Monday, August 29, 2011


You are three today big kid! At three you are a whole lot of fun! You are extremely noisy, often covered head to toe in dirt, and so loving of your family and friends (though I must say you've figured out how to drive your brother absolutely insane). You love trains, dinosaurs, music, and art. You've done fabulously well in swim lessons and are learning to let go of Mom and Dad and experience all that independence has to offer.... You learn quickly and love deeply - a great combination. I am so proud of the little boy you are becoming! I treasure all of our snuggles and quiet conversations we whisper in the early morning (because you refuse to sleep past 6:30). I love you kiddo - and I'm excited for the year you have in front of you!
Your party was such fun! You had your friends come to the trains in South Kitsap. We tried to get you to play on the playground and do a project, but you were so excited about the trains you just kept yelling "Beep beep train's coming!!!"

Your brother had a hard time not being the center of it all, but he did step back and let you be the star. He's very proud of you too. You've become his favorite playmate.

I know how you love to customize things, and how you love all different kinds of cereal (you are always throwing random boxes into the cart at the store), so we made individualized cereal boxes, mixing some of your favorite kinds together.

The boxes turned out great - lots of Thomas stickers and markers.

Your friend Nadia was so excited because "My Mommy never lets me eat these!"

Once done, you all enjoyed snacking on your cereal and were very proud of your creations.

You were finally old enough to really understand the whole presents thing and to deal with everyone watching you. You were a pro at unwrapping and your thank yous were precious. You are a very grateful little boy. I love that about you.

You had a bit of help from Ethan and Nadia. They weren't sure you knew what to do - were ready to step up and help, but you did just fine.

You looked straight into my eyes while we sang to you - as if you couldn't believe this was all just for you. The smile was huge and completely melted. me. You even blew out your candle all by yourself.

You got to ride the trains twice. Oh how you love those trains.

You loved sharing your favorite adventure with your friends.

I'm not sure the day could have been any more perfect for you, my big 3 year old!

I love you Lucas Scott Sprague!

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Happy birthday Lucas!!