Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's been awhile!

This time of year is always insane.  I have end of the year grades, planning, organizing and a whole lot of cleaning to do.  Add to that running three major events at school and free time becomes an illusion.  Then, we can sprinkle in a nice sinus infection to help stir up the pot.  So yep, it's been a bit hectic around here.  However, two of those events are over - the Parent Meeting for kids for next year in my class, and the Book Showcase, which I'll talk about below.  And I worked from Friday afternoon through Saturday evening almost straight, but I got just about all my end of the year schoolwork stuff done!  So that just leaves the Talent Show.  It's a monstrosity, but I love it!
Back to what's really important - life with the family...  A couple weeks ago (and then again last night), the boys went to their first Bluejackets game.
 And had a blast.  Lucas got a ball from one of the players that first game and carried it around for a week straight.
 The rest of that week, and the next weekend are pretty fuzzy to me.  I thought I was just plain exhausted, but turns out I had a sinus infection.  It all makes sense now.
Last Monday was the Parent vs. Kids tball game.  In which the kids won.  Because in this league, the kids never actually get out.
 I like the perspective of this picture.  Teeny kids and big ol' adults....
 Lucas was heartbroken that he didn't get to play - huge crocodile tears and loud sobbing....  So luckily, he and a few others hijacked the field after practice and he got his chance to try it all out.  So hard to be three....
 Since we had Daddy home, we got to work finishing Ethan's book project for the Big Book Showcase.  He worked so hard to make sure it looked good.  I was really proud of him.
 Wednesday night was the tball party and certificates.  I saw all sorts of people I knew from school and the boys went nuts playing all over the playground.
 It's crazy to think that he started the season in a cast, and ended a strong, healthy boy!  With an impressive scar.Once all the hoopla turned into giving out certificates, Lucas was ready to go home.  He sure is becoming his own little person - no more sidelines for him!
 Thursday night was the big night at school - Our annual BBQ, with all sorts of events happening, including the Book Showcase I ran with some friends.  We invited the whole school to do some sort of book report and put them on display that night.  There was voting and some special awards given out.  One of those special awards from the children's librarian at our local library, went to Ethan - very special!  Especially because she's the one that introduced him to the book!
 Lucas, once again, could not handle the hoopla and needed his own picture.
 Friday we were all exhausted and Brian was sick, but we persevered and life went on.  I started working like a mad woman on grades and Brian took the kids to the Summer Reading Kick-Off Party at our library.  And oh was that cool!

Lucas would not take a picture with the Star Wars guys.  I reminded him they weren't real and his response was, "I know, they just came right out of the book."  Um... yeah. 
After that we had a lunch at our favorite neighborhood spot with Uma and Upa and just had fun laughing and comparing end of the year stories.  
And then it was back to the computer for me....  The boys spent the evening at the Bluejackets game which left me a nice quiet house to work in.  Man can I get a lot done when there aren't kids here!  I am actually feeling somewhat sane going into this week, though I'm not sure that'll last.  I keep thinking of to-do list items...  
I think I can... I think I can.....  Next time you hear from me, I will have a first grader and a Pre-K kid!  And I'll be free as a bird!  For a bit anyway :)

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