Sunday, May 13, 2012


It finally feels like Spring around here!  The sun is out more days than not, and we are getting to spend more time outside - making us all a little cheerier!
Ethan's arm inflamation calmed down significantly by Saturday morning (a week ago) and so we spent the day with our friends Nadia and Sonia.  We had pizza at their house and then (after a brief break for naps) headed out to see The Music Man, put on by Kitsap Children's Musical Theater (or something like that).  Have you noticed I use a lot of parentheses (it's a problem, I know).
The performance was great - and the boys loved it.  Lucas took the sweet parts very seriously and I soon realized he was trying to give me "the eyes" and get me to swoon.  Swoon, I did.
Getting pictures of these kids has become difficult as of late.  I used to have a million good ones, but now we just can't swing it....  

 The week was a good one - a busy one, but a good one!  In swimming, Lucas passed Pike and is now going to be in SUPER Pike with his brother!  That makes Ethan a bit irritated, but he'll soon zoom forward, I'm sure.  Lucas was so excited, he was telling every person he saw, "I going to be a SUPER pike!"  Most had no clue what he was talking about, but they still smiled and congratulated him.
Tball was a new experience, as Ethan can now use both arms and has to relearn some of the skills.  But he persevered (which he will tell you means he tried VERY HARD) and improved quite a bit over the two practices.  Lucas perfected the art of dandelion blowing.

 This boy is cracking me up on a daily basis.  He is sooooo sweet, but such a pain in the neck at the same time.  He continually makes me laugh out loud with his antics...  He insists on wearing short sleeves and shorts, no matter the weather (hello Kevin!).  He also has a new obsession with wearing a hat.  We forgot it one day, going to daycare, and he threw a FIT.
 Ethan has become concerned, as of late, of his public image:
"Mom, how come everyone says Lucas is cute and no one says I'm cute?"
"You're older now, you aren't cute, you're handsome."
"Oh, part of growing up?"
"Yep.  I know, it stinks.  I'm not cute anymore either.  But you're cute sometimes - I promise."
Ethan gets so annoyed with his little brother who is starting to love being the center of attention -as long as it's on his terms, that is...  I hear many a lecture from older brother to younger.
 And I think Lucas has mastered the younger-sibling-eye-roll quite well, if I do say so myself.  He's not interested in the lessons.
 The boys were so excited to celebrate Mother's Day, that they decided to celebrate early.  They kept insisting on making me breakfast (which really means Brian doing it while they micro manage) and me staying in bed as long as I wanted.  It was delicious and they were oh so cute.
 I headed off to a day of "me" stuff - haircolor, shopping, etc., and then this happened.
 "I'm stuck.  Weally stuck."
 They eventually got him out and headed to the park to meet Upa.  A perfect day for walking on the dock....
 And baseball....  looks so much like Brian here!
 And Lucas thought it was a great day for a pocketful of papers to appear.  Who knows?!

 Later that afternoon, our friend Nadia came over for a sleepover so her parents could go to prom in Seattle (to chaperone of course).  They were so excited and played soooo hard.  We took them to the Y and had them swim for a couple of hours and then play on the playground.  By the time we got home, everyone was tired, and ready for jammies and a story....

 They were in bed by 8:30, and asleep by 9.  No monkey business like last year!
And now today is full of sunshine and fun to come!  I'm a lucky lady to be a mom to these guys!  

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