Saturday, February 9, 2013

In no particular order.....

February so far.......
There was a pre-Superbowl party with Uma and Upa - and the setting up of the official pool......
 There was a (way too) long dinner out where Ethan had to learn how to eat a burger without many of his teeth.
 There has been lots and lots and lots of Pokemon.  
It is a current obsession with these two....
 There have been lots of snuggles with this guy.  
He is such a happy kid.
 There have been sibling battles, but also sibling truces.
And lots of sibling poses for my new phone.
Which I obviously am having fun with.  Yay for Instagram.
 There have been all sorts of fun times with friends.
 And even some battles worthy of skipping the SuperBowl.
There have been many basketball games/practices where little brothers must entertain themselves....
And victory treats to be had!
 There were teeth to be yanked out once the value of said tooth was assessed....
And I've spied on him trying to get another one loose at school!
 There has been a lot of one-on-one time with this guy, and he's just about the cutest monkey I know.
And finally, there's been much reading around here....  As Ethan improves greatly, so does this guy.
We have our first sight word = THE!  
Teacher moms get very excited over such things.  Also over such things as learning what multiplication is on the Ipad at 6 a.m.  These ages?  6 and 4?  I am LOVING.  We have our trials, and independence is thrown around a little too much, but the learning?  *Happy Mama Sigh*  And now I'm off to help Ethan with some science project he's proposing.  Apparently some of his friends don't believe that "soil is good" and he'd like to prove them wrong....  Hmmmmm......  Wish us luck!

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