Friday, July 17, 2009

Pretty as a Princess

Ethan is trying so very hard to be a good big brother. He plays and laughs, lets Lucas crawl all over him, drool on him, pull on him - for the first 30 minutes of the day, anyway. After that all bets are off. You can't blame him for being cranky though. Lucas was shrieking so loud during Ethan's nap that it only lasted about 45 minutes. That kid is SO loud! He is funny though. He's been standing lots on his own, but no un-assisted steps yet. He wants to - I can tell! He has also become a certified Daddy's boy. This morning when Ethan and Brian left for the library, he crawled over to the door, pulled himself up and cried for 5 minutes. He would not let me move him! (Did I tell you he shakes his head "no" now? It's pretty funny!) He also cried for awhile when Todd left tonight. He absolutely loves Todd. Notice I'm not in the club!

Being so stinkin' hot today- we decided to fill up the pool. Lucas was the only one brave enough to sit in the freezing cold water. We eventually joined him, but BRRR! It felt really good in the 100+ heat.

It took Ethan about 10 minutes to get in all the way (me too!) but once he did, he didn't want to get out. Kenya and Duke loved it - they kept throwing their ball into the pool so we could throw it. Kenya tried to get in with us too- she's a sharer.
Ethan's vocabulary is just growing and growing. He has so much to say- it's really fun! Today he told me, "You look pretty! Pretty as a princess! Wow!" He also told me I was cute a few times. Sweet boy he is! I think having a class full of girls is starting to affect him :)
This whole week has been pretty non-eventful. Just trying to get back on routine, just in time to drive down to CO next week. We're getting very excited though!!

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