Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Be sad... Be happy"

Lucas loves his guitar.  Like a. lot.  Most evenings we are serenaded for hours.  A mixture of traditional kids' songs, Bible songs he's learned at daycare, and some originals.  My favorite original song has a mixture of two different themes:  "Be sad.... Be happy....  Everybody be sad....  Everybody be happy....." and"1,2 Eyes on Meeeeeeee...  123 Eyes on Meeeeee....."  and somehow at the end is always "Snap that monkey right out of the tree!"  

This week was looong and exhausting, but also great at the same time.  Going back to work/school was tough for all of us (Except Lucas since he'd never switched schedules).  I knew Ethan must be feeling alright when I realized he was using his arm as an excuse to do nothing....
I"Ethan, why is all this work in your backpack blank?  Why isn't it done?"
"Well you know mom, my arm."
"Really?  Your left arm that you don't write with is keeping you from doing schoolwork?"
"Well I did the fun stuff.  Sheesh."
(I made him do it all right there.)  You can't blame him for being upset.  The thing he was most looking forward to in kindergarten was homework.  It had finally come and his expectations were not really meeting with reality.
"Alright Ethan.  Finally, here's your homework.  Tonight you practice writing your name with lowercase letters."
"What?  I don't want to do that."
"Well that's homework.  That and reading."
I have no clue what he thought homework was, but it was sad to watch his hopes and dreams for the evenings of his school years to come crashing down.  Actually, as the week went on I was able to add in some tech elements to make him a bit happier -  including a "Letter A Collection" we did with clip art on Word and he presented to the class on Friday.  That he enjoyed.
He did really well going back - was very cautious at recess time (as he should be) and was very tired.  On Tuesday when I went out to recess and came to check on him, he was sound asleep on the couch in the office.  So cute.  Melting the hearts of educators everywhere.  

The boys were especially excited to see their Aunt Angie, Uncle Nick, and cousin Cole who were stopping through on their way to their new house about 3 hours from here.  We are so thrilled to have them close enough for frequent visits!  And we were super excited to see them on Wednesday night.  Cole has grown up so much!

Three boys running around is enough to make chaos, but have them turn it into a music party and the noise level is awesome.  As in I was in awe.  

Lucas was in full show off mode.  Which was really funny.  I think having him alone at this new daycare is helping him a lot socially.  His confidence level has shot through the roof.  He seems truly happy and is reaching out to people all over.  My heart is happy.

The only bad thing is the new way he greets adults.  He turns his head to the side, sticks out his tongue and does "lalalala".  To people that know him this is cute and funny.  To others it is a bit odd.  Like grocery checkers, random people at the store, etc.
The boys (and we) had an absolutely fabulous time and were totally wiped out the next day.  By Friday they'd recovered and they were really excited for "Fort Building Movie Night" at church.  Last year I made them an elaborate fort with a floor and all sorts of stuff.  Then I spent an hour taking it down and putting it all away.  This time they got a pillow, blankie, and one blanket over the top.  

It was great as it was a movie they love and there were plenty of snacks to keep Lucas in one place.  I even got to chat with a friend and enjoy myself.  They're growing up!
Saturday Brian had to work and I was in need of adventure.  I wanted to go someplace new.  We dropped off Brian at the ferry and then searched around for a good long while, driving here and there.  Ethan practiced reading me the Speed Limit signs.  He's great with the numbers from 1-10 and 30-100.  Numbers 11-29 are a bit of a struggle, but he made a lot of progress in the car.

We finally ended up at Pheasant Fields Farm.  The website said they were open at 10 and that we could pay to have a farm tour, but there was no one there.  I was a bit hesitant to go traipsing all over the farm as it's obviously someone's house as well, but the boys know no such hesitation.  Off to the chickens they went.  

They were fascinated.  All the chickens (5,000 according to Ethan) came over to greet us and peck around.  I could not pry Lucas away.  He was mesmerized.

The funniest part was that many of the chickens had found a way out and were hanging out on the outside of the pen, seemingly laughing at their friends.  

There were also sheep, goats, and llamas.  Ethan loved watching the two goats scratching each other's heads by licking.  I tried to explain why they couldn't scratch their own heads like we do.  As I demonstrated, someone that works there finally showed up (at 11) and asked if we needed any help.

Oh I always need help...  We bought some eggs since we'd been using their farm for an hour of entertainment and were on our way.  After Lucas weirded the guy out with his aforementioned greeting.  
My parents had agreed to take the boys for the afternoon so I could get some grocery shopping/chores/school work done.  THANK YOU!  I got lots done and then met Brian at the ferry.  I parked and walked down so we could get Starbucks and walk back to the car for an impromptu 10 minute date.  Take it where you can get it, right?! 
We arrived back at my parents' house to find Lucas in full on performance mode for Nana.  He was a riot, though exhausting!  Ethan was immersed in the land of Uma's IPad.  Apparently earlier he had brought it to her and said "Uma, I can't buy this new game without your help."  It was at the screen where he had already bought it, but needed her password to make it go through.  And he'd already tried to guess the password once.  Great.  Lucas did it later too.  Sheesh.  
Bedtime was rough after the fun evening, but we finally got them into bed and started our movie.  It was a movie we most certainly could not watch with the boys and we were laughing and enjoying ourselves when we heard a rustle.  Lucas was sitting around the corner of the couch watching with us.  We shepherded him upstairs and sternly lectured about coming down, yada yada yada.  About an hour later the same thing happened.  Who knows how long he was sitting there.  It was so hard not to laugh.  I couldn't do it, but Brian got him up and into bed.  Again.  He's so sneaky and quiet now - this could be a problem.
Oh these boys.  They drive me crazy but I love every minute.  Well almost every minute....

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Sherry said...

My nieces and nephews have encountered that same i-pad/i-phone problem. Tiny humans in a tech world!