Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday Halloween = Craaaaaazy Week

 It all started with the Pumpkin Patch Party at church - indoor trick-or-treating, and lots of games in the gym.    It was hard for me because I had an exhausting day, but the boys had a blast.
 The rest of the week was recovery - and then it was two late nights for me in the form of conferences.  By the time Friday came I was dead exhausted and it was movie night at school.  Cars2, so of course the boys wanted to go and I saw it for what it was....
 Cheap entertainment and a chance for me to half-sleep on the gym floor....  while eating freshly popped popcorn....
 Lucas took great pride in patting my back and snuggling and Ethan loved sitting with his classmate buddies - especially one little girl he is particularly fond of.
Saturday was wheelin' toddler morning at church.  I broke out Lucas' bike and he had a great time riding around the gym and hanging with a couple of his buddies.  I love opportunities like that, when Lucas gets to do something just for him.  It's not easy being the youngest :)  I should know!
 After lunch and haircuts for all, Ethan and I headed out for a reading date.  We like to go out every now and then and get hot cocoa and read books together.  I'm amazed at how fast he's growing up... I love it, but I hate it....
 He is doing so great and learning so fast!  I wish I could just stay in the moment...  Where learning is soo exciting for him and he is just so intrigued by the world of books.  I hope he never loses that.
 Saturday night my parents took the boys and Brian and I had a great time getting started on Christmas shopping.  It was great to have no set schedule, just to go out and search for things to make those we love happy.
We went out to Mongolian for lunch today and Lucas was a riot.  He decided he was our teacher and could not stop yelling.
His voice is loud.  Always.  But today, the restaurant was pretty quiet, so it echoed especially bad.  He was trying to make us tell us what shapes different items in the store were - the table, the floor, the lights....  And then he'd yell that we were wrong and correct us.  Again and again.
I'm thankful that my boys are such great kids.  And that my husband is such an understanding, helpful guy when it all gets to be overwhelming for me.  Next time Halloween starts off a week - we're skipping it!  I can do that, right?

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