Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soccer Balls and Sunshine

I include this first picture to show you my students' longhouses for the Culture Night on Thursday.  There are 5 more Native American type homes in my classroom, but these two are the piece de resistance and turned out very cool....  The boys loved the event - as did I.  It was a huge amount of work, but worth it to see so many kids learning about different cultures!
 Friday was our trip back to the doc to see how all was healing.  My fingers were crossed, hands in prayer, that everything stayed aligned though this boy seems to keep falling and flinging himself all over the place.
The nurse cut off his splint and Ethan's eyes went straight to his arm.
 "What the heck?  What happened to me?  What is that?"  Apparently he hadn't figured out that to cut out a part of his bone they had to cut open his arm.  He was pretty freaked out.
 I was freaked out as they pushed and pulled his arm all over the place.  Made me a bit squeamish....  And here I was freaked out about him falling over a few times and jarring it.  Apparently the pins keep it pretty darn secure.
 The doc saw his arm and stated, "I'd be proud to put that up in front of a crowd of my professional colleagues and say, 'I did that!"  I'd say you can't get any better than that.
Except you can.  They had a super cool soccer ball cast.  Ethan was elated.  Solid colors are so last year.... Been there done that....
 After the appointment he was pretty sore, but managed to make it through the evening playing around and relaxing.  Lucas had a fun party at his school and our super original snack of Lucky Charms was a bit hit with his class.  Yeah for being too tired to get creative!
Because I took Ethan to the doctor, I missed my grading time at school for the trimester, so that is how I spent today.  7 hours in front of the computer.  Ick!  The boys went to the Lorax (which was a bit much for Ethan apparently - he is his mother's son - emotional).  Then they came back and tried to stay out of my hair.  Tried.  Tried hard.
Finally I was seeing double from all the screen time and we decided to go down the street to a local restaurant for some grub.  Delicious food and a fun atmosphere and then the boys and I walked back home. They drove me nuts, stopping every few steps to look at something, but once I finally gave in and switched to science teacher mode, we had fun.  Lots to find.
Lucas found a bunch of pinecones.  Which he insisted on bringing home and planting as he yelled out, "I am the Wolax, I peak for da twees!"
 "Why is dey not gwowing yet?  I gave dem water!"
"You're not doing it right Lucas."
Ethan likes to make himself the supervisor of the situation.  Offering no solutions, but plenty of criticism.  I suppose that's the job of an older brother.
 And it seems also to be Ethan's job to terrorize me.  "Hey Mom!  How far up do you think I can climb?"
 Grrr.....  I don't know how I'm going to keep him from busting up some other bone over the next 3 weeks. That boy is determined to be an adventurer.
So nice to be outside - even if it is 40-some degrees and it snowed this morning.  I'm ready for Spring. 
After we came inside for awhile, the boys were joking around as all boys do - potty talk, etc.  We told them to stop being inappropriate with their words and Ethan started yelling out advice to not say the "F" word.  I asked him what he thought the F word was and he replied, "You know Mom.  Everybody says not to say the F word.  It starts with a P and ends with a P."  And so tomorrow we'll work on our phonics skills a little more.....

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Dang F words!!! So glad he is getting better!