Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And then there was March....

So much to be said about March....  First of all, the month pretty much centered around a big fundraiser we did - but that deserves it's own entry.  So, in a nutshell - March was all about swimming, basketball, legos, and friends....

 Lucas continues to be a "spirited" 4 year old - silly and goofy, but also so determined.  He's learned a few sight words now and loves reading every night.  He even made me get him his own reading log like Ethan has for school.  Reading is pretty much the only time he sits still, so it's great!
 Ethan finished out his season strong - with a great final game where he scored 3 baskets - woohoo!  I'm glad to be done with the games, but not to worry - tball started this week....
 One of the more spontaneous events of the month...  We had superhero day at school, and I dressed as my boss.  Even got my hair cut.  (Which Ethan HATED and was not afraid to express). I adore her and so admire all she does and truly aspire to be like her some day.
 The sun finally came out near the end of the month and we had some fabulously beautiful days.  And those days made me appreciate this house even more.  The view is awesome, the porch is so relaxing, and I. Just. Love. This. House.

 In big friend news, our good friends - the Burns family - had a baby!  We got to take care of the other girls briefly right after Izzabelle was born, and celebrated with ice cream.
3 days later we got to meet the sweet girl and I could have held her for hours (I kinda did).  So sweet and perfect in every way.

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