Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Post Christmas Fun

On our last night with Brian's family, we headed out to Zoolights for some Christmas lights fun.  It wasn't warm but it was definitely beautiful.  This is where I realized that the camera I've been using (which is really just my video camera on photo setting) has no flash.  So lights pictures did not happen. \
We did get to see Santa swimming with the sharks!  He even called out Lucas - saying he was glad we had a firefighter present to help out!  He then called the boys over for a picture with him - too cool!  (Thanks Angie for snapping the pic!)
 We also got to see some very cute (and not so small) baby tigers.  Ethan loves baby animals - he was mesmerized.  Me too!
 The next day was a big lunch with all and then they were on their way.   Lucas was most emotional this year - so sad to see them go.  We relaxed, napped, and geared up for a day of adventure on Friday!
Since the boys have been very very little, I like to take them on adventures.  We just get up and go - figuring it all out as we go, and just enjoying the time together.  There are some basic rules for adventuring with kids - 1)  Don't stress about getting anywhere fast - you won't.  2)  Realize that the boys enjoy the different forms of transportation far more than they enjoy the destinations....   3)  Point out how cool everything is around you - be observant and open to tweaking your adventure to include something else.....
So off we went - ferry, lightrail.....   And really, that would have been fine with the boys....
We ended up at the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton - so amazing!  The line was horribly long, but the boys were awesome while we waited.  We talked lots about life in general and the great Christmas we'd had.  We also tried to peek ahead and steal some ideas for our houses next year.....
The Aladdin was a favorite - obviously.....
 Alice in Wonderland was impressive - like amazing!  So much to see - it was beautiful.
 My own Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle -Dum really liked all the details and were super observant, picking out cool strategies and tricks for the houses.  We've already decided we'll have to do some sculpting with rice krispie treats next year!
 Next stop was the Winter Carousel down by Westlake.  The boys love a good carousel....
 Though they were more excited about the mini doughnuts next door.  And they were good!
 At this point it was time to head back to meet Brian after work and check out a fancy italian restaurant he'd always wanted to try.  Since we were withing 24 hours of his birthday, we happily obliged.
 It was fancy - and expensive - but also incredibly delicious and had awesome ambience.  An owner named Luigi, a waiter named Giuseppe, and the most amazing Tiramisu we'd ever had!  Great memories!
 The ferry ride back was one UNO game after another - leaving Ethan way out ahead of us all in wins - how does that happen?  The adventure?  It was perfect!
The next day was birthday festivities at my parents'.  A great dinner, lego partyware, and homemade doughnuts - yum!
 The night wouldn't be complete without a game of UNO - I'm telling you, we're obsessed!
Happy 32 babe - So glad to have been a part of so many of those.  We love you and are so thankful for all you do for us.  You are one amazing guy!

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