Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The First Game... (and the rest of the weekend)

 Oh man was that kid excited!  His very first basketball game.  He woke up bright and early and was dressed in no time - no need to nag him this time....  He was bouncing off the walls, leading to Lucas bouncing as well....
The boys were all excited and nervous...  They get to run in through a tunnel with their name called over the sound system and you could just see the excitement and exhilaration pumping through them.  Coach tried to line them up, but that's not so easy with a bunch of 5/6 year olds.  It reminded me of what I would assume herding cats would be like.
 They practiced some shots before the game.  Ethan was so wired that he did not have a chance.  Those balls were wild!
 Before the game, a prayer was said, and this mama said a prayer that E wouldn't get too frustrated and break down.  Also that there wouldn't be any broken bones or bleeding...  (the kid has a record...)
 The game was hilarious.  They'd never played full court (which is a half court) before, so they really had no clue about running to the different hoops....  Luckily the coaches are right out on the court with them, directing the play and helping to encourage them to figure it out.
 Ethan's favorite phrase was "I'm open!"  which he yelled approximately 1,297 times, usually from the side of the opposite hoop, often when the other team had the ball....  My stomach muscles sure got a workout!
 After the game, the kids get stars from the coach to honor them for something during the game.  Ethan got the sportsmanship star because he was "the littlest guy on the team, with the loudest voice - yelling I'm open!" and also for following the coach's directions to pass to teammates during the game.  At this age, they tend to want to hoard the ball.....  He just knows that there are a few kids on his team that are a bit more likely to get the ball in the hoop, so he's happy to pass.....We were sooooooo proud - and enjoyed it all thoroughly....
The next morning we woke up to snow.... well, kind of... there was a dusting covering everything and we made it out for our first snowball fight of the year.  For whatever reason, the boys are obsessed with "snowfights".  So out we went - scraping it off the cars and bikes to get enough to throw!
 The snow was pretty much melted by the time we came back in, but we had fun regardless...  and I assumed it would be the totality of our snow season....  (of which I was wrong)....
 With no school on Monday, we headed out to our friend Nadia's place and the kids put on a great concert entitled "Never Say Never to the Neverland Pirates".
There were some creative differences, but I do believe they were able to come up with a quality product in the end.    Yesterday they pulled out all their musical gear and turned the mud room into a concert hall as well - though they needed Nadia to come over and direct as they never quite could agree on the musical direction.....
I love that my kids love to pretend and imagine and just play.

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