Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last Weekend - Rainy Days!

Rainy soccer, is just not the same.  It is cold and miserable. 
 And when you get hit in the face by a ball - it hurts.  But this tough guy just kept going.
 Angie and the boys came down to visit and the plan was to go to the trains after the game, but no one wanted to do that in the rain.  It was nasty!!!  So, we did the trains in the mall and just hung out.  My camera was dead and I could not find the charger, so I don't have great pics - but we had fun.  Brian and I even got to go out on a real, live date!  We went and saw Legally Blonde, the Musical - hilarious!!!
The next day, after church, Lucas and I hopped on a ferry to Seattle to see this little man!
 His mama is a good friend of mine from Idaho, and we were so lucky to get to see them!  What a little snuggler he is!!!
Lucas and I took advantage of being over there and decided to do the ferris wheel - so high up!  It was very cool.
 I don't think I could have had a cuter date for the day.  And he did not let the conversation go lacking - he was talking the ENTIRE time.  So much to say in that little guy's head.
So we weren't exactly rested for the week, but we did have a lot of great memories to take with us into it.

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