Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh yeah?!!!!

How could I forget the boys' daycare play?!!!  They had been planning this for quite awhile - but decided last minute to make it into a benefit for Ethan's friend - how cool is that?!!  The kids were so great - and so excited to help.
 It was an ex-student of mine running the show.  She adapted the play Snow White and directed all the little munchkins in it.
 It was a riot.  The dwarves (my little dwarf was sneezy...) were so stinkin funny.
 Their dance was absolutely magical.  I laughed so hard.
 Lucas was a cute little frog who's attention definitely wandered....
 But he was so darn cute....
 The dwarves lost Grumpy for awhile and all went running off of stage to find her.  They came running back and Ethan announced, "She was in the bathroom!" to the crowd.  Poor girl!
 I loved it.  The crowd loved it.  And it was another one of those tear-jerking mom moments when you just lose. it.
 These kids raised over $500.  That. Is. Amazing.

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