Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Everybody in the Whole Wide Wold" - SB Pt 2

Normally when we all go to Baboo's, we let the kids swim once or twice a day.  But this time it was HOT.  Like 103 with really high humidity.  So they swam a LOT.  Like 4 times a day.  And they loved it.
We were so excited to see Morgan, Maddie, and Connor!  Everyone grows up so stinkin fast!  
Maddie was pretty unsure of it all at first, but then she warmed up to the idea, or at least figured out she'd be a lot cooler in the water and went for it.  And looked adorable.
Ethan and Morgan were totally independent in the water and loved roughhousing with Uncle Kevin and Brian.  So many laughs and screams!
That afternoon/evening, Lexi and Lucy joined the fun and that called for more swimming!  These kids LOVE their cousin Lexi and she is so patient and kind with them.  Ethan clings to her like none other when she's around!
Happy hour is a tradition in our family that is probably more important than the actual meals.  Who doesn't love appetizers and cool drinks!
The next morning we'd collected the rest of the family members (we were ALL there this year!) and we took the traditional flag shirt photos.
Including the giant group photo - that grows every year!
We spent the afternoon swimming and doing various projects - painting the shirts....
decorating cupcakes......
floating around...
Evening brought a giant happy hour - 26 people and 2 dogs - a delicious dinner of brats and chicken on the grill, and then, of course, fireworks!
Our ice cream cake dessert had a bit of an issue keeping together in the heat, but we made do........
That night Morgan go to bunk with us!  Poor Maddie had to go to the doctor to get checked because her throat was bugging her, and so we had a cousin sleepover.  And they were so tired that they crashed within minutes.
The next morning was the last swim and goodbyes to our Boston family.  We took a picture of the "Broken Arm Club" - all three kids broke their arms this year, not a great family tradition....
As the family slowly trickled out, Ethan and Baboo spent some time looking through the past reunion pictures.  Each year, when we leave, we give Baboo a book of pictures from the weekend, so the memories are kept close.  And it is so much fun for the kids to look back and see how they've all changed.  Technology definitely keeps us closer!
My cousin Max played and sang for us with his guitar, while the boys listened so intently - in awe.  Lucy decided it was her time to perform, and showed us all her tap dancing skills - of which she's never shown anyone before.  The boys got a "drum" and took turns making the beat and break-dancing.
More sad goodbyes, but then we had the next evening with Baboo, Aunt Mary Leigh, Kerry and Kyle.  The boys loved having the extra time with "Those Guys" and especially their dog Teddy.  The dog is old, blind, and a bit senile, and absolutely lovable.
The boys put on quite the dance show for us - and kept trying to extend it by saying it was just the practice.  They loved getting to be the center of attention and were so good it was easy to let them.\
The next day there were tears and tantrums - saying goodbye is so hard, but we made it back safely and all slept very well.  What awesome memories!

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