Thursday, March 17, 2011

That Hour was Important.

"I hate the stupid clocks mom."
Me too. Losing an hour is tough.... The boys are such schedule-driven little guys that it just messes with them. Me too - which is where they obviously got it. But, we survived and have had a pretty darn good week. There have been more than a few moments of frustration, but considering the time change and the full moon, I'd call it good.
Ethan seems to be back "on" to working on school-related things at home such as numbers and letters. Which I obviously love. He played with his calendar for a long time last weekend, finding all the numbers and putting them in order - no easy feat!
Then he sat Lucas down and made him find numbers and point with the recorder. Lucas complied... for a little while...
The dogs have moved back in, which makes life a little more exciting. Lots more walks, and lots of outside playtime for all of us - raining or not.
We don't have a fence yet, so it is definitely complicated, but we do love having their company.
St. Patrick's Day was fun. The boys made sure to be in green and did all sorts of activities at school. My students practiced their observation skills with "Leprechaun Food." It was gross - and I made them taste it! Hehehe.... Actually, some of them liked it. It was just a mixture of applesauce, oatmeal, steak seasoning, salt, and green food coloring. Yuck.
After school we met up with our buddies at McD's where I attempted to get a picture of all three kids. Unsuccessfully of course.
We entertained the other customers with their wild antics, but had a great time. And now I need to go comfort Lucas. It seems we have forgotten all 3 of his identical blankies at school. Trauma.

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