Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

Santa Came!  After a pretty busy night, we woke up to stockings filled, cookies eaten, and reindeer food snarfed up.  The living room looked gorgeous - this family better not keep growing :)
 The kids all waited downstairs - so patiently.   I have so many memories waiting anxiously to get to come up (down) the stairs with my cousins.
 We couldn't get Cooper to sit still long enough to take the pic - and Brian had to make an appearance, but we got the traditional stairs pic.
 The next little bit felt like this picture - blurry and festive!
 The boys saw the stacks that were theirs and saw the note from Santa to open the safe.....
 Anticipation mounted as they tried to figure out what was in there....
 Ethan was thrilled at the Pokemon toy....
 Until Lucas noticed something else in his safe....  A DSI?
 "Well Mom, Sorry, but I guess Santa doesn't always listen to Moms."  They were so darn excited.  And I'm sure Santa has a great explanation for the great Christmas Heist of 2012.
 It was a fun morning of opening, eating, laughing, and playing.  I loved how excited the boys were for each and every gift.  And the 23,323 pictures they took on their DS's.  One of my favorite gifts for Lucas was this giant cardboard train that is currently occupying our laundry room - it's huge!  He got a train whistle from Santa as well, so he's all set and loves pretending in that thing!
 The littlest boy got a private opening time during nap time for the big kids.  He loved all the attention and loved his new toys before he had to share them with his brother.
A great day of family, love, and gratitude!  I guess Santa didn't ruin it after all!

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