Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super - Bowl - ing

 So I get the confusion...  A skit at church this morning was all about bowling and so when Lucas heard about the "Superbowl", he rightfully assumed we were still talking about bowling.  Brian set him straight, but it didn't really matter.  The game is on, but we're not really watching.  Everyone is getting work done, on various electronic devices.  I'm afraid we may just be tripling our electricity bill at the moment....
We spent yesterday at the basketball game - where someone got the star for the most steals!  I never thought I'd be proud of him for stealing!  And then we were off to my parents for a pre-Superbowl party.  Upa and the boys set up a pool of some sort for us - of which I know Ethan and Morgan have each won one quarter so far! 
We had great food and Lucas spent quite a bit trying to take pictures of himself - most of which turned out like this....
That's my little photographer!  Or at least his backside....
And so today was a day of football in the background while I worked and worked to finish school work and plan out my next couple of projects.  It amazes me how fast it goes.  We are already one week into February and I still feel like we just came back from break. 
Tomorrow starts swimming lessons for the boys, and lucky for me, Lucas' school is closed, so Brian has to stay home, resulting in him being able to help me get the boys to their first lessons!
I'm off to plan the last of my big projects I have to do today - turning my room into a Native American Museum.  Luckily there's nothing on TV to temp me away!

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