Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tiger-Striped Monsta Trucks!

Any time we're out in Tacoma, we try to make a stop at the zoo.  We're members there, so it doesn't cost us anything per visit - and I love seeing the animals when there aren't a lot of people around.  Plus, I'd only seen these cute tiger cubs when they were sleeping and that was just not good enough!
This time they were playing outside - with their keepers - and they were an absolute riot to watch.  Like kittens, only much bigger!
I love them.  As did Lucas.  Ethan was enthralled for a bit, but then hunger won out.  Lucas and I stayed and fell in love with our feline friends.
 I couldn't get him to leave for quite a while.  "Mommy they're so keee-yute!"
 We traveled by light rail to make our way to the Monster Trucks - and boy was that exciting.  Remember, for my boys, it's as much how you get there as where you're going.  The ear plugs were put to use right away and the Dome was roarin' away.
 The boys loved it.  Brian and I like the local D-Derby better- more action, but the boys love the BIG.
 Intermission brought us a visit from Robo-Saurus - whom I thought was rather frightening and of which the boys were not phased one bit.  They loved him as he snacked on cars and blew fire at us.  How is that not scary?
 Afterwards, we headed to The Ram for some dinner and quality family time.  In which the two older boys watched football and made no eye contact the entire time.
And then Lucas wanted the Ipad, so poor ol' me got to read my book. :)
This week was back to the grindstone - only with a calmer, saner, less stressed out me.  And Ethan had one sick day which led to me going home early and enjoying a book once again.  I can't say I was too upset.  All is well - busy, but well.

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