Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deception Pass

Today brought us out to Whidbey Island for a favor for Brian's sister and family.  A long drive, but what a gorgeous place!  We had lunch at a fabulous place called "Flyers".  Great mac and cheese and alfredo.  Yum.  The boys were pretty tired by that time and Lucas had to go to the bathroom 3 times.  Exhausting.
After lunch (and a short nap in the car), we headed to the state park for a little hiking.  When we started at West Beach the bridge was in sight!  We were determined to hike there - only .9 miles to go.
 Ethan led the way (and refused to let anyone else go first because "There's lots of rocks mom.  You have to be careful."  Lucas face-planted pretty quickly, getting a mouthful of dirt.  No tears though - impressive!
 Ethan scolded him, "You have to be careful Lucas.  This is a long journey.  Like 3,000 miles."
 He also informed us he'd been there before (false!).  "I came with Uma and Upa when I was little.  We walked like 600 miles.  It was a hard journey."
 .9 miles later we made it to the bridge - and with almost no whining!  It was impressive up close and even more so since we'd hiked about a mile to get there.
 We climbed the stairs to get to the top - so many!
 But for the view it was so worth it.  Beautiful.
 And then we hiked down because mama's anxiety level was growing by the minute.  We were oh so high and that traffic was oh so close.  Ethan thought this was a picture-worthy view.  Wouldn't budge until I took the picture.
 Brian was a master at getting Lucas back without giving in and picking him up.  He just told him that he (Brian) was old like Grandpa and Lucas had to help him.  Then they told stories to each other about dragons, dinosaurs, and two little boys going on adventures.
I bet you can guess the names of the two little boys!
I'm happy to say both boys walked the entire 1.8  miles and even with smiles.  (Well, Ethan did end with a fake sprained ankle.  But I think he just didn't want to get back in the car.  I understood.)
A gorgeous day for an adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Lucas' conversation with me on Sunday just melted my heart! Love you guys! Donita