Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bad Dreams

I was expecting a crazy week because of Valentine's Day.  The boys woke up early on Tuesday and insisted on wearing their fanciest shirts.
"We have to have handsome shirts mom.  For our valentimes."  Their parties were both reported as fabulous and the valentines they brought home werre super fun to look through.  I really enjoyed going through mine as well, though I was plain worn out.  Brian got home late and I think I might have been asleep by the time he got here.  Holidays that we celebrate in school should always be on Fridays.  I'm ready to take this issue to the Supreme Court.
I was prepared for the sugar-induced craziness and comas, but I wasn't prepared for how much Ethan was complaining about his arm.  I realized, when I thought about it, that he had been complaining a lot lately.  He'd also been holding it like it was in a sling, and not using it as much as he was. I decided I better call the ortho, and sure enough they wanted to see him right away.  Turned out, after I went and told his teachers he'd be gone on Friday, that he'd been getting in a bit of trouble in class too.  This is how my boy deals with pain - always has.  I thought it was just the ear infections, but now that those are cleared up, he can feel his arm more.  He spent Thursday afternoon curled up in the back of my classroom with an ice pack.  
Friday morning we were off to the doctor super early.  He was nervous, I could tell because he would get silly and crazy and then just stare into space for a while.  We got coffee and settled in to the waiting room.  He was fascinated by a lady in a stretcher that had broken her leg.  It was a really cool stretcher.  (Is that how you spell stretcher?)
The bone showed no real change from last time.  It's harder, but still rotated quite a bit.  I couldn't really see that from the x-rays.
But can definitely see it when he straightens his arm - which now hurts him quite a bit.
The doc explained that we would wait another month and if he was still having any pain with it, we'd operate again.  This time they'll take out a wedge of bone and then pin it into place - this time with his arm open so they can see clearly what they're doing.  Gulp.  And this is why I am having nightmares.
Luckily they have really cool stickers at the docs - and really cool people.  Ethan loves the doctor, but even more, he looooooves the PA - Sarah.  We went and found her, since his issues required we see the doc instead this time.  She promised to find him orange cast supplies for when he needs another cast.  Too sweet.
 Afterwards I could tell Ethan wasn't too sure about the whole surgery again thing.  He's excited to stay at the hospital, excited for the cast, excited to see his favorite people, but not too sure about the whole "bone saw" thing.  Me neither.
At least now we know what will probably happen.  And he gets to finish basketball and swimming.  That makes me happy.  I'm not looking forward to doing this all again, but at least I know what's coming and what to expect.  In the grand scheme of things, this isn't so bad.  Perspective, perspective, perspective....
And now we have a three day weekend full of fun to be had, papers to be graded, projects to be planned, and laughs to be giggled.  And no one is allowed to mention the bone saw!

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