Saturday, July 14, 2012

South Bend Pt 1 - Before the Crowd

We left the house at 4 in the morning.  Which is painful for anyone, much more so with two excited boys that will not stop jabbering and will not go back to sleep.  
But we made it to the airport, and snuck in a quick birthday celebration for Upa while we waited for our plane.
The plane rides were pretty uneventful - though my foot swelled up to enormous proportions on the second flight, to the point where I had to take off my sock because it was about to burst.
But the boys were excited - sooooo excited to see Baboo and try out their new swim shirts and goggles in the pool.
Which they did.  And all of a sudden, Ethan could swim - from one end of the pool to the other. That pool is magic, I tell you!  We got there a day and a half before everyone else, so we took advantage to do the things we specifically wanted to do before the crowd came.  #1 on Brian's list was Chick Fil A.  And so we did.
Lucas managed to filch a couple of rides on the carousel with other paying kids and was not happy when Brian pulled him off.  We had almost the same exact memory from when Ethan was a couple years old.  Not one we particularly wanted to repeat, however.
We went and visited my grandma's gravesite - something that becomes more and more important to Ethan as he gets older - and I love that.
Notre Dame campus is always a must.  And this year Lucas insisted he needed a jersey - which meant Ethan did too.
We stayed in a hotel nearby and decided to take the boys to dessert at the neighboring hotel (a bit fancier than ours - though ours was perfect for our family!).  The boys were not quite sure what to do with cloth napkins, but enjoyed the fancy desserts greatly.
The next morning we stayed at the hotel while my dad (our ride) went to Chicago to pick up my brother's family.  We decided to make use of the time and go to the pool next door.
This was the first time we ever let the boys go in the hot tub (since it was empty and not really that hot) and they felt very grown up, but they didn't go in much past their ankles.
They did, however, love the feeling of jumping into the cold pool afterward.  And I sat and watched- with a view somewhat obstructed by my swollen ankle, but good all the same.
We were so glad to have a bit of time with Baboo before all the big fun commenced.  
And as Lucas kept reminding us - "There's a big cwowd coming!  A big cwowd!  Evewy one in da whole wide wold is coming to Baboos!"  And they did!

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