Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Multitude of Last Minute Fun

A new backpack calls for new adventures....   As does a knight costume....
 After a Saturday of swimming at the Y and football on the TV, we were ready to get outside!  I packed up the boys after church on Sunday and we picked up a friend and colleague of mine, Sarah.  We buckled in the boys and off we went to the zoo.  Sarah took some awesome pictures!
Ethan tried to take over as tour guide - starting at the sharks and the aquarium.  He was thrilled to have someone new to show around.
 The outhouse in the "Scoop on Poop" exhibit was a big hit, as always.  Lucas is getting better at the posing.
 I was pleased that the boys did not spend 20 minutes flushing the toilet or playing with the dung beetles.  I was excited to go see the clouded leopards cubs!  They are getting so big!  Someday we'll get to see them awake - that's a new goal of mine.
 We also hit the budgie buddies where the boys proved they could share.  Ethan held the bird while it ate of Lucas' stick.  I can't believe how still they are.
 We saw an aardvark going for a walk.  May be one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.  Seriously.
 The boys loved the underwater exhibits this time - and I loved the puffins.  This little guy would chase my nose everywhere I went.  He would try to take a bite, but of course there was glass in the way.  I loved it.  I kept going and going and going - back and forth.  Ethan got to do it too.  Cracked me up.
 About midway through the afternoon Lucas started to lose it.  Full whiny meltdown mode.  Sarah saved the day by letting him take pictures while we waited in line for food.  He did not want ice cream.  The boy chose waffle fries.  I have to say I approved of the choice since I knew it was so hot that the ice cream would melt everywhere.
 Ethan did not take the advice and got the giant ice cream on a cone.  Which promptly started to melt all over him.  Which promptly started his meltdown.  He refused to lick all the way up the cone.  We both tried to help him to see how to do it, but he just wouldn't.  I finally scraped it off down to the cone and all was well again.  Except I had sticky ice cream all over me.
 I think it's great that the boys love the big stage show there.  Somehow it just doesn't get old, though I can tell most of the jokes myself now.  Harold is such a star.
 There was a little more underwater sightseeing...  Lucas and Sarah spent a long time looking at the walruses.  Lucas was transfixed.  They are definitely massive creatures.
 Finally it was off to the playground.  The boys were hot and tired, but still managed to climb all around the place.
 That tongue sticking out cracks me up.  It comes out every time he is concentrating.  I think we're about to see a whole lot of that tongue hanging out in kindergarten!
The boys were exhausted.  But still hams...  On the way home Lucas randomly announced, "I weally do wike you Sawa."  He'd obviously been thinking it over for a while.  Cracked me up.
 Monday led us out to Hansville to hang out with our friends at Point No Point beach.  We got there a bit early, so decided to get some coffee from "Cup o' Joy".
 And you know what?  It really was!  The owners (I assume) were hanging out and just as chatty as can be with the boys who soaked it up.  Especially Lucas.  Weirdly enough.
 There's a house there that Lucas and I fell in love with.  It's made from the hull of a boat.  How cool!
 Ethan once again led the way and showed us that there was danger on the beach.  "Watch out or you'll turn into bones!"
 We had some fun playing with the camera.  I was trying to get low enough so that more than just waist down would be in the picture.  Little did I know I'd look like a frog.
 My boys looked handsome out there.
 It was so mesmerizing.  The right mix of sun and wind and waves.
 Once Nadia and fam showed up it was time to go in the water.  Now please note that the last time we went to a beach, the boys refused to get more than a toe in.  Lucas wouldn't even go near.  So I didn't bring swimsuits or even an extra change of clothes.  Oops.  Once they saw Nadia in they were all for it.
It did take Lucas a bit.  He was cautious and made Ethan hold his hand.
 They got a little closer...
 And then look who's dragging who away from the water!
 The kids built a great "nest" and found lots of dinosaur bones to put in.
 They even found one dinosaur tooth.  Impressive.
We had an extremely relaxing morning chatting, enjoying the sun, laughing at the kids, and picnicking.  I miss it already!  After that we headed to my parents for a BBQ.  The boys were pretty tired but managed to hold it together as we ate yummy food and caught up.
And that my friends was the official end of summer.
Back to school and all the craziness that entails...  Luckily Ethan didn't start with me.  Kindergarten starts a couple of days later so that the teachers can do family visits.  Brian and Ethan went to his yesterday and filled out all sorts of paperwork.  On one form that the kids were supposed to give answers for it asked "What is the best way to get reach your parents?"  Ethan answered "Stretch."  
Tomorrow he starts this brand new adventure called school.  Part of me is shocked he's that old and a little bit sad.  But another, bigger part of me is so excited.  This is the closest he's ever been to me while I'm working.  I'll get to peek in on him at lunch and see him right after school.  We'll get to do homework together (which he claims to be super excited about - maybe because he gets to take it to and from school in his Cars2 folder?) and experience all that school-aged stuff that I love.  A coworker is taking my kids for the first 15 minutes tomorrow so I get to go do the mom thing and take a million pictures.  I can't wait.

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