Sunday, May 20, 2012

The week = Busy!

When last we left you, Nadia had spent the night and we were off to church and then a picnic in the gorgeous weather!  It was absolutely beautiful out and we had fun playing and eating.
 Brian had "fun" cleaning out our community garden plot...  About one fourth done....  Eek... It is really overgrown....  But, a bit at a time and it'll be ready to plant.  Not that I'm ready for that yet...  I need some organization in the the big ol' rectangle....
Tuesday night we got to go to Lucas' school for Literacy Night - all about Japan!  We had a snack, did some art projects, played word bingo, and even painted our names in the language.  We had a blast, but Lucas REFUSED to pose nicely for a picture.
Thursday AND Friday evening, we dined with some of my friends from school.  Which meant that Ethan dined with teachers from his school... which was kind of funny to see.  He was very well behaved, that's for sure.  I could tell he was super excited, except when his PE teacher rode in our car...  It's so messy, I think he was embarrassed...  Oh well, me too :).  Job number one for today!
Friday night was an annual "Flip Flop Fling" at our school and it was fabulous.  Lucas, once again, didn't really like it - especially because they raffled off prizes and not everyone won.  That pretty much ticked him off.  But, he found a sympathetic ear with one of my favorite people at school and she hung out with him until Daddy could get there.  Her kiddo is a 5th grader next year, and I'm already grieving her moving on to middle school with him.
 Ethan wanted nothing to do with his mom this time... He used to dance with me all night long, but now he just wanted to be with his friends.  I think I did get a cha-cha slide out of him, but that was about it.
 I can't imagine why he wouldn't hang out with me?  I spent the whole night dancing with many of the kids from our school (including our super cute friend Paige) and our principal.
 What kind of a kid doesn't want to hang with his mom that way?  Ha!  Just wait till he sees me at the Talent Show.  Poor kid....  He has a long road of being embarrassed by his mother ahead of him...
So that brings us to the weekend... and for the sanity of all, I think that'll be a separate post.

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