Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The boys and I have a lot of meaningful conversations and it seems I forget them before I'm able to blog, but this one I want etched in our family memories.....
Okay boys, what are you thankful for this year?
Ethan:  I'm thankful for school, and my teachers.
Me:  Anything else?
E:  Well, I'm thankful for you and dad, and uma and upa and grammy and grandpa and cousins...
Me:  What about your brother?
E:  Yep, I'm thankful for the weather.
Me:  No, I said BROTHER.
E:  Oh.
And then he was silent.....
Me:  What about your arm.  Are you thankful it's all better?
E:  Yeah, but I'm not thankful for all the money it cost.

Me:  Lucas, what are you thankful for?
Lucas:  The house.
Me:  That's great!  What else?
Lucas:  The stoplight, the tree, the car, the road, the store, the sign, McDonalds.....
Me:  Are you just saying everything we are passing?
L:  Yep.

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Jessica said...

HAHA!!! So cure! I'm pretty thankful for the weather too :)