, but well worth it. It lifted the spirits of many people at school, getting them inspired for the school year ahead. I was no worse for the wear, well, except I was filthy. Even though I was wearing boots and long pants, I was filthy.
And I threw my back out trying to keep up with my youngster parents. They are workhorses.
The week was devoted to getting everything ready at school and the boys adjusted to daycare. Lucas is doing much better, though he got back at me for leaving him there.
Tuesday night. We were all exhausted, still from the weekend, and from working in our rooms. My parents went out to dinner and the boys and I were coloring/relaxing downstairs. Lucas toddled off toward the bathroom and there were a few minutes of silence. I go in and he starts giggling maniacally (is that a word?) as he smears my heavy duty conditioner all over his body and looks as he had squirted the rest of the bottle into a drawer containing my hair dryer, curling iron, stuff like that. I ream him, clean him up and go to check on Ethan. We color for a minute and I hear more of the giggling. I go back to the bathroom and Lucas is smearing my face lotion all over the toilet seat. He thinks he is so funny. I do not. And I tell him so. Loudly. I'm cleaning it up, checking on Ethan, trying to get some sense of order back when I hear footsteps upstairs. I go up to find Lucas, giggling again, standing over a dozen eggs, cracked open onto the floor. It is all over the fridge, the floor, the boy. Bath. Bed. At 6. I'd had it. And cleaning up those eggs? Grossest thing ever.
That boy gives me gray hairs! And he doesn't turn two until Sunday!
So to say the least, it's been a week.
Oh, and I got a cold/allergies and lost my voice yesterday. I think it's back, but one never knows.
An adventure, this life of mine is!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 Reunions...

Such a busy/fun week! Tuesday we met up with a bunch of friends from our old youth group to hang out with our new "youth group" of babies/toddlers/preschoolers... 6 kids - 4 and under.
Chaos. But so much fun to catch up and just laugh at our kiddos together. We were so lucky to have Jess and Liam here!
The food court may never be the same - but the kids loved their pizza and there was only one drink spilled - I'm impressed.
After that was a busy week of daycare/work. Lucas did so well on the first day and then just screamed after that. Even said his first real sentence - "Take me home!!!!" By Friday night he was a real mess with a bit of a fever, so I took him in on Saturday and sure enough he had an ear infection and possibly a sinus infection. Oops.
With a bit of antibiotics and ibuprofen in him, he was ready to take on the world - or at least my mom's side of the family for a party/barbeque Saturday afternoon.
Lucas and Ethan loved sharing all of their toys - they really did! They just loved having kids to play with.
We adults all caught up with each other and ate and ate some more until we were all sleepily relaxing in the sun.
There were John Deere rides aplenty.....
And a picture of all the great-grandkids.
So great to see everyone and play together!
Now it's crunch time getting ready for the school year to start- the callendar is full with meetings and places to be! Hopefully with Lucas feeling better he'll adjust a little more to daycare. Ethan is our socialite and is doing just great - though he sure is tired by bedtime! Me too!

Monday, August 16, 2010


We spent Saturday working hard in our little basement apt, trying to make it even more so our home... And then Saturday night - Brian and I put on our dancing shoes and danced the Slow Dance/Blues - so much fun! Our feet were aching by the end of the 2 and a half hours, but we really did have fun. Brian even remembered the dance we learned last time - impressive!
Sunday was oh so awesome because our friends Jess and Liam were here visiting! Ethan was sure he'd have grown enough to be big like him. I tried to explain the whole growth process, but gave up and said, "Maybe. We'll have to wait and see." He hadn't grown quite that much - but pretty close. Ethan was super excited to see Jess too. In the car on the way to church he was recounting the night he spent at Jess and Todd's (when Lucas was born).
We tried desperately to get a good picture of the three of them.
Not so easy these days.
But I'd say we managed pretty well. The boys enjoyed playing in the gym after church and running into each other - at least Lucas and Liam did. They did one belly bump that sent them both flying into the ground.
So great to see them!!! Other events of the weekend? The boys washed the Subaru to get it ready to sell. Exciting! Lucas couldn't handle not having the water on the whole time, and not getting to spray the car the whole time, so he and I had to go inside.
Today the boys started daycare - not a tear from either one! They were ready, I suppose. Both had great days and told me all about it. It definitely made me miss our old daycare- and my friends there - but I'm happy the boys seem to like it. Ethan's hilight was the "new peas" at lunch. He couldn't even remember what else they had. I'm going to have to investigate these peas!
I also got my test scores back for certification - passed with flying colors! So, on to the next one.
Please excuse the boring commentary and bad grammar. I'm wiped out. I spent the entire day moving around furniture and books in my new classroom. And now I go dance for two hours. Aye-yi-yi.

Friday, August 13, 2010

And then there was Thursday...

Missy and I, we are brave. Yesterday we packed up all 4 kids - ages 4, 2, 1, and 4 mos - and headed out to the zoo. And you know what? We had a blast! Only 1 timeout, and very few tears...
Ethan was the "big boy" - helping us out (even though said timeout was for him...). He was navigator- holding the "mak" - telling us where to go. Lucas was wary.

Jillian found the signs more fun to hang on than follow...
We saw it all. I tried desperately to get a picture of the three bigger kids together.
But someone always got distracted.
There were many bathroom stops, diaper stops, and snack stops. But, we just went with the flow and all was well.
Jillian was the brave one at the touch pools.
And watching her made Lucas a little bit brave too. Not so much Ethan
We had to do the traditional jaw picture. Too bad the lighting stunk, but it's still cute.
The budgies were awesome. The lady working there brought them right up to the kids.
The bird chose Lucas - and he was so still, letting it snack.
After it flew away, they pleaded with the other ones to come down. This may be my favorite picture ever.
There was a camel ride for the only one big enough. These two were kind of sad- but they'll be big soon enough...
Ethan loved it. Felt so proud of himself. Me too.
At lunch time we got to catch a cool animal show. There was even a dog ridig in a hot air balloon. They were all impressed and did really well.
Ben was, again, the most cooperative little guy in the world. The boys were fascinated with him.
Petting zoo - of course.... Ethan was going nuts because Jillian was hanging on to him all the time- which made me laugh because he had been doing that just two days before at the aquarium. They did some great grooming.
Lucas was very systematic - he had to go and pet each and every goat. This one was his favorite. And he now says "Goat!" His choices of words to learn are very interesting.
They ended the afternoon playing vet to this lizard.
What a fun day! It could have gone so wrong, but the kids were great and we moms had a great time too! The kids were all full of one-liners and made us laugh and laugh. Ethan was a good "reporter" - letting us know every time Jillian or Lucas were doing something they shouldn't. That tattling can be useful on occasion.
And now we are down to our one last day of real summer vacation - before the boys start daycare... what to do? It kind of depends on one 4 year old who is having a hard time waking up this morning...