Friday, January 27, 2012

Finally Friday

Somehow, college came up in our conversation and this was Lucas' response:
"College is for big kids.  They go to college so they can weach for da ky!" (reach for the sky).

In the mornings, I sometimes encourage a little friendly competition to get them ready faster... This morning it backfired, as they were perfectly happy to lose. Ethan's comment:
"I'm in the opposite of first place!  Woo-HOO!"

Going back to work is never easy after a long weekend off...  This week has been especially tough because of all the mess the snow created in my schedule at school.  It all has worked out fine, but we've been really busy this week.  Brian has also had to work late A LOT, which makes evenings tougher for me, but we persevered and we made it through.  And now it's Friday morning and Grammy is on her way here tonight, tomorrow we get to meet little Cooper (at less than a week old!!!), and Ethan's third game is tomorrow.  Can't wait!

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