Friday, August 26, 2011

A Tutorial

When riding bikes, one must set up some serious races. "Ready guys?! Let's race!"

No cheating. Though where the starting line starts is sometimes fuzzy. "Marks... get set.... GO!"

(Don't have someone to ride with? That's okay, make 'em up!) "Ready yellow? Let's go the long way and beat 'em to the finish!" (Much to my suprise, both Ethan and "yellow" won. I was for sure that Ethan would pull ahead in the end.)

Daddy + Dogs make great racing partners too. But only if Daddy takes it very seriously.

It's important to take "pit stops". One doesn't want to run out of gas halfway around the lap.

It is also good to run some shows for your spectators. The "Nighty-night" show is fabulously full of tricks such as riding while standing, putting your feet up in the air, and making sharp turns. The "Singing Show" starring Lucas is more of an audience participation event. Make sure you're ready to dance and sing.

I love gorgeous summer evenings.

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