Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Summer.....

We haven't disappeared, but it has been a very interesting week or two....
 A week and a half ago, we went to see our cute friend Nadia perform in a dance recital.  She was adorable and it was great to catch up with her family over pizza at our much-missed Central Market....
So then it was the last week of school - a lot of chaos for this mama!  And then I did something very dumb....  It was the staff number for the talent show - the flash mob to "We're all in this Together" - and as I started it off, I leaped off the stage... and fell.  My ankle hurt, but I just kept dancing and kept teaching the rest of the day.  I had a special visitor in my room for the afternoon (it was a short day) and the adrenaline was flowing...  And then all the kids left and I slowly realized I was in a lot of pain.  I went to the doc and sure enough, I'd broken my ankle.  My mom rescues me at the doctor - I couldn't drive home, and they fitted me with what we now refer to as "the storm-twooper boot".  
 It's pretty impressive, though I can't walk real well in it.  I was thankful for two days left of school as it was really hard to keep up with my kids!  Soon enough Friday came.  I was a youtube sensation (VR Talent Show Flash Mob) - you can watch the fall and it is hilarious!  The dance turned out awesome - I just wish I hadn't been so stupid!  Ethan's comment was, "I don't understand why you had to jump off.  Why didn't you just use the stairs?"
Saturday came and we prepared to have Grammy arrive.  The boys and I made a lego city and had fun just hanging out.  It's hard for me to sit around and take it easy. but I suppose I have no choice.

And then 6 o'clock came....
And there was a knock at the door,
The neighbor had come over to tell us that our front yard was gushing water...  Brian and Grammy were on the ferry, so my dad jumped in the car to head over and after deciding there was nothing any of us could do, I called 911.  (Which is what the water/utilities company's recording said to do).  I felt kind of ridiculous and pathetic sitting out waiting for the fire truck - broken ankle, two little kids in mismatched jammies....  But, maybe that helped, to have them feel sorry for me.  The firemen turned off the water and called the city guy that was on-call to check it out.  
 They really were nice.  Even let the boys crawl up into the truck.
 Dad arrived to help, and the city guy arrived to declare this our landlord's problem, as opposed to being his.  And then we realized we had no water for the night (at least).  Grammy and Brian arrived and we headed out to my parents' for an impromptu sleepover - dogs and all!
Sunday was busy - lunch at the Boat Shed in the sun....
 And our friend Kaili's birthday party at the Bowling Alley.
 Where Lucas bowled 100....  Beating out all the little ones....
 It was fun to chat with friends and the boys had a blast bowling.  Such a neat family to be friends with!
We had a great dinner with my parents - used them for showers, and headed home to a house with no water...  The dogs thoroughly enjoyed getting bottled water for the night...
Monday was Grammy's day with Ethan, Lucas' last day at his school, and my day to clean up my classroom.  E and Grammy had a great time - coffee date with Uno, mini golf, McD's, and a shopping trip to Walmart.  Lucas had fun with his friends.  And I realized that my sinus infection was back and that I can't be on my feet for more than about an hour without being in a lot of pain.  Which makes cleaning up a classroom really tough.  I went back to the doc for more meds and then curled up on the couch for the afternoon/night.
Tuesday's big hit was going to Madagascar 3 with my friend Nancy and her boys (who are older and therefore increase our cool factor).  Lots of laughs and giggles out of the boys (and us).
Wednesday was Lucas' day with Grammy and he (of course) almost perfectly reenacted Ethan's day (except he swapped Blueberry Park to play catch for the coffee date).  He had a blast and even got a hole in one!  I headed back to school to work some more on my room and Ethan got to go on his first ever field trip!  Every one he's been supposed to go on this year got rained out, so this was finally the day!  They went hiking in a park somewhere and (the most exciting part) got to ride the city bus!
It's so hard being in this boot!  I'm used to going going going and I just can't.  It is making me so frustrated and the sinus infection certainly doesn't help.
But today the sun came out, the boys played baseball in the yard, the dogs played catch, and all was okay for awhile.

Until the meds wore off... but for a little while I was reminded that it was summer.  All will be well - I'll get through...  And I may even get a bit of summer there at the end.
And that's our life the last little bit.  Here's hoping the next little bit is a little less eventful!

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