Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Soccer Game!

Last game of the season!  It was cold, but sunny.  Lucas made an awesome spectator - have I mentioned I love his fashion sense?  He's just so danged cute!
 Ethan played hard~ they were playing a team that was heads taller than them, but they fought hard.
 At some point Lucas lost a lens, but that didn't stop his awesomeness.

 I'm going to miss the games - but I'm ready to not be in the cold anymore!  Ethan loved it.  I'm curious to see if he loves basketball as much.

Today's the celebration - pizza and trophies.  After that we have a week or two to rest (well, in between swim lessons) before basketball starts up.  But!  Basketball practices at the 4 schools closest to us - so we are super excited to not be driving across town twice a week!
In other news, we've put in for a new rental house.  A big one.  With a big yard.  All fenced.  And a working kitchen!  But, we're one of four families going for it....  So we'll see....  We're all on pins and needles and I've never heard Lucas pray so much!  I think he'll be the most broken-hearted of all if we don't get it.  Nevertheless, I've vowed that we are moving before Christmas.  It's time! Which means I have a lot to do in the meantime.....  So until next time!  And I'll try not to make it 2 weeks......

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