Monday, March 7, 2011

Odd Children

We spent a fabulous Sunday playing and relaxing at Uma and Upa's. It was actually nice enough to play outside! We got in a little football, and Ethan got a bit of a road rash on his face. Duke clotheslined him when he went in for a pass. Cement and noses/lips don't mesh.
Today was rough... I am feeling a lot better, though still coughing up a storm. My oldest son managed to rack up 2 behavior notes.... Good grief child! I'm thinking he is not feeling well. We've got a doctor's appointment lined up for Friday. I really don't think this antibiotic is working. So, we'll give it its ten days, but will go in no matter what on Friday to check.
So, his evening was spent mostly writing apology notes. He's getting much better (not sure that's a good thing). I sound out the words slowly and he writes what he hears. I did help him with the names and with the "y" at the end of sorry, but otherwise, he was on his own.

Then there was this game - they really like this game.
The big tubs were on sale and turned out to be the coolest toys ever. Huh.
So wishing you a night free from hot lava and carpet crocodiles. I'm off to take another cough drop.

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VDoty said...

One year all I got my niece for Christmas was plastic storage containers, like the kind they have in shops & garages. She was in organizational heaven. Barbie was uber organized that year. Actually I think the storage containers lasted longer than Barbie did. :)