Friday, July 20, 2012

Catch Up.... Last Week/End

We came back from IN, and the boys were inspired to make a band...  So Ethan took some marketing promo shots of Lucas.  I'm not sure they're going to drum them up any business, but he sure has the tortured artist look down....
 We went and celebrated our friend Nadia at her Hula Party and had a blast.  Ethan figured out the hula hoop and entertained himself for hours.

 VBS was happening and I'd volunteered to work in the Pre-K class, so we spent our evenings of the week singing songs, doing crafts, and playing games.  Lucas was a hoot.  He loved being on stage, but refused to do any of the motions while he was up there.
 Ethan on the other hand, was all over those motions!  And had a great time with his "Crew".  I hardly saw him, but every time I did, he was smiling.  He got to do slip-n-slide, and a big ol' zipline.  Since the theme was "Trusting God", I let him go....
 The rest of the week was a lot of sleep catch-up and trying to get organized and back into a routine.  The weekend came and we decided to head out to the trains in Port Orchard.  We love these scale model trains and they did not disappoint.
 Except that my foot did not enjoy the angle in that boot, so I only rode once, and then read in the shade (works for me!)
 The Bug Museum in Bremerton was having it's one year anniversary.  And we LOVE that place, so we headed over to celebrate.  The giant tortoise was a big hit!
 Especially when it tried to eat the garden hose.
 We looked at everything and asked for some advice on our next family pet....  (coming soon!)
 Sunday, the kids got to perform their VBS songs in front of the congregation.  Ethan weaseled his way up to the front...  And Lucas stood right in front of me, facing the back of the stage - perfectly still.  And was very proud of himself afterwards...  Little goals I guess - he did get up there after all....
In the afternoon, we headed out to the park to celebrate a cute little one-year old's birthday!  Miss Elizabeth (who you might remember from our party as Princess Peach, guarding the castle).  Ethan buds were there and he loved running around with them~!
 But his favorite part was when Miss E. would not stop hugging him - even licked his neck at one point....  He absolutely adores her - but then again, who doesn't?
And then we packed up and headed out for a fun filled week of house-sittting at my parents'.......

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