Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stinkin' Camera...

Well- now I can't even get the camera to upload pictures, so I'm declaring it camera shopping season. We're looking at one that can be dropped 6 feet without affecting it. I think that might be a good idea. I can go ahead and blame all the dropping on Ethan, but it is just as much me. I'm a klutz!
We had a great weekend- last night was dinner with the McConnels- Lucas and Liam were rolling over all over each other and Ethan rocked it out on Guitar Hero with Todd. Tonight we got to go over there (all except for poor Brian who had to work) for Todd's birthday party. Yummy yummy food and good company!
Our low point this weekend was tantrum central in the mall today. We just went to walk around after church (too hot to walk anywhere outside) and by the end of it Ethan was full on screaming and crying, trying to lay himself in the middle of the walkways. Lucas was shrieking happily along - LOUDLY. It was embarassing, but we got them out of there as quickly as we could and went home. Poor Ethan just kept screaming because I'd taken away his toy, but soon enough he was his happy self. And he was fabulous at Todd's tonight - I think a bit intimidated by the other kids there.
I have so very much to do - projects to finish before our big trip that starts on Thursday. So off I go! Have a fabulous week and wish us good luck camera hunting!

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