Sunday, March 6, 2011

Looooong Weeeeeeek

Seems all our resting last weekend didn't really help. Ethan ended up with a fever Monday night and not feeling well. He stayed home with Brian on Tuesday and they took a trip to the doc. Yep, another ear infection. 4 in 4 months. They still aren't ready to talk about replacing the tubes. Poor kid. It would be easier if he could tell me what was wrong, but he just gets grumpy usually. This is the first time he's had a fever with an ear infection in a really long time.
Then the plague hit me. I've had a cold for forever. I was trying to get through Wednesday (Dr. Seuss' b-day!) but by the end of it was pretty miserable. I spent 2 hours waiting at Urgent Care and was diagnosed with a bronchial infection and probably sinus infection.
Anyway, long, boring, story somewhat less long - my mom pitched in to help me out and I ended up home Thursday afternoon and Friday. I have now watched a million movies. I'll put my reviews below.
We did manage to get out of the house yesterday for haircuts. My boys are adorable! They look so neat and tidy. That won't last long...
Ethan asked the lady to give him a "fauxhawk". Cute... kinda....
Ethan's best quote was when Brian got done: "My daddy has no hair!" We all laughed.
We are done with winter and being sick! It is time for us all to feel healthy!
So now - a layout of the movies I've watched (all from the Redbox)...
EatPrayLove - liked it. I read the book, which was of course far more in-depth, but this was entertaining. I really enjoyed watching the "Eat" part and seeing Italy. I miss Italy.
Waiting for Superman - Interesting. He raises some good points, but also skews a lot of data in order to make his point, which I suppose pretty much everyone does. I think the overall point is that the solution to all is good teachers. That's where I so love my principal because she does so much to educate our staff and not settle for less than awesome.
Ramona and Beezus - loved. I loved the books growing up - often felt just like little never-quite-fitting in Ramona. Still do. Really enjoyed watching this movie with the boys.
Inception - Fabulously thought provoking. What is reality? Do we get to choose our reality? Is it better to know what's real or just to be happy? Can you be happy if it's not truly reality? Anyway, you can see I loved it. Though too many shooting scenes for me. I multitasked during these.
Megamind - Never really pulled me in. Surfing the celeb gossip sites was more interesting, though I'm fully tired of Charlie Sheen. Fully. Back to the movie, I realize I didn't give it my full attention. So don't be mad if you loved it.
You Again - really was laugh-out-loud funny. Kind of uncomfortable in a Meet the Parents, disaster around every corner way, but so funny. Great slapstick and I needed that.
Alice in Wonderland - haven't watched yet, but we love Tim Burton and his crazy artistry, so I'm sure it'll be great.
What did we do before dollar movies? I did also read a very creepy Sandra Brown novel... I am so ready to get back to the real world.
Today will be one last "lay low" day before the week starts. Hopefully that will be enough!

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Valerie Berg said...

So sorry that you've all been sick. No fun. I loved all your movie reviews. I bought Waiting for Superman for my school and we're planning a movie night as a group to watch it. I don't know that I can wait.