Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Plague of Sprague Part... Who Knows....

The week started out great...  Lots going on...  Fun reading night at Lucas' school....  Found out Lucas can recognize and match a lot of his letters!  And then....  It was Thursday night and our bud Nadia and her mama came over to make some cool Christmas crafts...  And this joyous picture (where yes, I do realize you cannot see their faces) came right before Ethan ran to the bathroom and was sick the rest of the night with the stomach flu.  Ick...  So Friday was all about getting him better (Brian stayed home as he was also feeling sick - though a chest cold, not the stomach bug).  Then Saturday hit and we were so excited that Grammy and Grandpa were flying in!!!  The boys all went to the zoo while I ran around and did some last minute errands in preparation...  I got home after looooooong lines at Toys r Us and Old Navy exactly 5 minutes before the stomach bug hit me.  And I was down for the night.
Sunday was better, we all went to church together and then out to dinner with Uma and Upa - very fun!  Except that I had forgotten fiber for Lucas on Saturday, which led to tummy problems of his own.
Today Brian stayed home because he is still feeling pretty cruddy.
We are a mess.
And we are down to one more day before Thanksgiving and Thanksmas!  We must recover and be ready to celebrate!
In other news, Ethan had a great story from school today:
"It really stunk in reading class today.  Everybody had their nose plugged, even the teacher.  Only one student didn't.  So... Mystery Solved! "
Hilarious!  And then there was this song:
"She's not my sister...  So I kissed her...."
And I'll leave you with that.

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Anonymous said...

Your boys are hilarious! Happy Thanksgiving! Donita