Friday, July 29, 2011

A Couple of Things

First off... it is clear from this picture that my children need haircuts (you'll have to trust me on Lucas, but the boy is sportin' a beehive).
Secondly, Lucas has become the king of the word please. I hear that word 4398 times a day. However, it is not in asking for something or to do something. It is mostly in requests to look at something, to participate in his imaginatory play in some way, or to just give him some darned attention. Here are a few of the sentences from today:
"Please you look at this giant pea?!"
"Please you say 'oh no!'?"
"Please you look at my head?!"
"Please I sit on yours lap too?!"
"Please you look at these boats?!"
"Please you sit here and do yours hair?!"
And then, there's the all-time favorite quote, not quite so polite, but just as enthusiastic.... Every time he uses the big potty and I'm not in the room he yells...
And now he has discovered that big boy underwear has a "pocket". For a little boy that absolutely loves having places to store his treasures (he brought a purse to daycare everyday for months), he is thrilled, but not really accepting my insistance that it is not for holding his cars and such. Hmmmmm.....

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Katie!!! So funny- I have tearsin my eyes! Donita