Sunday, February 26, 2012

Emotional Rollercoasters

I seems like the last week was actually two or three....  but alas, it's only been a week and a day - and oh so much has changed.  Picking up at last Saturday, a big thing happened... BIG!  Ethan made two shots in his basketball game!  I honestly wasn't sure we'd get to see that this season, but was so proud.  And tickled pink that after making the first basket, he came running over (in the middle of the game) to give me a hug and a kiss.  Oh the tears... the tears....  Love.  Lucas got to play with his Sunday School friend during half-time - made his day!  
 After the game, we headed out to Whidbey to see our nephews/cousins.  Little Cooper is still so little!  Ethan was again enchanted by the baby and reminded me so much of his daddy.  Brian can hold a baby ever so still forever - as long as something's on t.v.  I get distracted and need to move around before too long, but the two of them can be still as statues....
 The boys had lots of fun playing outside - Though Lucas was furious that Ethan would not move behind him.    "Move Eflan!  I want to make a shot.  MOVE!"
 He wouldn't, and so Lucas went to go play in the side yard where he could shut the gate and "LOCK YOU OUT!"  Ethan was not phased.
 We hit the lanes (is that a phrase?) for some bowling fun...  The boys took it VERY seriously.
 Ethan's been working on bowling in PE - though it's a little different when the ball is 6 lbs versus no pounds....
 Luckily, they had this contraption that made it a whole lot easier.  Saved us from a very long game as the boys tried to swing the ball...
 Lucas hadn't really been bowling before, so he was super enthusiastic.  Though this picture somehow reminds me of myself.
 This little guy was happy as can be - and we all got to pass him around while we took turns....
 "I feed him?  Please?  I feed him?"  Lucas became enchanted as well.  I love the calming effect babies have.  The boys take it oh so seriously.
 The next morning we took the big boys outside so we could clean out the car - which was fabulously disgusting as a snack of cheetohs and chocolate milk had gone awry on the way up.  Someone should do a science experiment on that.
 Cole is such a funny little guy.  So much character.
 They run around everywhere just being goofy - fun to watch!
 They really liked helping to clean the car....
 They were not much help...
 We made it back and we were all exhausted, but happy.  Why does driving long distances wear you out?  It makes no sense to me.  You sit in a car and do nothing and end up dead tired.
The week was rough - Ethan's arm has been hurting him so much.  He's been on tylenol and ibu pretty much all the time.  You can see when it's wearing off, as he gets unruly and kind of angry.
But then Wednesday, the best thing happened.  He was eating breakfast and a tooth came loose!  Oh a new obsession....  He wiggled and wiggled and wiggled, and during lunch - that sucker popped out!
Yes, the tooth fairy came and left him $1.  Apparently there were two of them.  One picked him up and the other changed the tooth into money.  And that one had no teeth, which is why she needs kids' teeth.  She was blue with poofy hair.  Lucas was pretty terrified that he'd see the tooth fairy - insisted that the door be shut.  But once he saw the money, he wouldn't stop trying to get his own "lost tooth!".
The news around here was tough this week - really tough and very sad.  Scary and tragic.  So I spent a whole lot of time just holding on to my kids.  This weekend we just had a lot of fun together and spent a lot of time snuggling.  Both boys have been asking for snuggles lately and I'm all over it.  We had a busy weekend - bball game, birthday party, lots of grocery shopping, cleaning, etc., but somehow balanced it all with writing stories for each other to illustrate, reading, playing games, cooking together, and just being.  So tonight I sigh contentedly.  It doesn't make the news any less tragic, but it does make me focus on those things that are great in my life.  And there's a lot of that.


Sarah said...

What a fabulous way to spend the weekend. Made me tear up. We do need to focus on the great things. :)

Anonymous said...

You are blessed! And so am I! Miss you! Love, Donita